Chapter 371 - Who Will You Choose to Kill?

Chapter 371: Who Will You Choose to Kill?

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There were few hurdles to enter the room, but at the very least, their identification had to be approved. Ye Shuang and Han Chu posed no problem. Once Anthony showed his passport, the security glanced at it more than necessary. Due to the fact that the money-laundering organization was based in his home country, Anthony’s nationality was quite sensitive.

However, the security guards believed that Mr. Ray’s guests would not be criminals, so they only suspected that Anthony was an agent from some special unit.

After entering room, Ray looked like he was recovering nicely. He was watching a show on the laptop placed before him. Other than his leg—which was dangled off the bed and encased in plastic—and the bandage that peeked through his patient’s garb, it looked like the man had only suffered a minor injury. Why only ‘looked like’? Because Ye Shuang did not smell any trace of blood. Either the wounds had recovered at a miraculous speed, or there was no wound to begin with.

After closing the door, Han Chu glanced at Anthony, and the latter walked around the room with his phone and a pout on his face. Then, he found bugs in the fruit basket, television set, and under the bed. Ray was not surprised, and he sighed. “So many of them?”

Han Chu walked over to the bedside and said, “How come you don’t look worried at all?”

The chairs in the room were all small benches. They had no armrest, no back, and most of all, were incredibly rigid. There was a sofa, but it was placed next to the door, so to have an easier conversation with Ray, standing by his bed was the best choice.

Ray smiled. “I’m more curious about when they planted these things here.”

All three bugs were undamaged. In other words, they were still working. The first thing that Han Chu had Anthony do once they entered the room was to search out these things and did not purposely avoid certain objects in their conversation, so he was obviously trying to set a trap. Ray did not appear like he minded being a trap, and he continued Han Chu’s conversation with the same ease. “I was sent here this morning, and while I’m here, only two doctors, a nurse, and a cleaner came. The staff came to check up on my injury, and they wouldn’t have had the time to plant the bug, so I think the suspect is the cleaner. What do you think, Mr. Han?”

Han Chu looked at Ray and then took the three bugs from Anthony. He borrowed the old phone from Ray, and with Ray looking on with confusion, he used the phone to slam against the bugs until they shattered. The bugs were small for their purpose and thus were also fragile.

After he was done, Han Chu wiped the dust away and smiled in satisfaction when he returned the phone. “Nokia phones are as sturdy as they say.”

“…Why couldn’t you use something else instead of my phone‽” Ray asked.

“Long story short. I’ve brought the thing. Shall we continue the transaction?” Han Chu glanced at the bugs; his actions spoke more than his words. Since the bugs were destroyed, naturally, it meant that those people knew that their tricks had been discovered. If the information was as important as Han Chu thought, they would soon follow this up with another course of action.

Ray nodded and sought out the prepared check from underneath his pillow. “Here is the check. You can cash it now.”

Anthony took the check to examine it. He giggled and waved the check. “There’s no problem.”

Since there was no problem, Han Chu naturally handed over the chip. “The content has all been decrypted. The organization’s money trail for the past three years is all in here. If you follow these clues, I believe you’ll come up with plenty of evidence.”

Egmont had the support from more than one hundred countries and their FIUs, Financial Intelligence Units. They were the countries’ financial information units, responsible for analyzing and collecting information and to collect evidence on illegal financial crime before handing them over to the criminal units to bring these criminals to justice.

In a way, they were also a type of justice fighter. Even though there were no gunfights and spy missions, the crossing of data and numbers could be quite interesting to some. This chip contained a large amount of information. If analyzed and handled well, this could lead to a financial earthquake on a global scale. It was also because the organization had been around for so long that Egmont gave a rare compromise and agreed to pay the fee.

With the transaction done, Han Chu saw no reason to stay. He stood up and prepared to leave. “Since this is done, we shall leave.”

Ray was examining the information inside the chip, and he needed to send a quick copy back to the headquarters. He scanned through the numbers that popped up, and when he heard what Han Chu said, he quickly lifted his head. “Wait a minute, this chip…”

Why doesn’t it contain the legendary military arms information?

Before he could finish his question, there was a knock on the door, and the guard outside said, “Mr. Ray, the nurse wishes to change the bandage.”

Ray swallowed the rest of his question and said, “Mr. Han, would you please stay a while longer?”

Then, he turned to the door and yelled, “Come in.”

