Chapter 93 - Sleep with Your Phone on Silent

Chapter 93: Sleep with Your Phone on Silent

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The three were gossiping happily while the two argued angrily in the living room. An Zining’s apartment became quite rowdy. About another thirty minutes later, it was apparent that the news of Chen He’s arrival had been leaked because Mr. Fang soon arrived.

When the younger generation was arguing, it was not common for the seniors to be there because the younger generation would hold their tongues until the seniors left. The seniors knew about this but believed it was beneath themselves to point this out and roll up their sleeves to argue seriously with their juniors. Therefore, both families decided to stay out of this war and left it to the people who were of a similar age to the two concerned parties.

None of the people from Chen He’s side dared to show up. After all, he was in the wrong; he had an extramarital affair and got his mistress pregnant. On top of that, they did not want to get on An Zining’s bad side; the woman was known to hold a grudge. An Zining’s little brother did not dare to show up, probably afraid that An Zining would think he had leaked the plan to escape overseas. Thus, since Mr. Fang had not returned to the capital, he was handed the mediating task that no one wanted.

Mr. Fang had a deep pout the moment he entered the room. He glared at An Zining, showing his dissatisfaction that his cousin had hidden her pregnancy even from him. After he was glared back down with a more powerful stare, he coughed and turned to face Chen He. “Brother Chen… I know we are no longer in ancient China, but that does not mean that there is no more respect between husband and wife. You wish to keep both your mistress’ child and Sister An’s child, does this mean I can also introduce several male models for Sister An and then have her produce a few babies of her own to play with‽”

This comment was very direct. Obviously, even as a man, Mr. Fang could not accept Chen He’s desire to keep both the mistress and the ex-wife happy at the same time. Before this, he had not intervened because, technically, it did not involve him, but things were different now.

Chen He’s expression dimmed. “…I can promise to cut all ties from that woman, but the child is mine; even if I carry him home, it’ll only take up another seat at the table. Or do you think I’m not rich enough to raise another child?”

An Zining’s emotions, which had calmed down slightly from the arrival of an ally, got riled up again. “Why should the money that both of our families have earned over more than twenty years benefit a bastard‽ Nowadays, even a child born out of wedlock has the right to inheritance. Do you think that raising one is easy as raising a pet? Can you guarantee that child will not compete with my child in the future? We don’t even need to go that far in the future; just your promise of cutting all ties from the woman is making me roll my eyes. Chen He, even without taking off your belt, your pants will fall down on their down. Two fake tears from the mother, and you will lose your conviction. Will you really stop the mother from reuniting with her son? Will you have the heart to tear them apart? Don’t make me laugh.”

Mr. Fang coughed quickly to diffuse the situation. “Sister An is a bit too direct, but she has a point. Let’s be honest, most modern mistresses are looking for money. Why else would a pretty girl not go seek her prince but stay with a married man? The plan is to have a baby and squeeze out the official wife, right? Don’t tell me it’s because of love. I’m not a child who will believe something like that.”

Even Chen He himself did not believe it was love, but he believed in his own determination. “I promise at most I will give the boy an amount of money after he reaches the age of maturity…”

“How much will it be? Will there be future payments? When you see how hard life is for your precious son, will you really not reach out to help him?”

“An Zining, don’t push it!”

“Who the f*ck here is pushing it‽”

Even Mr. Fang’s presence could not halt the argument. Chen He and An Zining were like cats and dogs; they could not refrain from insulting each other every few sentences. Mr. Fang failed to reason with the two who were equally stubborn and had lost their rationality. Furthermore, his voice was not as loud as either of them, and soon, his role was relegated to that of Brother Wong, to stand there just in case it escalated to a physical altercation.

“Look, the focus of the argument is still the mistress.” Miss Chef sighed, her chin pointing upwards with satisfaction.

The intern scratched his chin. “Unfortunately, other than Mr. Chen, no one knows where she is, or else things would be a lot easier.”

If they reached out to the mistress, perhaps they could convince her to have the abortion. By the time Chen He found out, he would have no choice but to accept the result.

Ye Shuang scratched her chin in thought. She did know who else might know about the location of the mistress. That Eva she had seen when she accompanied Lawyer Lin to Chen He’s company was the opening, but the problem was, even if the mistress was considered competition, she had no reason to side with the wife. The amount of money and effort that went into this would have been ridiculous. Furthermore, the main problem was, would she get extra money from doing stuff beyond her job scope? She was just a personal assistant, why should she get herself involved?

