Chapter 271 - Home, James

Chapter 271: Home, James [3 in 1]

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No matter where Xia Cheng got this channel, this was not something that Ye Shuang had to worry about for the time being. The more he exposed his trump cards, the easier it would be for Ye Shuang to do her dirty little tricks. Therefore, from a certain perspective, Ye Shuang actually did not want to add to the trouble during this time.

On top of that, there was a more important point. Ye Shuang had left San Lin City for almost half a month already. When she had urgent things to do, it was understandable, but once those matters were settled, it did not make sense for her to stay outstation and not return home.

Of course, other than that, there was another reason Ye Shuang was rushing back to San Lin City. It was due to the phone call made by Han Chu—Anthony’s birthday was coming.

“I feel like something is not right.” There was a direct flight from Shanghai to San Lin City. After descending from the plane, she hopped into the backseat of the car, which was driven by Yao Zhixing. Han Chu and Yao Zhixing had both come to fetch her. Ye Shuang tapped the side of her head, and she realized the problem. “I remember you told me Tony is an orphan, right? Also, Brother Han, you also said that the man is shameless enough to share his birthday with you, didn’t you?”

“You finally remember it?” Han Chu who sat at the passenger seat regarded her with a cold gaze. In his usual calm tone, he explained, “As you said, he’s an orphan. So as long as he is happy, he can celebrate his birthday any day he wants.”

Speaking of that, Han Chu paused weirdly for several seconds. Then he continued with a convoluted tone, and he forced the words through his gritted teeth. “I remember it was around the time of our graduation. He had four birthdays within a single month, and he asked for a laptop, a race car, a set of surveillance equipment, and so on as his birthday presents…”

“Pfft!” Yao Zhixing, who was driving, burst out laughing. After he got the joint stares from Ye Shuang and Han Chu, he decided to drop the act. He turned to look at the two and asked with a big laugh, “Does that mean, this time, Xiao Shuang and I also need to prepare some presents for the birthday boy?”

“If you really want to give him something, just go and buy some fruits.” Han Chu was also made speechless by this question. Anthony could be shameless around Han Chu because they were very close buddies. Even without the pretext of the birthday, for them to exchange resources that the other needed was something that could not have been more normal. However, if this was someone else, like if he also did the same thing to Yao Zhixing, then it would not be shameless but rude. After all, their relationship was not close enough for that.

Thinking about that, Han Chu turned to look at Ye Shuang deeply. The latter shivered from the man’s look. She immediately inspected her body, and after she failed to realize what was wrong, she asked, “What’s wrong, Brother Han?”

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with me.” Han Chu suddenly asked in a meaningful way, “Do you know why Tony suddenly want to celebrate his birthday?”

“Is it not to scam… No, I mean, is it not because he wants to ask for something?” Ye Shuang then quickly changed her words. Based on what Han Chu said earlier, she took in a cold breath, and her eyes widened. “Don’t tell me! He wants to get something from me?”

Han Chu chuckled, and without exposing the real answer, he remarked, “I hear you’ve been working very closely with Ol’ K lately.”

Those in the same field were always enemies. This theory flashed across Ye Shuang’s mind, and then she understood everything instantly. No matter how free and laidback Anthony was, in the field of computers, his talent was the source of his pride.

With Ol’ K’s appearance and working relationship with Ye Shuang, whom Anthony had already seen as part of his troupe, this type of cooperation in Anthony’s eyes meant that the other man had infiltrated his territory. The part that made him angry the most was that Ye Shuang had recently worked so well with Ol’ K that it felt like Ye Shuang valued him more than Anthony.

Ye Shuang patted her head and asked, “Is Tony’s pride injured?”

“It’s not yet.” Han Chu chuckled coldly. “He just wants to brush up on his presence. You can see it as him fighting for your affection.”

“Fighting for my…” Han Chu managed to conclude it in such an imaginative way that Ye Shuang was instantly struck speechless.

No matter what, the purpose of Anthony brushing up on his presence was accomplished. Just as Han Chu said, whether it was because Ye Shuang’s cooperation with Ol’ K had inadvertently infiltrated his territory or because he was simply mad that Ye Shuang had found a new partner to replace him, the reason for Anthony’s ‘birthday’ was due to Ye Shuang.

This was highlighted by the fact that once Ye Shuang returned to her apartment and before she could even sit down to catch her breath, she was already attacked.

