Chapter 419 - In a Pickle

Chapter 419: In a Pickle

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Han Chu always thought Ye Shuang was great, great as a talented underling.

No matter her intelligence, combat ability, and other skills, Ye Shuang undoubtedly had tremendous growth potential although she was lacking experience. If trained properly, it was hard to tell if Ye Shuang could surpass Han Chu in achievement.

There ought to be talents among people, but talents were usually only good in one or two fields. However, Han Chu had never seen anyone who had Ye Shuang’s potential. A person who had the same logical thinking ability as she did might not have her combat ability. A person who could fight like she could might not have the great cooking skills that she possessed. Alright, those aside, Ye Shuang could play music instruments and paint. She remembered everything she saw. Was that something that an ordinary person could do?

Han Chu had calculated that when he had nothing to do. He realized that this lady was basically a multipurpose machine who could adapt to all events if she was trained well.

It was even rarer that she could change her form. She could go to places that men could not and places that women could not. Okay, that was not actually an advantage, but it was quite useful.

Therefore, Han Chu was a little dumbstruck when Ye Shuang said that she was planning to get married.

Why the hell would an adventurous, young person want to get married after all her achievements? It would be great if she could be out in the world doing whatever she wanted.

Hence, Han Chu was against the idea of Ye Shuang wanting to get married and have children. Unfortunately, it was not his place to call the shots.

“Brother Han, why do you look so terrible?” Ye Shuang asked to lessen the awkward atmosphere, realizing that Han Chu was quiet for a long time.

Han Chu pursed his lips. “I’m in a bad mood.”

He spoke subsequently without planning to explain the reason for his bad mood. “If I go home with you, do I have to do that again in the future, or do I only have to do this for a while until you find the chance to tell your mom that we broke up?”

Ye Shuang did not know what to say. “Let’s just get this over with, and we’ll see what to do in the future.”

Han Chu finally felt a little better now. No matter what, if Ye Shuang had no plan of getting anyone else to be in the act with her, he would still have a say.

All that he had to do was ‘stay in the relationship’. He would not have to spare time for dates, nor did he have to worry that Ye Shuang would get married and have children with someone else. It was just a few meals at her home.

Han Chu realized that he was being too naive.

“Xiao Han, when did you start dating our Xiao Shuang?” Mother Ye could not stop talking at the dining table. Although Ye Shuang and Han Chu were close whereby she would not have to use her power as the mother-in-law to ask about the family and his job, she could still ask about other stuff. “Xiao Shuang never told me about the two of you dating. How long were you guys going to hide this from us if I didn’t press her?”

Han Chu could not eat. He picked up the bowl and answered Mother Ye’s question in all seriousness. “W-We started dating when the time was right. I think we fell for each other over time.”

Mother Ye was not done just yet. “What do you like about our Xiao Shuang? She’s lazy, always eating, and changes her form… Ahem! I mean, are you guys being serious, or are you guys just fooling us?”

Han Chu redirected the subject calmly, answering Mother Ye’s crucial question that came out of nowhere. “There are still many good things about Xiao Shuang.”

“Oh… Mother Ye finally seemed relieved. She stopped talking and ate feeling happy. But then she spoke again all of a sudden when everyone was finally relieved. “Do you like Xiao Shuang as a man or as a woman?”

Everyone on the table choked. Father Ye, who had been composing himself, and Little Brother Ye, who was pretending, aside, even Ye Shuang could not help but spit her food out. “Mom!”

Mother Ye looked awkward and concerned. “It’s not that I’m prying here. It’s just that…”

Just that what?

It was just that Brother Ye looked handsome and gentle while Han Chu sitting next to him was quiet and composed. They did not look like a couple no matter what. They looked more like good gay friends.

Moreover, Ye Shuang’s charisma was definitely… It was truly a sad story.

Han Chu felt gravely fortunate that there was no food in his mouth at the moment. He composed himself forcefully and put down the bowl and chopsticks. “Xiao Shuang is a girl, isn’t she? Although something happened to her, she will recover sooner or later.”

What he said was just purely on the surface. In reality, Han Chu had no solution for stabilizing her gender. He felt helpless that the Ye family knew about Ye Shuang’s gender switch. Not only that, they thought that Han Chu would definitely know the further details since he knew about Ye Shuang’s gender switching.

Mother Ye had a complicated feeling at the moment. At the same time of relief, she was troubled. “So, are you guys planning to… solve Ye Shuang’s problem soon?”

“Hmm?” Han Chu, who had no idea about the situation, composed himself. “Hmm, yes. We’re planning to solve it as soon as possible.”

Why was he being so confident despite the fact that he had no idea of the situation?

After the rather odd meal, the Ye family had finally approved of Han Chu as the future son-in-law.

Han Chu was satisfied after the conversation that came out of courtesy to make the parents happy and got the guarantee that Ye Shuang would still work under him.

Ye Shuang was watching the TV quietly throughout the whole thing, pretending that she was furniture. She did not want to participate in that strange conversation… mainly because people felt strange by just looking at her. Although they were testing the son-in-law for their daughter, Ye Shuang held the identity of Brother Shuang at the moment. Her ridiculously handsome, manly face had made the whole thing weird.

As long as nobody was looking at her face, they could still hypnotize themselves with Sister Shuang’s face in their minds.

Great, they could continue the conversation by imagining that.

Naturally, the Ye family allowed Ye Shuang out of the house willingly since the family meal had ended, and they had gotten the promise from Han Chu, who only knew half the story. Since there was nothing to hide from their future son-in-law, it would be perfect for their daughter to spend more time with him. Perhaps her gender would be stabilized when it was dark and the atmosphere was right.

“I think there’s something off with what your parents brought up.”

After they had gotten into the car, Han Chu sorted out what he had heard earlier and felt that something was off. “It sounds like you guys know the solution to your gender issue, but you need me to do it.”

Moreover, after getting his promise rather unwillingly, the Ye family seemed to be relieved and anticipating, but at the same time, they seemed unwilling. Han Chu thought hard about it while frowning. What exactly was the solution that put the family in such a pickle?

Ye Shuang knew that Han Chu was intelligent. It was only a matter of time for him to figure it out, so she changed the subject as soon as she thought of one. “Let’s not talk about that. How are things with your mom?”