Chapter 141 - Treachery

Chapter 141: Treachery

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Things were not going well for the An family’s company, and it was caused by internal issues. The business world always appeared calm on the surface, but under the table, there were many different transactions going on—some cooperated while others betrayed. There was no guarantee, and even long-term business relationships meant squat. Human greed could not be underestimated.

It was obvious that Little Brother An had been tricked. Knowing his sexual orientation, a party with malicious intent put forth an elite handsome man to seduce him. However, Little Brother An was someone with good taste. Even if he was gay, wanting him to suddenly fall in love a random dude was not that possible. There were not many in his social circle who shared his interest, so finding a good partner was very hard.

This was where the handsome man came in. He had been assigned to enter An Corps as a new employee and was tasked to endear himself to Little Brother An. It was unknown whether the handsome man was gay or not, but he did manage to seduce Little Brother An without sacrificing his body. Ye Shuang believed that the man employed tactics like faking true love, saying things like “If you cannot give me a future, then don’t force me…” Little Brother An’s status as the inheritor had already been shaky to begin with. Getting together with a man was only going to make things worse.

Therefore, the handsome man had used this point of conflict to worsen the relationship between Little Brother An and the An family. After the plan to send An Zining out of the country to ensure his inheritor’s right failed, Little Brother An started to go down the wrong path. He listened to the handsome man’s suggestion and started his own company. This way, in the future, after his inheritor rights were taken away, he could still enjoy a carefree life with his lover.

The handsome man was a financial expert. With the aid of a family traitor, one that had access to the company secrets, manipulating the economic situation of the company from within could not have been simpler. The man used Little Brother An’s name to create a lot of fake news to cause An Corp’s stock price to fall. He reaped plenty of money from this, but the money trail disappeared after changing hands several times. At the same time, he targeted the An family’s stocks and did not need much time to become one of the shareholders.

Using this identity, he continued to wreak havoc within the company. With the unwitting aid of Little Brother An, the man bought over several other smaller shareholders and started to corrupt the company from the bottom up.

With his lover’s help, Little Brother An managed to gain a foothold within his family business. Previously, everyone had respected him because he was the young master and would not normally go against his decisions, but now with the man’s support, Little Brother An finally knew what actual power felt like.

Alas, this did not last for long. Several weeks ago, the fact that Little Brother An was a homosexual had suddenly been exposed. Previously, this had been an open secret; many of the higher officials did know about it but did not say anything. However, the rumors spread like wildfire, and even the common employees also joined in the gossip.

Then, the company’s financial trouble was exposed to the public. A huge amount of money had mysteriously disappeared. Someone said that it was Little Brother An who was behind this, and it made his position extremely awkward. At the same time, the handsome man said that he wanted a breakup, and the reason was inside the picture that exposed Little Brother An as a homosexual—he was being carried into a hotel by another male.

The perfect storm of bad news knocked Little Brother An over. The handsome man had made use of the convenience provided by Little Brother An earlier to build himself and was now a powerful presence within An Corps.

“Negative reporting, monetary crime, embezzlement…” Anthony checked his laptop, and after making sure it was fine, he sighed in relief. Ignoring the dark expression on Mr. Fang’s face, he held his chin and smiled. “It’s not simply taking over this company, so how much are you planning to give me to make me say yes?”

Mr. Fang gritted his teeth. His tail was caught. An Corps was in deep trouble. If it was not, he would not have needed Anthony, whom Han Chu claimed was a genius in both management and computers. These things were known only to several people inside the industry. Even though the An family was swaying in the storm, no one had exposed it to the public. At most, they prepared to snap up some advantages after the An family crumbled.

So how did this man end up knowing so much‽ Right, he is a computer expert… Mr. Fang was impressed that Anthony was as impressive as Han Chu said, but he was also quite embarrassed.

“Annual salary of 250,000!” For a local enterprise, the price was not low. Mr. Fang had planned to give a lower price, but after finding that Anthony was more able than he thought and didn’t play the cards the normal way, he came right out with the highest price in his heart.

“Add in 2% shares.” Anthony put up two fingers, and before Mr. Fang could open his lips to reject, he said, “You have to understand that the enemy has infiltrated the shareholders committee. Without any shares, I won’t be able to do anything…”

Then he shrugged. “Plus, I’m powerful; you have to believe me. Once I’m part of the shareholders, I’ll do my best to save this company.”

