Chapter 144 - You Know This Guy?

Chapter 144: You Know This Guy?

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“Indeed, everyday expenses are hard to calculate. Let’s give him benefit of a doubt, saying he does have the talent to be sent overseas, but how do you explain the fees of sending him overseas?”

An Zining did not know that her brother harbored such a deep misunderstanding, but since he had already brought it up, then she was going to lay everything in the open.

“The university was only giving him the recommendation to go overseas, not sponsoring him. Fine, let’s say the university was sponsoring his school fees, have you considered the expenses that it might involve when he’s overseas‽ With his father’s salary, if he’s not taking bribes, how do you think he sent his son overseas‽”

An Zixuan was stunned by the string of evidence An Zining laid before him, and his expression was blank for several seconds.

Ye Shuang could not help poking Yao Zhixing to whisper, “Is this An Zixuan blind‽ Or is this his special kink… he likes those who want to undermine his own family business?”

After he recovered, An Zixuan’s eyes darted away, and he gritted his teeth. “After all, his future is ruined now—you can say anything you want.”

“Feel free to investigate it yourself.” An Zining’s expression calmed down. She seemed to be disappointed in her brother, who did not know the word regret. Actually, the disappointment came when An Zixuan pushed her earlier. The things that An Zixuan did before to sabotage her were not that clever, things like telling her about Chen He’s mistress, helping her to escape out of the country. An Zining did know his intention, but she was not one to think bad about her family. Furthermore, the image of the cute and obedient An Zixuan when he was young was still stuck in her mind.

Even the last falling out An Zixuan had with his family was about his first boyfriend, and there was no obvious altercation following that. An Zining had thought that this meant that her little brother had seen the error of his ways, but now there was an expose of his new boyfriend, and she realized that An Zixuan had only slipped deeper into the darkness.

Helping his lover undermine his own family to escape from the An family, trying to make her lose her baby… Just how malicious were the thoughts that he had been harboring‽ Why did this An Zixuan view his lovers as more important than his family‽

An Zixuan was stung by his sister’s gaze that felt like she was looking at a stranger. His lips fell open like he was about to say something, but he swallowed back his words, not knowing what to say. An Zining had calmed down enough to repeat in an emotionless tone, “If you don’t believe me, go and check for yourself! There are records of the company’s budget. You can see for yourself what your boyfriend’s father did.”

Then, An Zining grabbed her purse and left. When her hands were on the doorknob, she paused. She turned around and added coldly, “It’ll give you the perfect opportunity to see your current boyfriend! Remember, with both of your relationships, the An family has been there to help clean up your mess, so you have no right to blame anything on us.”

An Zining slammed the door shut. Yao Zhixing coughed and took out his phone to call the racers who were closer to the An family to send An Zining home. An Zixuan collapsed into the sofa with a blank expression. He had never really been scolded since he was young. His sister was a temperamental person, but she had always pampered him. His parents spoiled him to a fault, giving him anything that he wanted. Other than his choice of partner, they had never intervened in his life, but now, it was exactly these two relationships that had tripped him.

“Why would it be like this?” An Zixuan’s brain was already half-muddled from the alcohol in him, and the rough expose had only made things worse. He mumbled to himself like he had difficulty accepting the truth. “So, he also lied to me, and Xu Jian also lied to me…”

Ye Shuang put her palm over her lips and turned around to whisper to Yao Zhixing, “Who is this Xu Jian that he’s mentioning?”

“Wait, you don’t know this‽” Yao Zhixing was confused. “He is the elite who supposedly came to help the An family but managed to squeeze into the board of shareholders and embezzle public funds through An Zixuan. Didn’t you ask me to investigate him before‽”

Ye Shuang was shocked beyond belief. “Wait, isn’t his name Alexander‽”

The information pulled up by Anthony did not have the picture, so she only saw a name and a resume.

“Obviously, the English name isn’t his real name; he’s Chinese after all.” Yao Zhixing did not know what to say. “Xu Jian’s name has become quite big recently. Before An Zixuan’s financial problems were exposed, the man joined the company meetings as the CEO of an up and coming company. Many seniors at the company had seen him before and complimented how clever he was. Who knew that was only a front that he put up? Later, they discovered the many things that he had sucked from the company silently… Hmm‽ Looks like you’re very surprised by this?”

