Chapter 171 - Little Brother Emo

Chapter 171: Little Brother Emo

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“There’s nothing surprising about this. I have a very good eye,” Director Zhou gloated. “This was released in December, so I can register it for Oscar and make use of the fame to make it even brighter.”

“It might be popular, but it won’t help with winning the prize.” Luo Mingxin chuckled with a sigh. “Recent Oscar winners have mostly been biopics; there is not much room for commercial films. Even with the added soul, it’s still steps away from others. I’ve seen this year’s competition; have you seen the foreign movies released in November and December? Everyone is trying to release their movies by the end of the year.”

Even though it was a commercial film, a creation of Director Zhou’s would not be fully based in love and thriller. Other than the soul of the big brother, the focus was also on the business tactics that the big brother tried to teach his little brother. Manipulation of the economy, crossing swords with commercial spies, the undercurrent of dangers in the shadows… The interconnected plot, the continuous battles, even though there were no swords and guns, it was still quite gripping. These were all elements that made the movie a good one.

However, no matter how good the script was, it could not change the fact that the movie itself was a business type thriller. Brother Shuang had added a new layer to the story, but it would not change the fact that it had multiple layers that could make the audience reflect on certain topics in society. Combined with the natural disadvantage of a national film…

Director Zhou sighed. He thought there was hope that it might get a few awards at the Oscars, but who knew the big bosses at Hollywood would release their new films around the end of the year‽

Probably they saw the lack of competition in the early part of the year and purposely came to fight for the crown. Luo Mingxin listened to Director Zhou’s grumbling on the phone as he flipped through the script that he had just received. He was silent for a while before saying, “Director Zhou, you also know the favored theme for Chinese films are historical films. If you start preparing for this Oligarchy of Nobility that I’m currently reading, you should have a fine chance at next year’s Oscars…”

“You really plan to continue your contract with Tian Mo Media?” Director Zhou was stunned.

“…There is no certainty in the entertainment business. Since Boss Mo is willing to take a step back and there’s a good script available, why wouldn’t I continue the contract?” Luo Mingxin was also feeling helpless. He might have said a lot of pretty words, but if he was given a second choice, of course he would not choose a company that he was one step away from abandoning.

Ye Shuang had told him she was going to find Xiao Zhu Hou to talk about the contract of scriptwriter, and several days later, Tian Mo Media offered him a script adapted from Xiao Zhu Hou’s novel. Even a blind person could see the connection between the two.

Luo Mingxin did make a call to confirm, and the other party admitted it rather easily. As she did, she pointed something important to him.

On one hand, he had Miao Yi, who had recently signed quite a number of big stars, and on the other, there was Tian Mo, who had to rely on him for star power. Which company would be more willing to spend their resources on him‽

Tian Mo’s boss was straightforward in his tactics. Even though creating rumors to destroy one’s career was not a good thing, Boss Mo was open with his dissatisfaction and would let him know how he was feeling. Miao Yi’s boss hid his real intention behind a smile.

While he offered something to lead one into his grasp, he cut off one’s ability to run away. He acted innocent like he had not done anything, but he had taken all the advantages. Which person would make one feel safer in a cooperation‽

Luo Mingxin was not a dumb person, and he knew that he was being manipulated. However, rationality won over sentiments, so naturally, he selected the company that he would have a greater future in. Now that Tian Mo had regained their footing and procured a new source of scripts, after comparing the contracts, resources offered by both companies, and their bosses’ personality… Luo Mingxin realized that staying at Tian Mo might give him a better future.

“Hmm, Miao Yi is also not bad, but it has risen too fast,” Director Zhou said. “A few of my old friends could produce one or two films before this, but after joining Miao Yi for half a year, they’ve not even touched a camera.

“A while ago, some of them called me to ask if I was looking for assistant director. They said if they do not touch the camera soon, they might forget how to operate it.

“Miao Yi was fast and quick in digging up the talent, but they do not have enough resources to start the movies. Other than that, they have to consider the assignment of screening dates and cinemas. They cannot have their own movies fight among themselves, right?”

Luo Mingxin laughed. “Then you’re lucky. I remember Director Zhou’s friends are all quite famous, right? But I need to consider the casting list for this Oligarchy of Nobility further. There aren’t that many main characters, but every single one of them is quite important.”

“I haven’t even said I’m willing to take on this movie… Wait a minute, even if I do plan to shoot it, it’s me who deals with the casting, so why are you considering the list‽” Director Zhou was frustrated. In this world, who had heard it was the main actor who cast the other actors‽ It was either the director or the producer.

The topic soon changed from the new movie’s potential, to Luo Mingxin’s contract, to the movie’s casting. “Sigh, if only Ye Shuang was willing to go into the entertainment business…”

Ye Shuang did not know about the two men who had lost their sleep talking about her. She was too busy following up on Anthony’s business. When she turned back to her male form, she hid herself at her home.

The day after Anthony came to the Ye family for the dinner, Ye Shuang realized that Brother Shuang had gone viral on the internet. The people were dissatisfied that Brother Shuang was not willing to show himself for an interview. He rejected all the offers to appear on television shows and internet programs. Until now, he had only shown himself twice, once was as a side character for the movie and also as a main character for a local real estate commercial.

He was so difficult to keep track of, and that only added to his mystery.

With the fans pushing his popularity to the top, not only was Director Zhou harassed, even the customer service at Noah Real Estate had started to get busy again.

When Fang Mo received the report from his people, he was stunned. It had been quite some time since his previous date with his buddy. He thought that his friend had gone silent, but when he was not paying attention, he had created more chaos around the nation again‽

It was a coincidence that this year’s Lunar New Year, Fang Mo had to stay in San Lin City to manage the local company. Since he had no family to gather with, he sent Brother Shuang an invitation to attend a party that he was going to throw. The party could be considered an end-of-year party for Noah Real Estate. Other than his workers, Fang Mo also invited a few of his friends. Brother Shuang did not come from a famous family, but he himself was famous enough, so it was fair for him to receive an invitation.

