Chapter 418 - Still a Man

Chapter 418: Still a Man

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When Albert was making notes while interrogating the convict, Han Chu was copying files, and Ye Shuang was thinking to herself.

After he was done with a part of his files, Han Chu lifted his head to peep at Brother Shuang. He then spoke calmly after looking down again. “You’ve been zoning out sitting there for half an hour since you came. Anything on your mind?”

“…” Ye Shuang changed her pose, but she remained spacing out. “Yeah, I’m thinking about something important on the harmony of my future and family.”

“Is it urgent?” Han Chu checked through the documents quickly and began typing on the keyboard again after pausing to think to himself. At the same time, he casually said, “We might have to be on-call soon. It’d be better if you solve it as soon as you can if it’s bothering you.”

After thinking about it, he added, “Let me know if there might be any troubles. I’ll help you as much as I can.”

If the issue was not tricky, Han Chu believed that Ye Shuang would not be spacing out for so long. As Ye Shuang was hardly like that, Han Chu asked more than he usually did.

Albert turned his head. “Hey, I’m working here. Can you guys go out if you’re goofing off?”

Brother Shuang ignored him. “Brother Han, do you have time to come to my home?”

“Your home?” Han Chu lifted his head.

Albert was confused by the turn of events. What was happening? It seemed like Anthony’s gay best friend was going to be stolen away!

“Er… It’s a little complicated. I’ll tell you later,” Brother Shuang said and finally gave Albert a little of attention. “Are you not done yet?”

Albert looked at Ye Shuang and Han Chu skeptically and fell into deep thought for a while as he frowned. He decided to finish up his work first. “Almost done, but I have a feeling that he’s hiding something.”

“What is he hiding?”

Albert shrugged. “I have no idea what he knows exactly. Of course, I’ll just listen to whatever he wants to tell us, but at least I can tell what is the truth and what is made up. I can also tell that he’s actually very calm. Perhaps we’re not too much of a threat to him, or perhaps he knows that whatever he’s telling us won’t sell out his boss.”

Han Chu lifted his head and frowned upon hearing that. Meanwhile, Brother Shuang looked at the prisoner as Albert spoke. As expected, he saw an uneasiness in him.

“I swear that’s everything I know,” the convict said immediately.

Swear? Who the hell would believe that nowadays?

Brother Shuang fell into silence for a moment before speaking all of a sudden. “Do you know the law in the Czech Republic and Germany?”

The convict nodded in a blur and shook his head after giving it some thought. Which law was he asking about?

“Then do you know what castration is?” Brother Shuang asked again.

The convict looked even more puzzled now. How would he know that since he was a foreigner?

“Well, castration is a punishment our country performed in ancient times whereby the convict’s testicles would be removed. Of course, the punishment isn’t practiced now,” Brother Shuang explained to the convict gently and passionately. “But I heard that those two countries are the only countries in Europe that are still practicing the punishment, whereby they perform chemical castration on sex offenders. Isn’t it interesting?”

Brother Shuang smiled eventually. “Why don’t I take you there for a spin?”

“Actually, I thought of a tiny detail all of a sudden. Why don’t we talk more‽”

Albert’s manly body shivered. He began the interrogation again with a complicated expression on his face after getting Brother Shuang’s signal asking him to take over.

Why would he do that‽

They were all men. Was Brother Shuang not traumatized after thinking of such a thing?

Very soon, they got more details from the convict.

The poor convict who was threatened by Brother Shuang eventually retained his right as a man after Albert observed his reaction while getting confirmation from him that no details were left behind.

“I’ll take him with me. We still have to register the case with Interpol.” Albert was very satisfied with the current progress. “The reward is pretty big this time.”

Han Chu scrolled through the documents that he had put together and said in irritation, “I hope there won’t be any more fugitives coming into our country. Why are the fugitives from America coming here?”

“There’s nothing that we can do about it, buddy.” Albert showed his helplessness with his arms opened. “They’re international fugitives. Since they’re here to launch their business, it’s impossible for only one of them to have come. Alright, I’ll remember to send a red notice.”

“A green one will do.” Han Chu shut his laptop. “We haven’t obtained enough evidence for an arrest yet. A warning will do.”

A red notice was an alert for the arrest of internationally wanted fugitives while green notice was a warning to the related country’s Interpol agency that there were fugitives in their territory. Albert blinked. “I hope that I’m misunderstanding this, but are you guys trying to force these people back to America?”

They were giving a warning instead of arresting the fugitives. They were clearly attempting to get the trouble out, whereby they were chasing the fugitives out to other countries to be someone else’s problem.

Han Chu was very calm. “Let’s save on costs as much as we can. Since you guys will take them back if they’re arrested, why would we want to put in any effort in it?”

“Can you not be so shameless?”

Han Chu shut down his laptop with the backup data in it after Albert took the fugitive with him. He finally had some time to talk to Ye Shuang about her invitation.

It was nothing at all since it was just a meal at Ye Shuang’s home. However, the problem was that the invitation had come out of nowhere.

There were no festivities or celebrations. Unlike Anthony, Han Chu would not be as shameless as him whereby he would drop by Ye Shuang’s house for free food every now and then. Among the Ye family, he was only in contact with Ye Shuang at the moment. He had nothing to do with the rest of the family; they were not in contact. Why exactly was the meal happening?

Ye Shuang was a straightforward person. She sighed and said, “It’s just something with my parents. I took care of your mother earlier; don’t you think you should return the favor?”

Han Chu got it at once. “Marriage pressure?”

“Marriage pressure.” Brother Shuang nodded to admit that. “Of course, you can recommend anyone that you deem suitable. I’m not just purely getting my mom to shut up. It’s just that I haven’t found any at the moment. I can’t really explain it to her.”

Han Chu spent too much time handling documents this time. He only understood what Ye Shuang mean after a while. “So, you’re saying that you’re actually planning to get married, but you haven’t found anyone suitable yet. Since your parents are urging you, you’re thinking of getting this over with. It would be better if the person is actually an ideal choice. Is that what you mean?”

Ye Shuang gave him a thumbs up. “Brother Han, you are so understanding.”

Han Chu felt troubled all of a sudden. “Do you think your request makes sense? I’m not talking about your family background or conditions such as assets. I’m talking about… your gender.”

What if he really recommended a friend and the relationship turned out to be homosexual later? How was he going to explain to the parents‽