“Juliet!” Ye Shuang just stepped into the room when she was buried into someone’s chest. Then, a purposely deep voice filled with theatrical longing appeared above her head. “Oh! Juliet, why must it be thou, Juliet!”

Ye Shuang’s head was covered with black lines. After three seconds of silence, she reached out and yanked the large golden retriever away from her body. She hissed, “The name’s Ye Shuang, not Juliet.”

Just how angry must this person have been to have forgotten even her name‽

Han Chu held his fist to his mouth and coughed audibly behind Ye Shuang. Anthony then puffed his cheeks up to act up. He wanted to continue to act shameless and stick around Ye Shuang, but when he heard the cough coming from Han Chu, he raised his head and realized that there was someone else following them.

If it was only Han Chu, then it would have been just fine. However, at the crime scene, other than Han Chu, there was also Yao Zhixing. When Anthony turned to look at them, Yao Zhixing even peeled open his lips to reveal his row of white teeth to smile at the man. It was obvious that he was there to enjoy the free show.

Therefore, because of that, Anthony had to be cautious of his image. With some trace of regret, he had to let Ye Shuang go for the time being. He raised his paw to greet the other two visitors and then blinked his pair of innocent big blue eyes, acting dumb. “Are you all here to celebrate my birthday with me?”

Once he said that, Yao Zhixing laughed out loud, giving the man no face. Facing such a shameless person, there was nothing that Ye Shuang could do but sigh. “If you want to celebrate your birthday, why don’t you go back to your own apartment? Never mind, no matter what you want to say, at least wait until I unpack my stuff first. I need to clean up first.”

After Ye Shuang cleaned up her bedroom and finished with her ritual, it was already half an hour later. The three men outside had already started playing on their own. The three found a deck of cards and were playing some card games. Ye Shuang opened several packs of snacks, poured them into bowls, and walked over. She sat to the side and watched the game. After a while, she noticed that each of the players had their own style of playing.

Yao Zhixing was the bold and forthright type. If he had a good card, he would play it. He played for the fun of it—even if the cards that he was holding were not so good, he would not fold. Anthony utilized his cute face to hide his many schemes. He kept throwing out bluffs and feints while memorizing the cards that were tossed out by the other players. He would snipe people when they least expected it, and just when people thought that he was going to do something big, he would retreat and leave some goodies for the other players.

Han Chu was the calm and observant type. While he played his cards, he utilized his knowledge of the other two players’ styles and continued to turn the game to his advantage.

Ye Shuang observed for a few rounds while sighing and making tutting sounds. Finally, when the boys were done and packing up the cards, she was asked by Han Chu, who was holding the cup of tea, “Well, what have you observed?”

“Brother Han is the best.” Ye Shuang just wanted to flatter the man.

Brother Han was made happy, and he slightly nodded. Without avoiding the other two, he pointed right at Anthony. “This is a cunning little man.”

Then he pointed at Yao Zhixing. He realized that there was nothing really negative about the man’s personality, so he praised the man in a backhanded way. “It’s not easy to find someone who is so open and forthright these days.”

“Hey! Even though that sounds like praise, how come I feel like you’re mocking me?” Yao Zhixing turned around with a fiery gaze.

Anthony also grumbled with dissatisfaction. “I’m just too clever for this world. That doesn’t mean you can personally attack me.”

Han Chu rolled his eyes at the two. He ignored them and opened the laptop, not even giving them the time of day.

After a few more jokes, Yao Zhixing purposely grabbed the plates of snacks to his side out of revenge. He also snatched a cup of tea and turned to ask Ye Shuang, “Was Shanghai fun? Was it exciting? The place is more vibrant than San Lin City, I’m sure. Tsk, before this, you even said that you’d cook some meat soup for me, but one day, you just up and disappeared… You ran so fast that even after my hand recovered, I never got that bowl of soup that I was promised. If not for Han Chu calling you, you wouldn’t have come back home, would you?”

Ye Shuang knew that she had been away for too long and had been ignoring her communication with her friends back in San Lin City. Before, they had only managed to have a few quick phone calls. That time, it was rare for her to return, but she had been in a hurry to put up a show for Xu He, and then she had to disappear again. If one was being serious, Yao Zhixing could be counted as one of her closest friends. Even though they had known each other less than half a year, they were quite matching for each other, and such a quick disappearance was quite a rude thing for Ye Shuang to do.

