Chapter 420 - Show-off

Chapter 420: Show-off

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Those who had the same misfortune would sympathize with each other. They understood each other on many levels.

Since they were talking about Mother Han, Han Chu was in no place to be comforting Ye Shuang. His porridge was still hot, so why would he be concerned whether another’s porridge was piping hot or not?

To prevent trouble in the future, both naughty kids decided to come up with a long-term collaboration to deceive their parents. Naturally, Han Chu would be there when Ye Shuang needed help. It would be convenient, and they would not have to compromise on their job.

Meanwhile, the trouble at Han Chu’s home was that his mother wanted to have fun when she was bored. Ye Shuang would not have to do much. She would only have to spend some time with Mother Han when she was in San Lin City. It was basically nothing different from spending time with a relative.

After discussing the collaboration, the both of them wasted no time and discussed what to do next. Naturally, there was actually nothing urgent for them to handle at the moment. All they needed to follow up on was the money laundering organization. However, they had to wait for Albert to finish the arrangements on his side. Both of them were just assisting him.

“Hahaha, I got it!” Cedrick said enthusiastically when Ye Shuang was grocery shopping.

“What did you get?” Ye Shuang held her phone while pushing the cart in the supermarket. She smiled, attracting a lot of attention along the way.

“…” A commotion took place on Cedrick’s side. He only put his phone back to his ear and spoke after making sure that he had dialed the right number. He asked doubtfully, “Why did you pick up the phone?”

“Why do you care who picks up the phone since Xiao Shuang and I have the same job?” Brother Shuang placed a cauliflower into the cart and asked, “She’ll be back in a few days. You can speak to me if there’s anything related to the job. You’ll have to wait if it’s something personal. I don’t handle her personal stuff.”

He could not change his voice mainly because he was in the supermarket. There were so many people looking at him passionately; nobody knew what kind of ridiculous stories the people would come up with if there was a female voice coming out of a handsome man’s mouth.

Nowadays, the way people thought was so much crazier compared to the past. All of them were curious, and they had ridiculous imaginations.

Initially, Cedrick was going to boast to Sister Shuang about what he had done. Never had he thought that Miss Ye Shuang would not be picking up the phone. However, it would be great for him to boast to a man too. Although Cedrick was less enthusiastic as he could not boast to a babe, at least he could prove his ability to someone else.

However, Cedrick spoke after being annoyed for a moment. “I’ve gotten Jennifer’s chip. Do you know how hard it was to steal that chip?”

Naturally, Brother Shuang knew that.

“Is it the pendant on Jennifer’s neck? I’ve heard about it, but I forgot,” he exclaimed giving Cedrick face. “You really stole it? Isn’t Jennifer mad?”

It would not have mattered if Cedrick was still a free thief. However, he had just reunited with his biological mother. Meanwhile, his mother was against Jennifer. Since that was the case, people would easily assume that Cedrick was taking sides by doing this.

That was what Ye Shuang was curious about. Did Madam Grace not stop Cedrick from doing that? Did she give him the freedom of doing anything he wanted since he felt guilty to her son? Was she happy that Cedrick was doing that and even helped him with it?

The two pretentious heroines who pretended to be at peace with each other for years fought just because of a chip that nobody knew the value of. That would be such an interesting thing to watch.

Cedrick was happy that Brother Shuang gave him face. “So what if Jennifer is mad? Firstly, she was the one who locked me up. That’s how I got the opportunity to get that chip. Secondly, a thief like me managed to steal that despite her having so many bodyguards. She’s just too weak… Instead of getting mad, she should reflect on herself.”

This guy was full of himself. Ye Shuang was not in the mood to be given a lesson at the moment so she attempted to skip the subject directly. “Alright then. Now that you’ve gotten the chip, what are you planning to do?”

“I was just telling you that,” Cedrick answered naturally as if he had come prepared. “I don’t plan to get you to do anything nor do anything to you.”

So, it was purely to show off. His life must be pretty empty.

Cedrick really had nothing else to say. He hung up the call directly.

Naturally, Ye Shuang only found out that it was not the end of Cedrick’s story while she waited for the two cheapskates, Han Chu and Anthony, after she cooked a table full of dishes at her apartment. Cedrick looked down on Brother Shuang’s ability, so he did not bother to talk more to him.

What ability? Naturally, it was his ability to fight Anthony.

Anthony had tomato sauce all over the corner of his lips as he ate his spaghetti. He talked about an interesting job that he had just accepted. “The thing that thief stole is pretty interesting. Decoding the password is already complicated itself, and it doesn’t seem like that’s the only issue.”

Anthony batted his big, sky-blue eyes after shoving a mushroom into his mouth. He said to Han Chu with pure excitement and anticipation, “Can I take a few days off? Since Xiao Shuang isn’t here anyway, I can take a look at the hardware’s structure of the data storage. It should be interesting.”

Han Chu peeped at Ye Shuang in doubt.

Brother Shuang sighed helplessly and explained, “Remember the chip that Cedrick said he wanted to steal? He got it. He was going to call Sister Shuang today, but I picked up the call…”

Han Chu understood what she meant and denied Anthony’s request mercilessly. “You can’t go…

“Unless Cedrick is willing to share the data on the chip.”

“If he’s unwilling, I can get a copy secretly.” Anthony blinked innocently. “Nobody will find out about it anyway.”

“You wish,” Han Chu scoffed. “You can’t just break the code from the program; you’ll need to study the chip’s hardware structure. If you’re doing such analysis, theoretically, you should get the chip here. After all, you’re most familiar with your own tools. But if you’re going over there, they must be wanting you to abandon your tools. Not only will you be watched, your tools and computer will be bugged. It’s impossible that they will give you any opportunities to sneak out the data.”

Anthony thought about it and felt upset. “That seems like the case. They’re so mean… but I’ve agreed to do it. What should I do now?”

“Maybe I’ll go with you,” Brother Shuang suggested after giving it some thought.