Chapter 143 - All Your Fault

Chapter 143: All Your Fault

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An Zining indeed could not drink alcohol considering her belly was already showing. The slightly protruding stomach exposed her as a pregnant woman. During this period, she would not have gone to places that were crowded, much less a bar. Her high heels were swapped out for flats just in case people knocked into her.

In that case, why would An Zining appear there? The answer was simple. It was because her little brother, An Zixuan, was drinking himself numb there. Other than that, there were two male hosts accompanying him; the three of them were seriously drunk. If this was seen by An Zining’s parents, An Zixuan would have no chance of making a comeback. They might even break his two legs or even the third one. After all, he was not going to use it for what they wanted.

An Zining was powerless before her little brother. She came personally, hoping that An Zixuan was not too far gone. She hoped that he would be clear-minded enough to follow her home. Alas, when An Zining tried to make him leave the place, she realized this hope was not meant to be.

An Zixuan and two flower-like men were seated in the corner of the booth. Flower-like not because they were handsome but because they were feminine and were wearing make-up. The table was filled with a mess of alcohol bottles. At least half of them were empty. Considering that An Zixuan was collapsed on the table, mumbling drunkenly, and compared to the slightly sober gaze of the other two, it was obvious that An Zixuan drank the most out of them.

An Zining stood before the trio with an ugly expression. An Zixuan tried his best to see who it was. When he got a clear enough look, he scoffed and reached out to hug the man next to him with one hand and used his other to grab another bottle off the table to take a large swig. He burped and slurred, “Don’t be such a fake, who are… you doing this for?”

Even in his state, the hatred on An Zixuan’s face was obvious. It was as if the person standing before him was not his biological sister but an enemy. “You’re here… to mock me, right‽”

An Zining glanced at the two men, and they were looking at An Zining with interest. Obviously, they were straight. They were doing this because of the needs of their client. In comparison, their interest in An Zining seemed to be bigger.

The two shared a look, and with a smile, they tried to pull An Zining over to sit with them. They probably wanted to see if they could gain another client in An Zining. However, before they could do anything, An Zining calmly retrieved a stack of money out from her purse and slammed it at them. “Leave! And keep that mouth shut. If I hear any unsavory rumors… I don’t think you want to know what the consequences will be like.”

The smiles on their faces froze. In their business, they knew how to read the situation. An Zining was wearing expensive clothes and carrying a branded purse. Combined with the ease with which she took out that stack of cash… After gauging the situation, the two quickly took the money and left in a hurry. This was not something they could get involved in.

After chasing the unnecessary people away, An Zining turned to her own brother with a sigh. An Zixuan, though, was exceptionally angry and jumped up from his seat. His body swayed unstably, and with the alcohol giving him courage, he pushed An Zining. “Who gave you the right to intrude into my life‽”

An Zining wanted to lecture her brother before she dragged him away, but she did not expect the alcohol to ruin his rationality. Everyone in the family knew she was pregnant, but the man dared to physically assault her‽

An Zining’s eyes widened with disbelief, and she was unable to stop the force of a fully grown man. On top of that, An Zixuan did not know how to control his power since he was drunk. An Zining staggered back from being pushed. Her feet failed to find purchase. An Zining’s heart dropped, and her hands subconsciously went to her stomach as her body leaned backwards.

This also gave An Zixuan quite a fright; it half-woke him up instantly. He wanted to reach out to help his sister, but he hesitated… It was already too late. Even though she was not a heavy woman, the danger of such a fall could not be underestimated. Furthermore, An Zixuan had problems standing on his own. If he went out to grab An Zining, they might end up both rolling on the floor.

When Ye Shuang arrived, she had the scare of her life. She immediately rushed forward to grab An Zining by the back of her waist and slowly steadied here. Then she wiped her cold sweat away. This was his biological sibling! If Ye Feng dared to do something like this, she would personally have chopped him up into pieces.

An Zining was also coming down from the fright. She thought that was definitely it for her this time. At this kind of place, it was hard to say if anyone would even pay her any attention, much less reach out to help her. If she really fell, the consequences would have been dire.

Just at the brink of despair, a hand appeared from behind her to help her stabilize her body. When An Zining came to, she was already standing stably on the ground.