Speaking of this, Ye Shuang knew that she was in the wrong, and she could only smile apologetically. “But that’s because I had official business to attend to…”

“There are so many people with official business. Do you see them disappearing off the face of the earth like that?” Yao Zhixing only grumbled for a while. He did not really take it to heart, so he stopped after lecturing Ye Shuang for a while. However, Anthony was not going to let her off the hook so easily. “Xiao Shuang, what is up with that King? He called me to say he wants me to assist him… but Han told me that I’m your real team member!”

Han Chu raised his eyes to drop this information. “Ol’ K is going to join your ranks soon. He and the female thief have handed in their team application, and the other agent has agreed for them to make the switch.”

This time ,without waiting for Anthony’s protest, Ye Shuang herself was shocked. “When did this happen? How come I don’t know anything about it?”

“Forming a team is a two-way street,” Han Chu answered casually like this was nothing. “The agent can decide what kind of partners they want, and of course, the talents have the right to choose whether they want to follow the agent or not… Before now, Su Zheng and Ol’ K’s applications had not been confirmed. There is a possibility for changes in the future, so of course, I wouldn’t tell you ahead of time… just in case the application fell through. If you worked together in the future again, it would have been so awkward.”

Ye Shuang felt like she had been tricked. “No, something’s wrong. If it’s a two-way street, how come no one asked for my opinion?”

“Hmm, the two of them will probably ask you after I give them the confirmation,” Han Chu answered easily. He looked at Ye Shuang and tossed the question back. “Does this mean that you do not wish to accept them into your team?”

Ye Shuang’s lips opened and then closed. She thought it and opened her mouth again. This was repeated several times before she said weakly, “Never mind, both Xiao Su and Ol’ K are not bad. So be it.”

Since there was a ready-made resource, why would she say no?

She was just a bit sad that she felt played. She had thought that they were just a temporary team, that they had come over to help her with this case and would return after the case was over. Therefore, Ye Shuang had been busy stealing the experience from those two during this period to be used in the future when she was cultivating her own team.

In the end, she realized that the two were going to join her team. There was no issue of them leaving. If a new talent joined them in the future, she could just hand them over to the two to be taught some lessons, then why would she have wasted so much of her time?

Anthony was not satisfied. He held his cheeks and loudly complained, “Since I’m already helping Xiao Shuang, what is the point of adding that Ol’ K to the group? In the future, Xiao Shuang will have to set aside another part of her income…”

“Even if you have the same technicality, it doesn’t mean that every team member will join the same cases. You might take different cases at the same time, one of you might be on a holiday, or you might come across something that the other person is more familiar with…” Han Chu casually poked the man where it hurt. “Or are you telling me that your specialty is only computers and hacking?”

“No way, I’m the best at everything!” Anthony claimed shamelessly, but he still sighed. “But I’m still not so happy. Originally, Xiao Shuang only had me…”

“Eventually, more people will join.” Han Chu could not resist rolling his eyes at Anthony. “After all, you’re not running low on the money, and it often depends on your mood to take the case. If Xiao Shuang really passes you every case that is related to computers and finance, you would definitely play dead. Don’t think that I don’t know how you would play this game.”

It was due to the uncertain element of Anthony that Ol’ K’s joining became so necessary. It was fine if Anthony only came down to do some technical support or become the trump card of the team. He could just join for the fun of it—that would all be just fine. However, if one expected him to be a serious hardworking worker, that was something that was impossible.

People often said things like “If everyone in China or all over the world just gave me one dollar, I would be filthy rich!” For other people, this might be just a daydream, but for Anthony, it was something that was completely doable.

“Money is just a number for me.” That might have been a bluff if someone else said it, but for Anthony, that was one hundred percent the truth. It was because he did not have any materialistic need that he would follow his own way and walk his own path. Everything that he did, he did because he wanted to. Even Han Chu could not guarantee how long this man’s interest would retain at his current ‘work’.

Han Chu ignored the air of dissatisfaction that rose around Anthony. After he was done, he turned to Ye Shuang and said, “This case can be seen as a test. It’s time for you to get used to Xiao Su and Ol’ K. Tony can handle things here alone with cooperation from Xu Jian. After the results come in, I’m sure they will contact you.”

They followed the conversation and continued to talk about the case for a while. While they shared the information that they had gathered, they also discussed what they should do next. There were no outsiders there. Even though Yao Zhixing was not technically an agent, with his relationship and closeness to Han Chu and Ye Shuang, they did not need to hide things from him.