Ye Shuang thought about it after she received the invitation. She was particularly friendly with the family on the first floor over the following two days. She had helped the granny on the first floor babysit her grandkid. She played with the two-year-old granddaughter for two days and finally captured the heart of another child. With the girl’s help, she managed to maintain her male form until the day of the party. She left home at 4 pm and drove to the party venue.

“Mr. Ye‽” When Ye Shuang’s car arrived at the parking lot, there were already people waiting for her. When they saw the license plates that their boss had specially mentioned, they quickly rushed over to hand her a card. “Boss told us to refer you to his private underground parking spot. There’s a special elevator, and the adjacent parking spots are reserved for managers, so you don’t need to worry about interruption.”

“Thank you.”

Ye Shuang nodded politely and was once again impressed by Fang Mo’s forethought. After accepting the card, she followed the direction given by the man and soon found the parking spot. Ye Shuang parked the car and walked to use the elevator.

The elevator door just opened, and Ye Shuang had not even gotten the chance to get in when another car arrived. There seemed to be a driver because before the car was even parked, the person in the passenger seat got out, and the driver moved to park the car while the man walked to the elevator.

Only those in business or upper society would park here. Ye Shuang held the elevator door open out of courtesy. After the man got in and removed his sunglasses, both of them were surprised. This was someone she knew. It was An Zixuan, who had been chased overseas by Sister Shuang.

At the time, to lure Xu Jian to take the bait, they had to deal with the uncertainty of An Zixuan. Now that the dust had settled at An Empire and Anthony had tied up all the loose ends, no one would mind if Anthony returned to the company.

The first time Ye Shuang saw An Zixuan, it was at An Zining’s place. He was both successful in terms of business and love at the time, so he looked happy and calm. When she saw him again at the bar, An Zixuan had finally seen through the mask of his so-called lover. He was down in the dumps. And now… if not for the similarity in the facial features, Ye Shuang would not have thought that she was looking at the same person.

The current An Zixuan had resentment and hatred in his eyes. It was unclear whether he had been dumped again when he was overseas or there was no one to help him walk out of the trauma, but he looked just like those annoying teens who hated everyone and everything.

“Hello, are you going to Noah Real Estate’s party as well?”

Brother Shuang was now a public figure, so he easily ignored the resentment in An Zixuan’s eyes. She recovered quickly from her initial shock and flashed a smile that lit up her handsome face.

“Oh, yes.” An Zixuan was still stunned. As he answered, his expression shifted, and he staggered involuntarily back.

After the man answered, Ye Shuang pressed the button for the top floor. The elevator door was closed, and An Zixuan was standing in the way. Before the man got injured, Ye Shuang quickly reached out to grab him and pull him in with as light of a touch as possible. Because she was careful not to injure the man, her movement and expression were gentle and careful.

This surprised An Zixuan again. His eyes softened quite a bit. When he heard the elevator door closed behind him, he slowly understood why the man suddenly reached out to grab him.

The elevator started to move upward. Ye Shuang smiled politely and nudged back slightly to maintain his polite façade. Then she turned her attention to the number above the door. After three seconds of silence, An Zixuan suddenly spoke. “Don’t you know me‽”

He really did not believe that people in San Lin City would not know about the big joke called the An family’s young master. They kept whispering horrible things behind his back… but An Zixuan did not expect that he would be the recipient of such peaceful gaze.

“Hmm?” Ye Shuang turned to look at the man with a surprised gaze. She used one second to comb through her memory and confirmed that An Zixuan had only met her female form, so she used her brilliant acting to shake her head with sincerity. “I’m sorry, I’ve been spending my time in Jing Hu City and Shanghai on business, so I’m not familiar with people from San Lin City.”

When An Zixuan heard this answer, he sighed silently in relief, and the expression on his face became more natural. The light in the elevator was very bright. Ye Shuang’s skin was unblemished, and it was practically glowing in the light. Combined with his handsome features and buff body, looking at him gave the impression that one was looking at a Greek sculpture.

It was not that An Zixuan did not follow the news, but his original focus had been surrounding Xu Jian and the An family’s business, so as famous as Brother Shuang was, for An Zixuan, who did not read the entertainment news, Ye Shuang’s face was one of those handsome faces that he saw on television and on the street. However, when he saw the man in person, An Zixuan realized that this man’s handsomeness was far greater than he anticipated.

Ye Shuang was already used to the popularity her male form enjoyed. It was still acceptable when she was in her female form. There were compliments, but people would not stare at her until they lost focus. Even before she became a star, there were people on the street walking into poles because they were too busy staring at here… including both males and females.

Because of that, Ye Shuang did not think much of the gaze that An Zixuan kept tossing her way. She kept her expression neutral like she did not notice anything. Her expression did not even twitch until the door opened.

Of course, her attitude confirmed the answer that she had given An Zixuan earlier. If they had heard about An Zixuan before, they would not have been able to face him so calmly!

Especially the males!

She nodded politely at An Zixuan as she stepped out of the elevator. She scanned the party and soon found her target. The employees who attended the party were surprised. They knew that their boss would invite several guests for the annual party, but no one expected this year’s guest would be so surprising and good on the eyes.

Fang Mo noticed the sudden silence at the party. He turned around, and as he expected, he saw Ye Shuang standing at the elevator looking at him with a half-smile.

“You’re here!” Fang Mo smiled brightly and was about to walk forward when he halted. An Zixuan‽ Who invited him?