Chapter 168 - Nobody Tells Me Nuffin

Chapter 168: Nobody Tells Me Nuffin

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Anthony was stunned when the phone was smacked away by a wooden bat—he had a hard time telling what had happened. However, he recovered quickly. He turned around with the cute smile still hanging on his face.

When the wooden bat came for him earlier, Anthony’s good reflexes had already felt something, but even though he managed to evade his fatal parts from being hit, it was not enough. The wooden bat brushed through the back of his hand to create a bruise.

He rubbed the hand carefully before pushing it inside his pocket. Facing the group of men that surrounded him, he grumbled in a light tone, “Why did you do that? I haven’t finished the conversation with my baby.”

Then he paused. He slid the iPad he was holding with his other hand inside the backpack and very happily guessed what was happening. “Hmm, is this because Alexander was chased out of the company by me or because of the handlers that were sniped by me on the stock market? I guess your boss must be the big bad guy who has been laundering money?

“It’s just some money. Losing his temper over something small like that…”

Then he shook his head and sighed. “I should have known those who refused to follow the rules are not good people.”

The men surrounding him were rendered speechless.

Some money‽

Even though they did not know the exact number, based on the thunderous voice that they had heard on the phone, it did not sound like only some money was involved. The leader of the group of men said with a frown, “The boss’ meaning is, harming your friend is simply a misunderstanding, and we admit the mistake, so why don’t both of us take a step back and show each other face?”

Before the target was decided, those who came out to mix in the world knew the importance of showing kindness. For example, before Anthony showed up, it was fine for them to trick An Empire—they won fair and square. However, with the arrival of Anthony, they saw his capability.

Huh! Looks like a kindred spirit and an expert at that‽

Therefore, to preserve the sake of harmony, each taking a step back was the best solution.

I’m just here for the money, and you’re here to protect the people. Then I’ll stop harming your people, and you’ll stop ruining my channel to earn money. Everyone will be spared some trouble.

Unfortunately, Anthony had never been one to follow the rules.

“But I cannot feel your sincerity.” Anthony pointed at the wooden bats that the men were holding. The men looked at each other; they had been tasked with scaring Anthony, but these things were easier done than said.

Do we have to spell everything out‽

Before the group of men decided what to do, Anthony opened his lips to say, “Plus, it’s fun playing with your boss.”

A harmless smile hung on his cute face, but the content was not as friendly as he made it out to be. “So, I don’t feeling like giving him face. What do you think about that‽”

Wait, is he taunting us‽ The leader replied in a darker tone, “Then we’ll be forced not to show you face as well.”

When he finished, the atmosphere in the alley tensed like a battle was about to erupt.

When Ye Shuang had gone to the nightclub to haul Anthony back with Little Brother Ye, Ye Shuang had warned her brother that Anthony’s curiosity was much more dangerous than normal people’s. Since he had the power, good physical skill, and a powerful survival ability, he had more than enough survivability to satisfy his curiosity and desire for interesting things.

Normal people would limit their curiosity and desire due to morality. Even if they felt compelled by their eager heart, their dreams could not be made into reality due to their lack of ability.

However, Anthony wasn’t held back by these conditions.

When he was interested in something common, what he might do could be called a prank. When he was interested in the security system of the Pentagon, what he might do would be called a crime. One day, when he was interested in an atomic bomb, Anthony could be called a terrorist.

Therefore, before knowing Anthony’s bottom line, Ye Shuang had warned Little Brother Ye from getting too close to Anthony.

“It’s okay if you want to play games together, but do not get involved in any of Anthony’s schemes, or I’ll butcher you alive,” she had said.

On top of that, Ye Shuang had no power to gauge what Anthony might do next. The man’s decisions and actions were controlled by strokes of inspiration; there was no logic.

But knowing was different from seeing. When she saw with her own eyes the group of people that collapsed around Anthony, Ye Shuang, who just arrived, had the desire to slap her hand on her forehead. Anthony was talking on the phone, which was connected to his iPad.

Anthony was rambling in English until he saw Ye Shuang.

“So… Hey, Xiao Shuang, why are you here‽” He raised his hand happily and greeted her in Chinese. “I just got to know an interesting new friend.”

