Chapter 92 - So Crude

Chapter 92: So Crude

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The roar from Chen He shocked everyone present. An Zining’s combat power had always been high, but there had not been incidents as serious as this, so the fight from the night before was on an epic scale.

At the end of the first argument, An Zining had ordered Brother Wong to toss Chen He out and told the other party, “The child has nothing to do with you.”

Chen He had stuck around, forcing An Zining to call the security to escort him out. If not for the fact that the opposite house was temporarily rented to Brother Wong’s group, many other people would have been present to see how sorry a figure An Zining was. Of course, it had not been that glorious for Chen He, who was escorted off the premises as well.

One could imagine how angry Chen He had been. Before coming for a second round of war, he had given the security company a call. After everything was prepared, the agitated Chen He made a beeline for An Zining’s home, and when he knocked on the door, the words that were on his mind blurted out without filter…

An Zining’s face darkened immediately. Brother Wong pulled out the phone to ask, “Boss, shall we call for some extra security?”

The security probably wouldn’t come today, or else with the command from An Zining yesterday night, they would not have let Chen He enter the residential area in the first place.

“Not necessary!” An Zining gritted her rows of sparkling white teeth. “Open the door and let him in! I do want to hear what else he has to say.”

Ye Shuang followed the order. When the door was open, she immediately took a small step back. Thankfully she did, because Chen He shot into the room like a train. Without a glance at Ye Shuang, he strode toward An Zining but was stopped by Brother Wong when he was about two meters away from her.

“An Zining!” Chen He knew that he was not there to fight with the bodyguard, and even if he did, he could not have beaten Brother Wong anyway, so he naturally sat down on the sofa across from An Zining and slammed heavily on the tabletop. “I will not allow my child to be raised outside like a wild child! Name your conditions!”

“My conditions?” An Zining gave the man a side eye. “Getting back with you is too big of a loss for me, so you expect me to agree by giving me several lousy contracts or several companies? I am carrying my own child, so why should I give it to you? Ask my employees, do you think I need money?”

“Of course not.” Lawyer Lin had prepared everything when he received the call from An Zining the night before to report to work. He moved the topic away and very naturally pulled out his suitcase to prepare for a negotiation. “Mr. Chen, do you wish to fight it out with my boss first as relaxation, or shall we begin the negotiation for the child’s custody right?”

Fighting is a relaxation‽ Have you lost your mind? An Zining and Chen He tossed an unsatisfactory glance at Lawyer Lin in unison, but the former recovered faster than the latter. She quickly added a sarcastic laugh, successfully making Chen He feel this was an insult that was directly only at him.

Such crudeness! These people are horrible! Chen He shook in anger. Ye Shuang poured a glass of warm water and a cup of coffee. She placed the coffee before Chen He, and the warm water was for An Zining.

When she was at Chen He’s company, Ye Shuang had noticed in the breakroom that there were two coffee machines. Ye Shuang suspected that was Chen He’s preference, and if she was wrong… so be it! After all, she was not a waitress and did not plan to enter said field.

An Zining glanced at the cup before Chen He unsatisfactorily and frowned at Ye Shuang. “The faucet water is more than enough for him, you even brew him coffee? Is he my guest?”

“I’m sorry, I will not make the same mistake next time.” Ye Shuang did not plan to argue with a pregnant woman and quickly retreated from her sight. Of course, she would not do that in the future; she did not plan to server her relationship with An Zining completely.

Lawyer Lin chimed in. “Boss, Mr. Chen, let us discuss the divorce and the issue of the child.”

Since the other party’s lawyer did not follow along, it was open season for Lawyer Lin.

The living room was soon filled with the sound of “discussion”, mainly contributed by An Zining and Chen He. The only professional was Lawyer Lin while Brother Wong stood to the side just in case Chen He suddenly reached out to attack An Zining.

Ye Shuang and Miss Chef brought the intern to watch the war from a distance. They could not contribute anything in this professional setting, and Lawyer Lin had taken care of everything, so they did not want to meddle.

Chen He only had two choices for An Zining—either they got together again to take care of the child together or An Zining gave him the child after birth, and as compensation, he would give An Zining several companies. In any case, his own flesh and blood could not have any surname other than Chen.