Of course, things would have been different if she had a contract with the An family or Mr. Fang. This would have earned her money as well as reputation, but this led to a new problem—how should she tactfully reveal that she had some information with regards to the mistress’ location?

Ye Shuang felt conflicted. Should she go for the money that was before her? Was the risk to reward ratio good enough?

The morning passed by in the couple’s argument and Ye Shuang’s hesitation. After making lunch, Brother Wong punctually tossed Chen He out of the door. Everyone decided to take a break to rest and have lunch. Chen He probably also went out to eat and look for allies to prepare for the upcoming afternoon battle.

Thirty minutes after lunch, Chen He returned with two lackeys. The expressions on the two’s faces were awkward when they saw An Zining; they had probably been forced there by Chen He. An Zining clutched her stomach and screamed twice. Chen He’s team escaped with pale faces, abandoning the war. Even though it might have been fake, they did not dare risk it. Only then, it hit them that they were dealing with a pregnant woman, who shouldn’t suffer from too much provocation.

“Humph! Want to fight with me‽” After the door slammed shut, An Zining flipped her hair back and scoffed with derision. The pain from before had disappeared to be replaced by the presence of a queen.

Mr. Fang was silent for a long time before sighing helplessly. “Sister Ning, I fear Chen He might seek help from his family. You should prepare for a summon from auntie and uncle.”

An Zining said that there was nothing to worry about. Previously she did not realize that she had this secret technique. Now, she had realized that her own condition was the best offense and defense. The baby practically made her invulnerable to all attacks.

The day flew by with lots of work. Other than the tired Lawyer Lin and the physically exhausted Brother Wong, the rest of them had it quite easy. There was not much work, and they had courtside seats to a wonderful show.

After returning to her home, she had nothing to do. Ye Shuang continued to rearrange the information she took from Han Chu before going to rest. She had thought that the night would end peacefully, but at 2 am, when she was sound asleep, the phone suddenly rang.

No matter how mellifluous the ringtone was, when it rang at 2 am, it was no different from the worst noise in the world. A normal individual would not have been able to stand it, much less Ye Shuang who had her hearing optimized.

F*ck! Forgot to put it on silent!

Ye Shuang jumped up from bed and sat there blurrily for a while before she realized what was happening. Then she turned to glare at the phone, which was still ringing. She grabbed it, and when she saw the caller ID, Ye Shuang felt like crying. It was her biological brother. Why would he call her in the middle of the night to ruin her dream? Just what kind of sin had she committed in her previous life to be born in the same family as this guy?

After answering the phone, Ye Shuang’s magnetic voice answered tiredly, “Hello?”

The other end of the phone was silent for a moment before Little Brother Ye understood what was going on. “Brother?”

“Hmm.” Ye Shuang curled herself underneath the quilt and closed her eyes, while replying, “If you do not want to die, give me a reason not to kill you. What kind of emergency makes you call me in the middle of the night?”

“Bro, don’t be like that, we’re family right…” Little Brother Ye pleaded. “Erm, it’s like this, me and my friends came out for supper, but we lost our wallets. If you don’t mind, can you please come and save us‽”

That’s all‽ Ye Shuang did want to go there, but it was to beat the boy up. It was not uncommon for university students to sneak out of the dormitory at night for a midnight snack. After all, she had done the same thing before. However, just how did the whole gang of them lose their wallets at the same time and get held up at the stall? Just how dumb did they have to be to do something like that?

Even though Little Brother Ye was at the bottom of the food chain at home, he had found a place for himself at the university. Since his pals had gotten into trouble, he naturally called someone for help.

Yes, initially Little Brother Ye had been worried that it might be dangerous for a female like Ye Shuang to venture out into the city alone so late at night, but when he remembered how his sister had saved her boss from the ruffians, the worry had disappeared from his mind.

Robbery? It was too early to tell who was robbing whom.

“Please help us, brother…” Little Brother Ye begged. “I’ll help you warm your bed if you do.”

“I… don’t need you to do that!” Ye Shuang’s drowsiness was replaced by anger. At the end of the day, she could not abandon her biological brother, so she got out of bed, put on her male clothes, and yelled, “Address! I’ll go to save your asses now.”

After a wild cheer, Little Brother Ye gave the address. Ye Shuang then called a taxi at the guard house and raced to the destination.