Of course I am! I have to! Ye Shuang sighed with some degree of sadness. Then again, when you heard your first love at university suddenly turned into a homosexual, you would be as surprised as she was.

No wait, Xu Jian isn’t a real homosexual. He is a corporate spy sent to trick An Zixuan.

Yao Zhixing looked at the expression on Ye Shuang’s face. Previously, he did not think too much of it, but now he was interested. “Wait, don’t tell me you know this guy…”

Ye Shuang looked at Yao Zhixing with a blanched face. She did not even know how to answer him. “Never mind, you wouldn’t understand. It’s too complicated.”

She thought about it and turned to ask An Zixuan, “How old is that Xu Jian? When is his birthday?”

Since he was a spy, the resume was naturally fake. However, there was no reason to fake one’s birthday. An Zixuan was still trapped in his haze of sadness. When he heard this question, he turned to look at Ye Shuang before giving her a date.

Ye Shuang nodded. The date matched, so she was eight percent certain that it was him.

“Hey, do you have his picture?” To confirm, Ye Shuang poked the man, cruelly rubbing salt in his wound.

“What has it got to do with you‽” An Zixuan finally refused to cooperate and yelled at Ye Shuang.

He did have a picture. It was normal for couples in a relationship to take pictures together. Xu Jian did not like to leave evidence, but due to the insistence from An Zixuan, he did relent occasionally. However, the initial sweetness now became a weapon for others to mock his stupidity. Whenever An Zixuan looked at these pictures, his heart would pain again. However, he did not have the heart to delete them, so he used alcohol to numb the pain.

“From the sound of it, you do have the picture.” Ye Shuang walked forward to detain An Zixuan. She used one harm to apprehend the man and pinned him on the sofa. Then she turned to call Yao Zhixing. “Brother Yao, help me empty his pockets. I don’t think it’s good for a girl to do that.”

Yao Zhixing was speechless. Looking at how An Zixuan was tied up like an upturned tortoise and how the ‘girl’ who did that to him completely unfazed, like the thing she was detaining was not a man but an ant…

“Want me to look for his phone‽” Yao Zhixing sighed as he rolled up his sleeves to help. He pulled out a phone from An Zixuan’s pocket and tossed it to Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang accepted the phone with one hand. Her luck was not bad; the man did not put a lock on his phone. Without even checking the photo album, a familiar face looked back at her from the screen saver.

Several years ago, Xu Jian had looked quite innocent and young, not much different from a normal university student. At most, his results were slightly better than most, but several years later, Xu Jian looked like an elite in the picture. A pair of gold-rimmed glasses sat on his face, his gaze sharp yet stable, just like a mature gentleman.

Can one person change so much in a few years‽ Ye Shuang was confused. The change in her was due to the alien DNA, but what about the man? If her memory served her well, Xu Jian came from a simple family, and his parents were normal office workers. If there was no accident, his life should have followed the trail of graduating, working, and then slowly rising up in the company, eventually finding an equally simple woman to marry and have children with.

But a corporate spy‽ If Ye Shuang had not been through some things herself, this would have made zero sense to her.

She soon recovered from her shock. Ye Shuang had already passed the time where she would be incredibly shocked due to things. After confirming that An Zixuan’s ‘boyfriend’ was indeed the Xu Jian whom she knew, Ye Shuang tossed the phone back to its owner. Then she released the angry An Zixuan and retreated to Yao Zhixing’s side. “Brother Yao, I know this man. His resume given to the An family is fake, and he’s not that capable a man. I believe there’s a different person or an entire team behind him. I think it’s better if you don’t get involved in this pool of muddy waters.”

Even though several years could change someone, it would not be enough to change a normal university student into a talented financial expert.

Ye Shuang could not have been more familiar with Xu Jian. The man had some brilliance but was not really talented in the field of economics. When they were dating, he did not even count the change when buying ice-cream before shoving them into his pocket.

God is in the details.

Even though his action could be construed as a man trying to look generous before his date, this detail did show that Xu Jian did not have that sensitivity toward money.

Yao Zhixing frowned and was about to say something when Ye Shuang stopped him. She left An Zixuan in the room and pulled Yao Zhixing out the door with her. “This Xu Jian is someone I know from university. The resume he gave An family is certainly fake, but to able to make everyone at the company believe that it is real, this means that there is a real expert behind him, helping him. So, those things that I asked before, you can forget about it all because I’m the best candidate if we need someone to get close to him.”