Chapter 416 - Fried Eggs

Chapter 416: Fried Eggs

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The meat and vegetables in the kitchen refrigerator were pretty fresh and came with many variations. One could tell that the people who lived there cooked often.

Brother Shuang glanced at the sauces on the countertop and the ingredients in the refrigerator. Very soon, she made up her mind on the menu after falling into silence for two to three seconds.

She made sautéed shredded pork in sweet bean sauce, sweet and sour spare ribs, stir-fried bamboo shoots, braised baby cabbage in broth, slicing the few varieties of vegetables in the refrigerator with sauces and lastly, and two bowls of simple mixed rice with poached egg on top.

In less than twenty minutes, three plates and three side dishes were served on the table. The dishes of colors and fragrance would make anyone drool.

Ye Shuang removed her jacket when she was cooking. She was only wearing a simple shirt and long pants. She rolled her sleeves up to her elbows, showing her beautiful, ripped arms. She wore a sky-blue apron. She lifted her head and smiled at Xiao Qi after bending while placing the last glass of warm water on the table. “Alright, let’s eat.”

Xiao Qi calmed completely as she was treated with such a warm atmosphere. The hot dishes’ fragrance lingered in the room while the bright light shone on Brother Shuang’s ridiculously handsome face. Such an image would give one indescribable comfort, making life better.

Xiao Qi had finally released the last breath of concern out of her chest and sat at the table obediently. She picked up the rice bowl, and having a pair of chopsticks shoved into her right hand, she ate, being served obediently like a four year old.

Ye Shuang was a little hungry as well, so she included a portion for herself when she was cooking. As Brother Shuang sat across from Xiao Qi with a rice bowl, she fed herself while taking care of the little girl who seemed to be too shy to eat at ease. “You should eat more after the shock. You will naturally feel better after you’ve filled your stomach with food. Not a fan of ribs? I’ll cook you fish tomorrow. I didn’t have enough time today, so you’ll have to bear with this. Here.”

The little girl panicked when Ye Shuang gave her a rib. “I’ll help myself. Thank you so much, Brother Ye.”

Brother Shuang smiled. “We’ve been ordered to take care of you, and you encountered such a disturbance in the middle of the night. Just tell me if there’s anything that you need, don’t be shy.”

Xiao Qi’s lifted lips went stiff, and she turned grim again. This time, it was not because she recalled the scare earlier.

What irritated her more was that she had told Ye Shuang everything before seeing his handsome face.

She realized that she had exposed that about herself while she was attracted to Ye Shuang’s good looks. Her little heart had been crushed completely.

After they were done eating, Brother Shuang looked puzzled at Xiao Qi, who had become gloomier rather than more energized. She could not figure this girl out after frowning for a while; it was her first time seeing a lady who was not mesmerized by her good looks.

Fortunately, the little lady took care of the dishes despite being upset. Doing the dishes was what Ye Shuang hated most, so she appreciated that.

“I’m thinking…” Brother Shuang paused when Xiao Qi sat across her again after wiping her hands. She proceeded to speak, feeling troubled. “If you trust me, I’m thinking maybe I’ll move here with you before Xiao San returns.”

Ye Shuang paused after saying that. She seemed to be giving Xiao Qi, who was shocked by the suggestion, some time to think. She then glanced at the bathroom room and said with hidden meaning, “After all, it’s a little dangerous for you to be staying here alone.”

“It’s very dangerous indeed,” Xiao Qi replied hesitantly.

After some realistic consideration, Ye Shuang texted her mother to explain the situation to her and stayed with Xiao Qi, feeling at ease. When Mother Ye woke up the next day and saw the message, she was shocked that instead of staying with a man, her daughter was staying with a lady. She had a complicated feeling about it. However, it was none of Ye Shuang’s concern.

That useless hostage was left behind in a bedroom to prevent him from attacking Xiao Qi again. Naturally, Xiao Qi would not sleep in the same room as him. Although Ye Shuang was currently male, she had the heart of a lady. It was definitely not acceptable for her to sleep with the hostage.

Therefore, Xiao Qi was sleeping in a bedroom while the hostage was sleeping in another. Brother Shuang could only sleep on the couch.

When Ye Shuang woke up the next day, Xiao Qi, who did not sleep well, had already woken up to make breakfast. The hostage was still tied properly in the bedroom. He was still sleeping, judging by his breathing.

With her mind refreshed, Ye Shuang adjusted the clothes that were wrinkled from the sleep and asked while walking to the kitchen, “Do you need help?”

Xiao Qi was stunned for a second. Blood rushed to her cheeks the moment she turned around and saw Brother Shuang’s body that was showing from Xiao San’s tight pajamas. She looked away quickly. “N-no need, it’ll be ready right away.”

Brother Shuang accepted that and nodded while smiling faintly. “I’ll wash up then, thanks for your hard work.”

Beauty was a distraction. Xiao Qi finished frying the last egg while spacing out. The doneness was completely off compared to the previous one.

Brother Shuang washed up and changed before having breakfast at the table. “Xiao Qi, although I don’t want to pry into your sect, what are you planning to do to the person in the bedroom?”

“Ah‽” Xiao Qi shoved a mouthful of burnt egg into her mouth and looked a little dazed as she lifted her head.

Ye Shuang frowned when she saw Xiao Qi’s plate. She quietly pushed her fried egg to Xiao Qi. “What I mean is that the person should be powerful since he managed to escape. Although I’m here, I can’t guarantee that danger will be eliminated. A long delay may cause trouble. If you guys have a plan, it’s better that you carry it out as soon as possible. You don’t want to hold an unstable thing like a hostage that might cause trouble.”

Xiao Qi hesitated for a moment. Brother Shuang looked at her patiently; there was no hidden meaning or urging or forcing her.

She felt tremendous pressure on herself as the dark eyes were looking at her. She had only seen a handful of good-looking men since she had grown up in Nature Village.

A while later, Xiao Qi’s lips finally moved. The persistence that she had that was barely there vanished completely. “Brother Ye, ac-actually…”

At that moment, Ye Shuang’s phone rang.

Brother Shuang gave her a sorry look since she was interrupted before picking up the call. “Brother Han?”

“… Ye Shuang? Your gender has changed again? Never mind, that doesn’t matter.” Han Chu’s voice was terribly serious. “That prop manager’s partner disappeared without leaving a trace. I can’t even find any sign of him through network tracking. It’s a little complicated now. The trail has run cold, so I’m afraid we’ll have to get in touch with Jennifer or Cedrick again.”