After they finished the snacks, they had also almost finished the sharing of information. Looking at the time, Ye Shuang realized that it was almost time for dinner.

“This brain!” Yao Zhixing tapped himself on his head and shrugged helplessly. “I thought we could taste Xiao Shuang’s cooking today, but it looks like we’ll have to dine outside tonight.”

“Then, we’ll celebrate our birthday tomorrow!” Anthony was also very generous.

Han Chu frowned. Shouldn’t you two be a little politer?

The first day after her return to San Lin City was thus over. The day after, Anthony still did not get the chance to celebrate his birthday because Ye Shuang was supposed to go home. She had a mother, father, and little brother. Since she had returned, she had to go home. After Anthony heard that, he started to pack his stuff, ready to follow Ye Shuang home. Unfortunately, before he could leave the door, he was dragged back by Han Chu to focus on his work. Therefore, Ye Shuang stepped into her family home alone.

“Good to see that you still know how to come home!” The first thing out of Mother Ye’s lips felt weirdly familiar to Ye Shuang. After she ruminated on it, she realized that Yao Zhixing seemed to have said something similar the day before.

“I was away from work…” Ye Shuang was used to dealing with things like this. She massaged her mother’s shoulders and apologized sincerely; the whole issue was breezed over smoothly.

Mother Ye was pushed by her daughter to sit on the sofa. She rolled her eyes, but her temper still had not completely disappeared. “You sure are something else. You returned to San Lin City, but you only come home on the second day, huh? Speak! Who have you been hanging out with!”

Ye Shuang instantly stared daggers at Little Brother Ye. The latter immediately pulled his gaze away and pretended to look at the television.

“Don’t look at your little brother!” Mother Ye warned. “If not for the fact that he went to your apartment last night, we would not have known you had already come home. You don’t care about this family anymore, do you?”

Ye Shuang immediately switched the fire to someone else. “Mom, you can’t just scold me alone! Xiao Feng came to my place yesterday because he wanted to play games through the night. Perhaps he has been doing that for many times while I was not at home.”

“Wait, I’m completely innocent!” Little Brother Ye coughed and jumped to his defense. “I went over there to do my revision for the upcoming exam! I went on the internet to do my research, not to play games!”

Mother Ye was truly speechless when it came to this special pair. The daughter was nothing good, but the son was not so much better—neither had the right to laugh at the other!

She massaged her temples to try to ease her headache. Mother Ye felt the energy to get angry leave her, especially since Father Ye was not currently home. Ever since Ye Shuang explored the dungeon called the Go association. The scholar Father Ye had gained a second playground. Whenever he was free, he would go there to interact with the people there to waste time and to brush on his scholarly reputation.

With no ally on her side, Mother Ye was powerless before her pair of children. In the end, she could only scold them for a few more minutes before retreating to the kitchen to cook lunch.

After the matriarch left, Ye Shuang did not waste any time before getting her revenge. She grabbed Ye Feng, who was trying to escape, and she smiled extremely gently and kindly. “Xiao Feng, you sure care about your big sister.”

“I know I’ve done wrong!” Little Brother Ye knew when to fold and instantly turned to hug his sister’s legs.

“…” Ye Shuang.

Ten seconds later, Little Brother Ye was sent back to the sofa to ruminate over his mistake with two lumps on his head. To make up for his big mouth, he offered to bring Ye Shuang up to speed on the things that had been happening at home. “These days, there’s been a rumor that Dad is getting promoted to the education department. Even though it is not for any leading post, it is sign that he is being valued. I hear it’s because someone at the department is giving you face and feels like Dad’s done well raising his daughter.

“Other than that, Mom has been buying so many things. She’s even cultivated the habit of buying from infomercials and the internet. Sis, you have given Mom a bank card, right? Mom originally did not think much of it, but one time, she checked the account while she was visiting the bank, and the next day, it appeared like the door to a new world had been opened.

“Furthermore, I’ve found a new girlfriend at school, so if I have to go out at night, please cover for me. Just say that I’m going over to your place to sleep.

“Lastly, Zhou Yue has been visiting the house, and Mom doesn’t seem to be happy about your progress with Zhou Yue…”

The earlier few pieces of news were not that important, but then the news about Zhou Yue popped up. Ye Shuang finally frowned and lowered her voice. “Is something wrong with Zhou Yue’s mind? Didn’t we agree to just pretend to be in a relationship?”

