Chapter 370 - Beef and Mushroom

Chapter 370: Beef and Mushroom

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After Han Chu got the price that he wanted, they promised to hand over the product the next day when they should have completed the decryption. Ye Shuang finally had time to check her conscience and dealt with her little regret. “It feels kinda wrong cheating the agents of justice like that.”

“The operative word is feels.” Han Chu first looked down on the unneeded self-righteousness. Then, after a pause, his lips curled into an interested angle, and he added, “Would you prefer I keep all the money for myself so that you can feel better?”

“But now that I think about it, such are the rules of commerce,” Ye Shuang quickly added. “After all, we’ve done a lot to acquire the product, and that is not counting the risk that we took…”

“Huh….” Han Chu glanced at Ye Shuang and then turned to look at Anthony, who was about to escape with his backpack. “Where are you going? We’re handing them the product tomorrow, so I do not want to hear any problems like there’s an issue with the decryption or someone has decided to come steal the chip at the last minute.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Anthony puffed his cheeks up in anger. “I’ve been stuck at home for days already. The decryption is the boy’s work, and I can’t stop others if they want to come and steal the chip.”

Han Chu ignored the complaint. “In any case, since this is the last day, you are to stay at home to watch over Ol’ K and help him finish the last portion of the decryption!”

As the brainless fan of Anthony, Ol’ K could not bear to see his idol so disappointed, so he added, “Brother Han, it’s fine. I can handle this alone.”

“Are you going to pay me 4,000,000 if there’s a problem?” Han Chu replied lightly

It was not that they did not want to trust him, but did he dare to be trusted by others or not?

If you are willing to take the responsibility, then fine, but if you don’t even have 4,000,000, then shut up.

Ol’ K thought about the money in his account and could only turn away from the anticipation in his idol’s big blue eyes. “I have work to do.”

Ye Shuang tried to mediate. “Tony, you should stay with us. I’m making dumplings for lunch.”

Even if you make the best food in the world, it is not going to fill the void in my lonely heart… Anthony pouted as he looked at Han Chu, who obviously was not going to change his mind. Finally, he hung his head in defeat and collapsed onto Ye Shuang like an oversized dog. His golden hair brushed against Ye Shuang weakly. “I want beef as the filling.”

“No, we’ll have mushroom dumplings,” Han Chu said with a change to his tone.

“…” Anthony.

Ye Shuang sighed before taking up the role of the mediator again. “How about beef and mushroom filling?”

Finally, there was no objection.

The chip decryption continued until midnight. After a brief rest, the next day, they only needed to wait for a call from Ray to finish the transaction. Technically speaking, since everything was done, they only needed to wait for a call, but once things had slowed down, the atmosphere in the room became curiously tense. There was just one last step to the plan—there would not be a sudden problem to screw everything up, right?

Without any other missions to distract them, the few who could only sit around the apartment were in a bit of a mood. They had considered various contingencies in their mind. With the pressure from Ye Shuang, Anthony was forced to expand the surveillance around their apartment another fifty meters, all to ensure that nothing happened before they handed the chip over.

After all, it was a chip worth 4,000,000!

Just as Ye Shuang was feeling a bit light-headed from all the worrying, Edward called to brush up on his presence… or just to ruffle feathers.

“Hello!” The fatty’s voice was as annoying as before. As lazy as he sounded, one could hear that the man was plotting something. “Have you found the chip’s buyer? Then, congratulations are in order. With Anthony and Madam’s special focus on you, although certain people will not do anything to you, have you not considered them targeting your buyer?”

After all, for a transaction to pull through, both buyers and sellers had to be alive.

Hearing that, Ye Shuang’s heart fell, and she could not help cursing under her breath. Whenever Edward called, it was like bad luck calling!

Taking a deep breath, Ye Shuang asked through gritted teeth, “So, are you saying that someone has touched our buyer?”

“Who knows?” Edward gave no more than that. “I’m just rambling. Perhaps everything that I’ve said is for naught.”

Then, Ye Shuang did not need to press for more details because Han Chu’s phone rang. After he answered it, he nodded and then put the phone down. “Mr. Ray has broken his leg. He’s at the hospital now. He wishes for us to take the chip to him there.”

Considering the technical and combat ability, the troupe that went to the hospital included Anthony, Han Chu, and Ye Shuang. That way, they only needed one car, and that was a good thing because splitting up meant more openings for the enemy to take advantage of.

The journey to the hospital was smooth, probably because it was too hard to do anything in broad daylight. After entering the hospital, Han Chu made another call to confirm Ray’s room number and condition. Then, they took the elevator to head to the VIP floor.

Ye Shuang kept herself busy. Even though Han Chu did not give her an explicit order, out of habit, she studied the doctors and nurses that passed them along the way, mainly to see if any of them were acting strangely. To her relief, at least on the surface, there was nothing too suspicious about the hospital.

“This place is not suitable for an ambush.” Han Chu noticed Ye Shuang’s actions, and inside the elevator, he explained, switching between regional Chinese and English, “A hospital is too public a place to do anything. They are financial criminals, not terrorists; they’re not going to cross that line.”

This way of communication was too complicated. Other than Ye Shuang, who had a fast reaction speed and a great understanding of foreign languages and local dialects, no one else understood what he said.

“I merely suspect that the ultimate goal is not to break Mr. Ray’s leg,” Ye Shuang replied in the same mixture of dialects and languages. “I don’t think Mr. Ray’s enemy would do something like this, and I fear that the real purpose is to lure us out.”

“Mr. Ray has hired a security company to protect himself, and our goal is to complete this transaction.” Han Chu smiled. “Plus, it’s fine even if someone steals the information from Mr. Ray. Do you really think I wouldn’t keep any extra copies?”

Selling the information but keeping a copy? This man is… too clever!

Naturally, Ye Shuang kept her thoughts to herself.

Soon, they reached the VIP room. There were no random people on this floor. Even the nurses that made the rounds had to wear name tags and show their faces.

Outside Ray’s room, there were two security guards armed with electric batons posted at the door.