Chapter 367 - The Choice Is Clear

Chapter 367: The Choice Is Clear

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Su Zheng’s expression that looked like she was about to cry successfully elicited the little pity that Ye Shuang still had in her heart. Since they were both girls, Ye Shuang felt like she could carry the alcohol better than Su Zheng could. Therefore, with the appreciative tears from Su Zheng, Ye Shuang took the invitation in her place.

And then… there was no more and then.

Ye Shuang returned the second day looking bright and refreshed, saying that the mission had been completed. Han Chu waited until 3 pm, but he still did not hear anything from Brother Liu. After about ten calls waking the man up, he found out that Ye Shuang had been such a hero the previous night. She had managed to drink around more than ten guys under the table, and some of them were still hung over and unable to wake up.

“Brother Liu said that he’s making the necessary arrangement now.” Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang rather speechlessly for half a minute after hanging up the phone. The emotions in his eyes were complicated. “Next time… try to keep a hold of yourself.”

He was surprised that he had the ace with him all along. If he had known that Ye Shuang was such a good drinker, would he have volunteered to suffer all the previous times? Then again, now that he thought about it, this meant that the whole preparation to sacrifice that he did couple of days ago was completely pointless.

Therefore, after resisting the urge again and again, Han Chu still asked, “Have you always been this good with alcohol?”

“Hmm? I suppose so.” Ye Shuang put her palm on her cheek and sat next to Anthony, watching the man unlock the chip.

Han Chu frowned. “Why didn’t you volunteer to go before this?”

Ye Shuang turned to look at him with bafflement. “Because I saw how eager you guys were.”

As the main combat force of their group, had she not been given the important task of guarding the apartment?

Han Chu’s heart suddenly felt overwhelmed with fatigue. Nothing big happened in the day, but at night, Anthony’s work had a breakthrough. By early morning at the latest, they would be able to know what was inside the chip.

Since Brother Liu had given his promise, naturally, he had to report the findings after a whole day had passed. Probably because Ye Shuang had left too deep an impression with her ability to hold liquor, Brother Liu’s affection toward the girl had an enormous growth. The call was made to Ye Shuang’s phone, and Han Chu’s phone did not even ring.

“Xiao Ye, did you give me the wrong address?” Brother Liu’s voice was heard on the speaker. “I’ve asked around, and even though the tenant hands in the utility and rental bills on time, no one enters or leaves the building. Of course, this could mean that the tenant has a job that requires them to go outstation very often. How about you give me a name? I will help you ask around.”

“I’m not sure who I’m looking for. I only have the message from others that the person I’m looking for is most likely staying there.” After the words left Ye Shuang’s lips, she also felt confused. Since when did this become so complicated?

Brother Liu was stumped before it dawned on him. “Is it because your man is hiding his mistress there?”

“…” Ye Shuang.

The silence on Ye Shuang’s side gave Brother Liu the time to fill in the blanks. He soon promised, “I understand, I am not going to ask for details. I’ll look around for a few more days. You shouldn’t waste too much time with this. Try to look over your savings account and see what you’ll do once you have the concrete evidence.”

Su Zheng held in her laughter until her face was red. Han Chu appeared rather calm, but the twitch of his lips said everything. No one expected the man to have such an imaginative mind, but since the truth was even harder to explain, Ye Shuang went along with it. “I’m actually helping a friend with the investigation, but in any case, thank you for your help, Brother Liu. If there’s any news, do call.”

Several hours later, the chip was unlocked. Ye Shuang leaned over to look with anticipation, but the thing inside the unlocked chip posed more question than it answered.

“This is an account that is encrypted in some kind of code.” Han Chu found out the truth with a glance. After a hum, he opened his laptop and pulled out several documents. “There has to be a rule to the codes that represent the numbers, so our task now is to figure out this rule. I have the part of the account that the Xi Hwa Organization made in San Lin City and Chaohai. This should be a good frame of reference…. Tony, do you think you can finish this by morning?”

Anthony nodded with a smile. “Finding the rule is not much different from writing a code; it’ll be much easier if there’s a formula. However, I will need a helping hand to aid me key in the stuff. After all, the information in your documents is a bit much, and keying in numbers can get pretty tedious after a while…”

Everyone turned to look at Ol’ K, who was biting on a chocolate stick. The man had his legs placed over one another while he studied the surveillance. As he felt the collective gaze on him, he turned over and hesitantly uttered, “Erm… I’ll do it?”

“OK!” Anthony immediately hugged the laptop over. He tapped Ol’ K on his shoulders and said kindly, “I have faith in you, kid! You can do this!”

Ol’ K was over the moon with the praise from his idol, and he immediately started throwing himself into his work. Anthony happily went to bed. He had been busy for the past few days and had gotten less than four hours sleep on average each night.

Ye Shuang wanted to follow suit, but she was grabbed to stay by Han Chu.

“Brother Han?” She thought that the man was going to discuss the issue of guarding the night, so she quickly argued, “You can wake me up if there’s a problem. I’ve stayed up through the night already, so it should be Xiao Su’s turn now.”

“It’s not that.” Han Chu glanced at Ol’ K, who was working with the data, and he turned back to shake his head calmly. “Acquiring the account is just the first step. The consequent step is actually more important.”

Owning the account only allowed them to familiarize themselves with the finances of the organization, but with their current strength, it was insane to picture them fighting against the organization.

The difference in power aside, the most realistic problem was, why should Han Chu’s group make an enemy of the group? And how were they supposed to calculate their gains and losses? Even if they won, what did they stand to gain?

Love and justice were idealistic. Even the FBI in TV shows were paid. After all, without their basic needs being taken care of, who would have enough time to help exact justice?

“Codes cannot be used as evidence, so going to an official body with this is out of question.” Han Chu voiced his opinion. “Currently, there are a few options for us. One is to come up with the accounts and sell them to the highest bidder, and another is to toss it back into the organization to create chaos… Of course, things are more complicated than that, but these are the two major paths that we can take. Which do you think is more appropriate?”

After confirming the thought, the next thing to do was to arrange actual steps. Based on the current situation, it was obvious that they were not able to hide the fact that the chip had been decoded, so it would be best if they could come up with a plan as soon as possible.

“It’s time to sell!” Ye Shuang answered without hesitation.