The door opened to show a nurse who was taking her work ID back from the guards. She reattached the mask to her face before walking in with the trolley. Ye Shuang noticed from first glance that the woman’s facial expression was very natural; she was not in a nervous situation and did not have to worry about her.

The nurse glanced around the room and did not seem to be curious about the overwhelming number of people in the room. She merely asked for Han Chu to step back so that she could get closer to Ray’s bed, attempting to adjust the drip. Ye Shuang’s phone buzzed, and when she clicked and read the message that just came in, she was first stunned before suddenly jumping toward the bed. In the nick of time, she grabbed the nurse’s arm, which was changing direction away from the drip to grab at the laptop Ray was holding.

After the nurse was pushed away, she did not panic. While in midair, she did something rather salacious. She reached into her breast and… pulled out a pistol. “Nobody move!”

With this warning, everyone was stunned into motionlessness. Due to the voice that came from the nurse’s throat, people finally realized that she was actually a he.

“Er…” Ye Shuang glanced at the pistol that the nurse was holding, and she felt defeated. It was another plastic gun—no wonder it had not been detected by the guards earlier.

Everything had happened too quickly, and Han Chu was quick to recover. He frowned as he looked at Ye Shuang. “Silicone mask?”

“Yes, the fatty has betrayed us again.” Ye Shuang sighed, and that explained her reaction when she read the message on her phone. “And that is a plastic gun.”

To be honest, she was impressed by Edward’s ability to show up in the unlikeliest of places. The man seemed to have the ability to enter various individuals’ lives to obtain valuable information at the most crucial moment. Then again, considering how long he had survived in the organization, it was not surprising that he was able to do something like that. After all, his goal was not to fight for power, so naturally, he did not need to place his men in important positions, only in places where he could get close to important people at the necessary moment. It could be the bodyguard or the cleaner.

Han Chu kept his opinion to himself, but he turned to the fake nurse and said, “There’s only one shot in that gun. Who are you going to shoot?”

Hearing the commotion inside, the guards outside had started to ram into the door.

“If any of you dare come in here, I’ll start firing!” the fake nurse warned in a particularly masculine voice.

As expected, the door ramming stopped. Obviously, the people outside did not expect the man to be armed. After a brief discussion, the people outside shouted into the room, “Don’t do anything reckless. What do you want?”

“Get away from the door, and do not let me see signs that there’s an ambush!” The fake nurse gave his demand and then turned to smile coldly at Anthony. “Mr. Anthony, I’ll need to trouble you to help me pull out the videos from the nearby cameras.”

Anthony shrugged and rejected him with a smile. “No!”

The fake nurse did not expect that answer. After a brief startle, he became angered. “Aren’t you afraid of that I’ll fire?”

Anthony blinked and looked around. He nudged to hide behind Han Chu and continued to mock, “After all, you only have one bullet.”

This b*stard!

The fake nurse was stunned. He walked over to Ray and manhandled the man, pointing his gun at Ray’s temple. “With one bullet, I can kill people already.”

“We’ve already gotten the money.” Anthony placed one of his hands on Han Chu’s shoulder and poked his head out with a wicked smile to console Ray. “Don’t worry, we’ll send the chip to another agent from Egmont. Rest in peace, my friend.”

What kind of peace is this?

Ye Shuang sighed. “Stop joking.”

Then she turned to the nurse, “Honestly, threatening him makes no sense to us. We are not familiar with him… Of course, if you don’t demand too much, we might be able to negotiate other terms, like we might let you go just this once.”

Ray sighed sadly. “And I thought we were friends.”

Then, his arm flew out like lightning to grab at the fake nurse’s arm. He twisted the nurse’s wrist, turning the gun to the wall. Then, he whipped his plastered leg around. One crisp sound later, the fake nurse’s scapula broke alongside the plaster.

While other people watched in shock, Ray disarmed the fake nurse. Ignoring the wails of pain from the nurse, he jumped down from the bed and stood on bare feet. With his agility, it did not appear like his leg was injured at all.

“You’ve set a trap?” The fake nurse was breaking out in cold sweat, but his face was healthy and fresh.

Ray smiled lightly. “Of course, at least I have to know what I’m up against right?”

Then, he pulled off the nurse’s face, which was hiding a man. He squatted down to ask, “Would you like us to move to the interrogation room, or shall we finish this here?”