“Perhaps Uncle Zhou has been urging him.” Little Brother Ye took a large gulp of water to wet his parched throat. He shrugged and leaned back.

Ye Shuang rolled her eyes and then suddenly noticed that something was wrong. “Wait a minute, when did you change to an iPhone X?”

Then, she leaned in to take a closer look. “And look at this screen size, this is a plus, right? Have you gotten a raise in your allowance?”

Father Ye and Mother Ye would never give Little Brother Ye money to waste on things like this. It was not that they did not love him, but in the traditional views of most parents, phones for children only needed to be able to make calls—there was no need to chase after the latest model just for the sake of being ahead of others. This was the latest iPhone model, which was exceptionally expensive.

Little Brother Ye blinked twice and tried his best to curry some favor. “Sis, please don’t tell them. Mom and Dad won’t notice something like this.”

Then, he stole a look at the kitchen. After he had made sure that Mother Ye was not paying the living room any attention, he picked up the phone and slowly leaned over to say, “This is a present from Uncle Zhou…”

Ye Shuang suddenly had the urge to cleanse the family gene pool.

It was true that Zhou Yue’s father had once had an interest in Mother Ye, but they were already so old. First love was the man’s romance, and it did not mean that he would really do anything to act on it. If he was being serious, Father Zhou actually had more interest in Ye Shuang. After all, his hope was for his son to be able to continue his family legacy.

Therefore, one could uess at the reason Father Zhou had given Little Brother Ye this new phone. Of course, a part of it was because of Mother Ye, but the main reason was he wanted to use this to purchase the approval from Zhou Yue’s future brother-in-law.

And this creature accepted the gift so shamelessly‽

Little Brother Ye knew that he had crossed the line this time, so he pulled back his neck and explained quickly, “I originally did not want to accept it. That day, I ran into Uncle Zhou at the mall, and Zhou Yue was with him. Once he heard that Uncle Zhou wanted to gift me a phone, I could see how unhappy he was. Well, if he’s unhappy, then I would be happy, so… he he he.”

Little Brother Ye smiled, but Ye Shuang was not going to accept it. Little Brother Ye, who did not feel any sense of security, looked left and right. Before Ye Shuang exploded, he rushed into the kitchen and called out for help. “Mom, I’ll help you cook lunch!”

“Get lost! You’re only going to create more trouble for me!” Mother Ye kicked him out cruelly.

Going back home to eat had led to another case to deal with—Ye Shuang could not have been unhappier.

Of course, the jeweled bracelet that she received was expensive too, but it was the present from Uncle Zhou due to their first meeting. Furthermore, Mother Ye had also been present, and if she denied it, it would make the situation awkward. On top of that, Ye Shuang had only accepted it to annoy Zhou Yue. After that, she had also paid Uncle Zhou several visits, and the debt that she was owed was cleared.

However, Little Brother Ye was different. Even though the action could be described as Uncle Zhou being caring toward his junior, the actual meaning was clear to everyone. The worst thing was that the child did not breathe a word about it to his family. In the future, if Uncle Zhou brought it up at a public setting and Mother Ye and Father Ye did not know anything about it, how awkward would that be?

During lunch, Ye Shuang kept tossing daggers at Little Brother Ye with her eyes, but Little Brother Ye was used to being shameless. He either lowered his head to play dead or helped Ye Shuang fill up her plate with food. Mother Ye and Father Ye shared a look, and they knew instantly that their son had done something wrong again. They were too lazy to meddle in their business, so they both decided to not see anything.

After lunch, the dark-faced Ye Shuang dragged Little Brother Ye out the door. She told her parents that she was escorting the boy back to his school. Even Mother Ye did not want to chat with her daughter who was obviously in a bad mood, so she waved her hand and let them go.

“We’ll go to find your Brother Yao first. I remember their restaurant just imported several bottles of good wine from France. The year is not bad. I’ll buy one, and in the future, if there’s a chance, you should return the kindness. That’ll be all… this time. If you dare take any gifts without telling Mom and Dad next time…” Ye Shuang drove the car and lectured her little brother angrily.

Little Brother Ye had his head lowered, but once he heard that, he regained his life instantly, “Sis, don’t worry! I didn’t dare to tell Mom and Dad, but I know you’d be able to help me!”

Am I just here to help you clean up your mess? Ye Shuang did not know how to answer to Little Brother Ye. Then again, the boy was not wrong, this way of thinking… Even though she was the one being taken advantage of, the theory had its validity. Little Brother Ye was not wrong.