“Ye Shuang‽” An Zining was shocked. She nodded and said her thanks after she calmed down. “Thank you. You manage to arrive whenever I am in danger.”

“I hope Sister An won’t make that a habit.” Ye Shuang did not know to laugh or cry.

Seeing An Zining escape from the danger, An Zixuan immediately swapped out his worried expression for a condescending smirk. “Brought a helper with you? No wonder a pregnant woman such as yourself dared to come to a place like this.”

Now he felt like he had been tricked. Initially, when he saw his sister come to find him alone and he almost caused her child harm, he was feeling guilty. But now, he saw it differently. Since the enemies outnumbered him, he felt uncertainty and anger. He now thought he was being lied to by An Zining. She had obviously come with a sinister purpose, so it was dumb of him to have been worried about her.

An Zining looked at An Zixuan for half a minute before making a request.

“Can you help us find a quieter place?”

Of course, Ye Shuang did not have that power, but she was asking Yao Zhixing the favor. Everyone in San Lin City knew he had connections. An Zining might have helped someone get a VIP card at shops and malls, but she would not know anyone at places like this. Normally, if she wanted to unwind, she would patronize somewhere quieter like a lounge.

Yao Zhixing nodded as he grabbed one of the waiters. The waiter went to find his leader, and several minutes later, someone appeared to lead them to the second floor. It was not that An Zixuan did not want to go, but he could not allow himself to be carried away just like that. However, with Yao Zhixing and Ye Shuang there, he could not resist even if he wanted to.

Yao Zhixing knew that they needed a place to speak, so he did not ask for a private room. They were brought to the breakroom for the staff. The people in there were chased out, and after locking the door, it was a suitable space. Ye Shuang dropped An Zixuan on the sofa as the door closed. The man was still running his mouth with curses. Ye Shuang looked at An Zining and asked seriously, “Do you want me to teach him a lesson?”

An Zining shook her head and walked forward. Yao Zhixing tutted as he walked to stand beside Ye Shuang. An Zining spoke calmly with An Zixuan. “When we were young, Mom and Dad were busy with work, so it was me who looked after you. At the time, you were so obedient and so cute; what happened to you?”

An Zixuan paused and was silent for several seconds before his face twisted. “You don’t know how I became like this‽ I trusted you so much, but you were the one who exposed my first boyfriend to Mother and Father. Then Father suddenly came up with a claim, saying his Father was taking bribes at work. This caused their family to fall. My boyfriend had to move back to the countryside with his family. When I went to find him, he was already like a country child. He drew the line away from me, telling me not to go find him anymore…

“You are the reason why I’m this! What’s wrong with me loving someone‽ Even if you’re not satisfied with him, you shouldn’t have used such underhanded tactics to ruin his future!”

An Zixuan seemed to have been holding this in for a long time. He was reminded of that at the lowest point of his life, and thus, he exploded like a volcano. “He was the chairperson for the student committee and won the scholarship everywhere. He was planning to further his studies overseas, but because of you, his future was ruined!”

“You’re talking about the boy from several years ago‽” An Zining was stunned before she explained with a chilling voice, “Yes, Mother and Father didn’t want you two to be together, and father had the plan to move the boy’s father overseas to spilt you two up, but the bribery wasn’t a lie.”

“You’re lying!” An Zixuan jumped up from the sofa, his emotions running high.

“I’m not lying.” An Zining sighed. “Whether the boy was really talented aside, you should be familiar with today’s education system. You know that he had plenty of hobbies and interests—if his father did not accept bribery, how do you think your boyfriend could be raised like a young master? Even sent him to a private school‽ The chairperson for the student committee did not only depend on good grades—if he didn’t have the right connections, who was going to support him‽”

It was not uncommon for people to take a little something due to the position of their work. If it was within an acceptable range, people would just pretend not to notice. However due to An Zixuan, his parents did a deeper investigation and realized their son’s ‘father-in-law’ was involved in more underground dealings than they expected. For the sake of their company, they had to fire him.

Since they didn’t tell An Zixuan about this, the boy naturally misunderstood it, thinking it was his family’s evil intention that caused the downfall of his boyfriend’s family. He thought they were doing this on purpose.