Chapter 368 - Consider Every Possibility

Chapter 368: Consider Every Possibility

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The buyer? Those who knew the basics of trading would know what to do. Those with the need, those who could provide benefits in return, those were all possible candidates.

The issue of candidates was similarly left to the professionals. Who were the professionals? Well, those who played with data collection of course, like Anthony and Ol’ K…

Cedrick had been kidnapped by Luther’s people for more than forty-eight hours already. Even though Han Chu said that they did not need to get involved, this did not mean that Ye Shuang did not follow the latest developments.

Luther had been kidnapped by Madam Grace while Cedrick had been kidnapped by Luther’s people. With this strange balance, there was an opening that was exposed for Jennifer to take advantage of Luther’s people. Realizing that Luther’s people might be influenced to ignore their own boss’ safety, Ye Shuang thought about it and decided that she needed to warn Madam Grace somehow. She could not wait until her son was dead to tell her the truth, right?

The call was accepted.

“Ye?” Madam Grace sounded surprised. “Are you looking for me?”

Why does she sound so friendly?

Ye Shuang was confused; she did not have much of a relationship with Madam Grace in her female form. Did they not say that Madam Grace did not have much patience of members of the same sex? However, when she glanced at the phone, she understood the problem—she had accidentally made the call with her male form’s phone number.

Ye Shuang coughed. It was not the time to hammer out the details, so she said, “Madam Grace, I have something private to discuss with you.”

“…I have nothing to discuss a little girl.” Madam Grace paused, and her voice instantly chilled. It was so different from when she first picked up the phone. “I hope you won’t use another person’s phone number to disturb me again in the future. I am very busy.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Realizing that the woman was about to hang up, Ye Shuang quickly said, “Even if it’s about Cedrick?’

Madam Grace stopped moving. “Cedrick?”

Honestly, even though Cedrick occupied a place in Madam Grace’s heart, it was not that big a spot. Initially, Madam Grace had been touched by his sacrifice, but the man’s continuously abrasive attitude had worn out the little patience that Madam Grace had.

After all, she had been at the top for so many years already, and Madam Grace was a woman of experience. Her patience for men had been lowered to its minimum, so Cedrick was barely enough to elicit her interest, definitely far too low for Madam Grace to abandon her principles.

Madam Grace laughed coldly. “I don’t think that this is something you should be worried about, and I can assure you that Cedrick is far less important than Luther.”

So, in other words, Madam Grace, who had Luther had, the upper hand compared to those who had Cedrick.

Ye Shuang sighed. “Think of it this way, if the hostage is not as important as they thought, the chance of killing the hostage is also far greater, right?”

“Hmm.” Madam Grace raised her brow but did not retort. “Is there nothing else?”

“I guess, there is one more little thing.” Ye Shuang sighed. This woman was far more cold-hearted than she had imagined. She might really allow that thief to die. “I just wish to fill you in on a small piece information. Do you want to know why Cedrick showed such concern toward you?”

“That’s not important,” Madam Grace said with a shrug. “I still have a meeting waiting for me. If there’s nothing else…”

“Cedrick is your son.”

“…What?” Madam Grace certainly did not expect that. After the shock, she quickly calmed down and said with barely-contained fury, “Do you think I’ll fall for a stupid lie like that?”

Ye Shuang sighed. “I also think that this is hard to believe, but he is really your son. Madam, you could compare Cedrick’s age and appearance. If it’s possible, do some DNA test… Oh, I heard from Cedrick that it was your former female assistant who raised him. So, you can also check the information on that assistant after she left your employment.”

Madam Grace’s side went silent like the woman had petrified. After she dealt with this information, she continued in an expression that sounded like shock and disbelief. “Do you swear you’re not lying to me?”

“Why would I lie about this?” Ye Shuang was feeling helpless. “Why would I lie knowing that you’d stop at nothing to take revenge after saving Cedrick should you find out that you’ve been tricked?”

“You’re right there.” Madam Grace also believed that Ye Shuang would not do something as dumb as that. After a few seconds of silence, Madam Grace still decided to end the call. “I’ll go investigate.”

“What about Cedrick?”

“That’s none of your business!”

After hanging up, Cedrick’s issue was somewhat resolved. Even though a rescue might not be imminent, she believed that Madam Grace would not allow her son to be killed by some random goons. Even if they were not a typical mother and son, this was her flesh and blood. Furthermore, this had gone way beyond that—this involved Madam Grace’s face and family.

Han Chu, who had heard the whole conversation, raised his brow. “The address that we got earlier is probably where Cedrick is being held. The most likely possibility is that it was Edward who sent us this info. Actually, we could have saved Cedrick ourselves. Why would you inform Madam Grace about this?”

“It feels like we shouldn’t be the only ones doing all the work,” Ye Shuang said honestly. “Furthermore, why should we waste our energy for someone else’s son? After all, Brother Liu’s people aren’t professionals. There’s a limit to how many things they can discover, and I don’t want to put them in unnecessary danger. Other than that, we have other things to follow up, and it’s too distracting to care about Cedrick.

“Furthermore, Brother Han, don’t you think it’s far more convenient if we bring Madam Grace into the fold? At the end of the day, Cedrick is kind of one of us, and if Madam Grace cares about him, she’ll care about us, whereas if she doesn’t care about him…”

Then, Ye Shuang’s group had nothing to lose; everything would be just the same.

Han Chu was silent for a while. “There’s another possibility. If Madam Grace tells Cedrick everything and takes more care in his life, Cedrick might develop a familial bond with her, and since he knows about part of our plan, he might decide to sell us out for the sake of his mother.”

“…Brother Han, why is your way of thinking so cynical?”

Han Chu glanced at Ye Shuang. “We have to consider all possibilities so that we won’t be caught off-guard by them.”