Ye Shuang could not be mad at Little Brother Ye for too long, so she accepted her fate and went in search of Yao Zhixing.

“Got into trouble? Failed your exam and now want to bribe the teacher to change your result? Or have you found a girlfriend and need a gift to endear yourself to the future in law?” Yao Zhixing was glad to help. While he ordered people to grab the wine, he stayed back to mock his good friend’s little brother.

Ye Shuang leaned against the counter to pay the bill. When she heard that, she raised her head to say, “The boy is not bribing others; he’s the one being bribed. I don’t want him to owe anyone anything.”

Little Brother Ye scratched his nose in embarrassment. “I promise to inform you the moment I accept something.”

“…Couldn’t you just stop accepting stuff from people in the future? If you really want to buy something, why don’t you come directly to me? Am I that invisible to you?” Ye Shuang was speechless.

Yao Zhixing was tickled by their banter, and he nodded easily. “if your big sister is not around, you can come to your Brother Yao. I’ll have your sister pay me when she returns.”

With a new leg to hug, Little Brother Ye immediately started calling Yao Zhixing ‘Big Brother’… Ye Shuang really could not understand how someone like this had managed to find a girlfriend. Could it be that the little girl was taking advantage of him?

After clearing the bill, they waited for the manager to arrive with a bag. While Yao Zhixing opened the bag to inspect the stock, he told Little Brother Ye, “This type of wine is best kept at a constant temperature. The different wine produced by different wineries has different content. Most of them need to be kept at ten to twenty degrees, and if we’re going into more details, the difference between them could lead to different changes…”

Yao Zhixing was not trying to gloat. The main reason was to make sure that Little Brother Ye understood the value of the wine. For example, this wine that Ye Shuang had bought. Even if Yao Zhixing sold it to her according to the original price, without counting the delivery fee and customs charges, it would have cost about three thousand. However, if it fell into the hands of people who did not know how to appreciate it, the wine would end up tasting like those that cost less than fifty per bottle.

When people gift wine, it was the common culture to not keep the price tag. It was to save face, so it depended on the gifter’s ability to make introduction. While Ye Shuang listened to Yao Zhixing make the introduction, she studied the bag. Finally, she pointed at the outermost layer of plastic and said, “Do you mind changing into a bag that doesn’t have your restaurant’s logo? We’re gifting this to Uncle Zhou, and if he sees the logo, it’s only going to make him unhappy.”

Yao Zhixing choked, and the rest of the introduction stuck in his throat. He went back to think about it. He had just ended a cooperation with the man. Even though it was a clean business break, gifting his restaurant’s wine to the man so openly could be seen as a challenge, or worse, an insult.

Even though the rational part of his brain could see the problem, Yao Zhixing still felt conflicted.

However, Ye Shuang did not think that she had said anything wrong, so she smiled. “Tolerance goes both way, Brother Yao. I’m very thankful, but this packaging won’t work… I’ll cook you a meal next time as compensation.”

Yao Zhixing was speechless. He waved his hand to have the manager change the packaging. The manager left while wiping his sweat. His adoration of Ye Shuang rose to new heights. This woman sure isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.

After dealing with everything, Little Brother Ye could not take the wine back to his dormitory to keep its temperature, and Ye Shuang did not want to drive him there, so in the end, he had to call a cab to go to the Zhou family home.

Ye Shuang and Yao Zhixing stayed at the restaurant. After a while. Yao Zhixing sighed helplessly. “You have not returned to San Lin City for some time already, how about a race?”

“Is your family allowing you to race?” Ye Shuang raised an eyebrow.

Yao Zhixing smiled and worked his arm. “The bones have completely healed, so why wouldn’t they? For now, I can’t still lift heavy objects, but turning a steering wheel is simple enough.”

Ye Shuang used her hands to touch Yao Zhixing’s arm and shook her head. “Things might not be so simple when the speed is fast. I also can guess that your family probably only allows you to roam freely but still bars you from racing.”

Yao Zhixing pouted and wanted to say something when Ye Shuang smiled and added, “Brother Yao, if you are really interested, then why don’t you call your people and you can sit beside me this time?”

The passenger seat again…

Yao Zhixing sighed. Even though he was not satisfied with this result, thinking about the endless bantering from his family, in the end, he surrendered with a nod. “Fine, passenger seat it is.”

This time, he would practice patience. One day, he would chase this woman to his passenger seat!