An Zining only had one reply—”In your dreams!”

The two talked over each other while flinging insults and sarcasm; all Lawyer Lin could do was intervene occasionally to mediate the situation. Miss Chef soon got a headache from all the argument. It was clear that the pair had issues with each other, but she could not understand why neither could take a step back. Wasn’t a child the continuation and crystallization of love? Both of them wanted the child but hated each other for some reason; this confused Miss Chef and deterred her from thinking about the possibility of marriage.

Ye Shuang’s power of comprehension was better. After some listening, she caught the gist of the argument. She saw how confused Miss Chef was, so she whispered, “The key is both have different principles.”

“Huh‽” Miss Chef turned her head to face Ye Shuang. Finally, someone was going to explain it to her; she was touched.

Ye Shuang smiled. “With Sister An’s pregnancy, the first reaction from both families was probably for them to continue the marriage, but there was a complication standing in the way—what about the child inside the mistress’ stomach? The Chen family refused to kill their own grandchild, and An family didn’t want a child born out of wedlock to have a right to their inheritance, so this is the first complication, the complication between both families.

“The second complication is between Sister An and the An family. The An family’s choice for Sister An was either reconciliation with Chen He or abortion. Finding a good husband after divorce is still possible, but it will be much more difficult with a child from the ex-husband. After all, society is more forgiving to males than females.

“The third complication is between Sister An and Chen He. Sister An cannot accept the presence of the mistress and her illegitimate child, but Chen He wants to keep both at the same time…”

Of these three complications, the third caused the first to appear, and the first formed the basis for the second…

“The principles of both individuals and their families are all different. Sister An and Chen He’s ideas are rejected by each other as well as their families,” Ye Shuang concluded based on the argument that had been going on. She shrugged helplessly and told Miss Chef, “So, we have this situation; neither could convince the other. Sister An might say a lot of big words, but with the child to consider, she has many things she is afraid to do.”

This was probably why An Zining chose to have the baby overseas. Since her family couldn’t accept her decision to have the child alone, and Chen He couldn’t accept his child being raised in a single family, meaning An Zining couldn’t get support from either side, she chose to escape.

Miss Chef was not that familiar with the complications between the families; after all, her working environment was limited to the kitchen. However, her gossip senses as a woman were not bad, so the first reaction she had after listening to Ye Shuang was—”So, the key is the pregnant mistress?”

“No, the key… wait, actually, you’re right.” Ye Shuang unconsciously wanted to correct her but realized Miss Chef had a point.

Miss Chef was encouraged and was about to continue to comment on the complicated relationship when the intern cut in. “If Sister An wants to keep the child, then just have the mistress take away the baby! Sister An’s parents are definitely influential enough to influence that! Theoretically, Mr. Chen’s parents are in support of Mr. Chen and his mistress, but if something really did happen with the mistress’ child, will they really cut themselves off from the An family over it‽”

When Ye Shuang glanced at him in shock, the intern’s face flushed and tried to explain, “I mean, everything hinges on Sister An, so no party can force her; they can only negotiate. In comparison, dealing with the mistress will be a lot easier… Without Mr. Chen’s protection, with the negotiation of some money or threats… Both the An family or Chen family would be able to do it. After all, which family of the upper society hasn’t dealt with mistresses before‽ When everything is said and done, without the second child, no one will continue to fight over the mistress, and they will have to give further consideration to the child in Sister An’s stomach.”

Ye Shuang patted the intern whose voice was dwindling. “Great idea!”

The intern, who thought he had said something wrong, was thus encouraged.

Miss Chef, who had her thunder stolen, grumbled, “It is not that simple! Mr. Chen has hidden the mistress well, so even if we want to make her an opening, where are we supposed to find her‽ Based on the timeline, we only have a few weeks left until the time for abortion is over!”

“You even know how far along the client’s ex-husband’s mistress’ pregnancy is‽” Ye Shuang was shocked. Is this the power of a woman’s gossiping nature‽ Miss Chef works inside a small kitchen, but she manages to know about things that happen so far away.

Miss Chef scratched her face shyly. “Brother Lin investigated the mistress a bit to prepare for the divorce case. Even though there is no proof, there are plenty of rumours…”