Chapter 417 - A Mother’s Concern

Chapter 417: A Mother’s Concern

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Jennifer and Madam Grace were heroines of different styles. Their similarity was that both of them were ruthless. Their achievements no less than those of men.

What was more terrifying was that one was fond of men while Anthony hinted that the other one seemed to be fond of women. Since Ye Shuang held both genders, the both of them were fond of her.

Fortunately, Ye Shuang was in great luck as Madam Grace was distracted due to Cedrick being taken away. Meanwhile, Jennifer was working on something major at the moment. She could not handle that, so the matter ended up with nothing definite. If they really had to contact the both of them like Han Chu planned, Ye Shuang would undoubtedly have to sacrifice herself no matter who she was dealing with.

Han Chu and Brother Shuang had a serious conversation over the phone. The both of them were mentally prepared to speak to one of the difficult women. They would have to think carefully over which difficult woman they dealt with.

After hanging up the phone from the over ten minutes talk, Brother Shuang suppressed his concern and smiled at Xiao Qi, who he had ignored for a while. “You were saying?”

Xiao Qi, who had mustered her courage throughout the ten or so minutes, said loudly, “Brother Ye! The man in the room is actually the mastermind who kidnapped me earlier!”

“…What a coincidence,” Ye Shuang said. Jackpot!

Brother Shuang picked up his phone again and called Han Chu, looking grim. “Brother Han? I’ve found the escaped leader you’re looking for.”

Xiao San was distressed when he returned.

Although switching the account had been a success and he did not get into any trouble when he left, not everything had gone smoothly. He could not get over the fact that someone else had cut them off and taken away the enemy before he could do anything.

Especially when the person who had exposed the news was Xiao Qi.

What did that mean? Xiao San figured it out as soon as he saw Brother Shuang. It meant that it was hard to keep a woman at home. The lady was clearly pining for man.

Xiao San released a sigh of distress and said with sarcasm and a smile, “Mr. Han’s so generous to be getting Mr. Ye to do this.”

Brother Shuang, on the other hand, smiled much more naturally and at ease. “I think you’ve misunderstood. I rushed here to help from the call that I got in the middle of the night. After all, that person is a dangerous man. It’s too much to ask a girl to watch him alone. If something went wrong, something bad might’ve happened to Xiao Qi.”

Xiao Qi nodded obediently, thinking to herself, Fortunately, I had Brother Ye with me. I was so scared.

Meanwhile, Xiao San thought to himself, Oh wow, you don’t have to lean toward the outsider so soon.

Since the identity of the person who was tied up had been exposed, Xiao San was too embarrassed to be saying things like ‘Ignore the status of the military arms. Leave this man for us to teach him a lesson’ since he was taking care of the business.

He could only watch Han Chu rushing to San Lin City quickly and taking away their hostage with a foreigner with gray hair.

Xiao San still could not get over it after Brother Shuang left. He got Xiao Qi to call Master Five to tell him the unfortunate news. He sighed while shaking his head after that was done. “Why were you so reckless? Did he pressure you?”

“No,” Xiao Qi said in a blur. “This happened because I had my guard down. Brother Ye is a good man; he rushed over here to help me as soon as he got the call. He stayed intentionally because he was worried that I might be in trouble. He even cooked for me.”

She looked more and more shy as she spoke. There was sincerity in her eyes.

Xiao San was bothered. “So, he convinced you over a meal?”

“It was his kindness that convinced me…” Xiao Qi pouted. “Forget it, a man like you wouldn’t understand.”

How could Xiao San not understand? Xiao Qi had clearly fallen deep into the hole. She could not get out of it even if she tried.

Xiao San’s heart was bleeding.

Han Chu took care of the leader that had fallen from the sky with Albert. Since it was out of Ye Shuang’s job scope while figuring she was not needed at the interrogation, she sneaked back home to carry on with her vacation.

Mother Ye was worried sick at home. She rushed forward and questioned Ye Shuang as soon as her son whose form was changed got home. “Don’t tell me you did something that you shouldn’t have last night‽”

“No.” Brother Shuang answered that subconsciously, feeling ridiculous. He realized why Mother Ye had asked that and looked grim. “Mom, I’m a girl. What kind of mistake could I have made?”

Mother Ye finally sighed after a sharp inhale, looking at Ye Shuang’s handsome face. “I keep forgetting that you’re a girl.”

She sat on the couch after releasing Ye Shuang. She groped Brother Shuang’s arm quietly and sighed again. “Xiao Shuang, it’s not that I’m urging you, but…”

Mother Ye tried holding it back, but she eventually failed. “Although your dad and I didn’t say anything when that happened back then, we did that because we didn’t want to stress you out. In reality, your dad didn’t sleep well for a few days. He was much more worried than you were.”

“You can’t be changing your form every now and then since you know the way to recover. You’ll have to get married sooner or later, so it’s better to get over with it than dragging it. You can solve your problem once and for all.” Mother Ye was upset. “I think Lele isn’t bad. Okay, forget it if you don’t like him. How about the little goldie… ahem, I mean Anthony? Or Xiao Yao, Xiao Han, or Xiao…”

Ye Shuang wanted to kill herself. “Mom, those are my friends, not your daughter’s harem.”

“…” Mother Ye looked at her handsome face without saying anything. She then held her head down and caressed her son’s beautiful, defined arm. “I’m just worried that you might get used to it.”

No matter how handsome her daughter’s male form was, she did not come originally from the factory.

Since the novelty value had passed, Mother Ye, seeing that Ye Shuang was changing her form at ease, was worried to the point that gray hair was growing. The transformation getting easier aside, she had made a little lady let down her guard and spent the night with her in the middle of the night. What if Ye Shuang got used to it and brought home a daughter-in-law?

No, she could no longer think of that!

Mother Ye composed herself. “I’m not forcing you to settle down right away, but you can at least date someone that you like. Doesn’t Han Chu know about your situation already? Why don’t you date him and see if you guys work?”

Ye Shuang could not reject Mother Ye, seeing her anticipation. She opened her mouth and closed it again. She finally spoke after repeating that a few times. “Whatever, as long as you’re happy.”

She would just entertain her mother for now and deal with it later.