This reason… was powerful and nice. Thinking of it from another perspective, if An Corps really crumbled, Anthony would not be able to get much from his shares in the end.

Therefore, Mr. Fang thought about it and finally agreed. “Okay! I’ll persuade Auntie and Uncle to give you that two percent.”

Then Ye Shuang added airily, “If our talent owns part of the share and it’s under five percent, the client has to pay an additional 20,000 service fee.”

Mr. Fang did not react, but he was crying internally at the additional cost.

Anthony, however, seemed quite happy. “Then Xiao Shuang needs to treat me to a meal; this is all because of me.”

Ye Shuang thought about the ingredients in the fridge and nodded easily. “Sure, dinner tonight will be dark sauce ribs and spicy fish.”

She quickly typed out the contract and printed it using the printer in the living room. She handed the contract to all parties involved. “Mr. Fang needs to pay 95,000. Please wire the money within the week. Anthony… you’re under the A-grade commission slot, so the commission will be calculated annually, and the shares will be commissioned by us for three years as well.”

Knowing that Han Chu was a vampire, Anthony did not even have the energy to sigh when he got the contract. “Fine fine.”

Puffing his cheeks, he glanced at those papers before signing his name. After Mr. Fang and Ye Shuang also signed, Ye Shuang printed out a copy for each of them to keep.

“Then, I’ll be going.” Mr. Fang planned to leave after the business was concluded. He understood, with his current relationship, it was inappropriate for him to stay for dinner. As his hands reached the doorknob, Mr. Fang suddenly paused and turned around. “Mr. Anthony, I hear from Han Chu you were once a famous snipe who managed to snipe down the entire Wall Street on your own. An Corps is very important to my auntie, so we will not give you any limitation; you can use any method that you like.”

Anthony smiled. “So, you’re suggesting that I do illegal things for the sake of your family business?”

“Please don’t misunderstand.” Mr. Fang nodded politely. “I’m just saying we will not limit you. Take it however you may.”

Anthony waved goodbye at Mr. Fang with a smile. After the door closed, the cute face dropped, and he turned to complain to Ye Shuang. “Ye Shuang, he’s urging me to do illegal things!”

“Why not? After all, you’ve done it before, so stop pretending to be so innocent.” Ye Shuang looked at him lightly. “I suspect they hired you because of this. You can be both a CEO and a sniper. But if you don’t feel like you’re up for it, so be it. Just make sure you don’t make us lose face.”

Anthony started to smile again after that. It was true that he did not like being constrained by limitation, but he hated being used by others even more. Whether he would use underhanded tactics for business… Well, it depended on his mood.

After dinner, Anthony returned next door with oil on his lips. Ye Shuang thought about it and changed her clothes to go car racing with Yao Zhixing. Naturally, someone provided her with the car. After realizing that Sister Shuang’s racing skill was as good as Brother Ye’s, the group of lackeys put her on an even higher pedestal.

Of course, this also meant that it reinforced the impression in their hearts that Ye Shuang was their Madam Boss. After all, who other than Brother Yao could manage such a powerful woman?

After taking the car key from Brother Fei, the second in command, Ye Shuang went for a few laps before going to the side to have a little private chat with Yao Zhixing. The other racers were still riding high on the adrenaline and went off to play on their own.

“Things are indeed not looking great for the An family, but our family doesn’t know that much.”

Ye Shuang knew Yao Zhixing was most familiar with the happenings at San Lin City so she shared this with him. Yao Zhixing thought about it and shook his head. “That lover of An Zixuan’s, we’ve seen him several times. Apparently, they met at work and then saw each other again at the gay bar before hitting it off. From what you said, An Zixuan was their target from the very beginning.”

“It’s quite obvious that a corporate spy was sent into the An family.” Ye Shuang hugged the helmet and continued to gossip. “Despite An Zining’s fiery personality and propensity to act without thinking, if anyone dared to instigate her to betray her own family, she would definitely tear them a new one. In comparison, An Zixuan is easier to deal with; he has a very obvious weakness.”

Yao Zhixing turned to Ye Shuang and asked, “You want to intervene?”

Ye Shuang shook her head. “Not really, I’m just interested in the final culprit. If my people go against them, will their safety be threatened?”

Like being kidnapped.