“…I don’t think we can be considered friends.” An old, raspy voice came from the other end of the phone; it carried a slow-burning fire. “So you know Chinese‽”

Damn kid, why did he act like he does not know the language and ramble all those things with me? No, wait!

The voice became alert. “You were purposely dragging the time to trace my IP?”

“Bingo!” Anthony said happily. “Congratulations, your guess is correct, and I already know your current location.”

Ye Shuang sighed. She raised her brow to ask for clarification. Anthony shrugged before winking at her and placing his finger on his lips. He pulled Ye Shuang out of the alley with a giggle and continued the conversation on the phone.

After he climbed into the car that Ye Shuang had parked at the mouth of the alley, Ye Shuang decided to drive the man home. While in the car, Ye Shuang listened to the phone conversation. Since Anthony did not sound like he was going to make a mess out of it, she did not intervene. She drove while waiting patiently for them to end the phone conversation. When Anthony cut the call, she asked, “So what’s happening?”

“Hmm, to put it simply, this was just a scouting match.” Anthony tossed the phone that he had grabbed from the leader away. He rummaged through his bag to take out the wool cap that he had placed inside his bag before the fight began and placed it back on his head. “For example, I have a pair of Aces, and he also has a pair of Aces. Therefore, he wanted to discuss the possibility of a truce, but this truce is only on the surface. Thus, I warned him—I actually have a pair of Jokers…”

Ye Shuang arranged the information. After the battle at the An family, the opponent realized Anthony’s ability and did not want to continue battling the expert. Therefore, he decided to take a step back, but the temporary retreat would not last forever, so Anthony took the initiative to warn the opponent that his trump card was more powerful than they thought. “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to push them over the edge‽”

Anthony continued to rummage through his bag. He held his broken phone and pouted sadly. “They won’t. It’s the same for all underground organizations throughout the world. They only care about money; they won’t come after people that they shouldn’t for the sake of face. Xiao Shuang, look, they broke my phone.”

Ye Shuang was speechless, looking at the tears that seemed to threaten to fall out of Anthony’s eyes. “If it’s broken, then just buy a new one. It’s not like you’re low on cash…”

“But remodding a new phone is going to be difficult.” Anthony sighed. He knew it was impossible for salvage the phone, so he pulled out the motherboard and crushed it into even smaller pieces and threw them out the window at five minutes intervals.

“Hey, you’re going to get me into trouble!” Ye Shuang roared. What is wrong with this man!

“If an expert got all of these pieces, they might recover my personal information!” Anthony puffed up his cheeks and pouted. “How can I let these people make use of my baby?”

Those kinds of experts would not be strolling the road to purposely collect your phone pieces, would they‽ Furthermore, have you no idea how dangerous the traffic is in China.

Ye Shuang was speechless.

“Well, as long as you’re having fun. If I get given a ticket, you’re going to pay for it.”

After Ye Shuang dropped Anthony home, she rushed back to her parent’s place. When she arrived, it was almost midnight. When Ye Shuang opened the door, holding the box, she saw Mother Ye sitting in the living room watching her drama. Father Ye had already gone to bed.

“Xiao Shuang, you’re home‽” Mother Ye heard the door open, and she stood up happily to welcome her daughter home. “Is the box heavy? Come, let me help you.”

Ye Shuang did not let Mother Ye take it. She hugged the box and closed the door with her other hand. “It’s okay. Brother Yao’s restaurant manager stuffed the box full. The seafood combined with the ice is several kilos; I don’t want you to injure your back.”

As she spoke, Ye Shuang already wandered into the kitchen. Ye Shuang put the box down, and the box filled with seafood surprised Mother Ye. “So many?”

“Yes, I didn’t know at first. I only realized it after I saw the list.” Ye Shuang also did not know what to say. Even though he said it was just a bonus for his workers, it looked like Yao Zhixing had ordered his men to give something special for Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang rummaged into the box and took out a Boston lobster from the bottom. “Cook this tomorrow. It won’t be fresh if we keep it until New Year. We can keep the rest in the fridge.”

Mother Ye started to clean up the fridge. She replied happily, “Good idea. Tony is coming over tomorrow. This will perfect for the guest.”

“I also think so, then tomorrow…” Ye Shuang nodded when it hit her. “Wait!”

She raised her head in shock. “Tony is coming over tomorrow? Why did no one tell me about this‽”

Oh my God! That golden retriever is coming over again‽