Chapter 95 - The Whitest Lotus

Chapter 95: The Whitest Lotus

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With this accident, Ye Shuang, who planned to leave after helping Little Brother Ye, also stayed. Even though the man seemed harmless enough, what if he decided to call for back-up? Knowing that her little brother could be in danger, Ye Shuang could not just leave like that.

Afraid that returning to the hotel room might cause trauma to the girl, Ye Shuang led the group back down to the first floor’s restaurant. They ordered some food and sat in a corner to talk.

“Thank you.” The girl, Wang San, held a cup of hot tea in her hands. Her tears had already dried, and her emotions had considerably stabilized. With her head lowered, she was silent for quite some time before explaining, “Those two girls… They are from the same agency as my big sister. I know them through my sister. When I realized that we came from the same school, I got close to them, but who would have thought that tonight…”

“Agency?” Ye Shuang turned to look at her brother with confusion.

The group of boys grumbled among themselves before letting Little Brother Ye answer. “We did hear some rumors about the beauty from the next class being a part time model. It is not some famous magazine, but it’s enough to create a following at the school. She even has an online presence via Facebook and Twitter. They use those to release everyday pictures. Big brother, do you want to see them? Let me go online and ask around, someone should know more about it.”

“No thanks.” After the confusion was solved, Ye Shuang moved on. After all, she would find things out faster from asking the girl directly. “Does your sister know about this? Shall we call her to come fetch you?”

What she was most curious about was, since the girl had a big sister in San Lin city, why would she come out so late at night and sleep outside at a hotel with her schoolmates‽

Of course, it could have been the location was convenient for her schooling needs, but there was a possibility of weird men barging into the room. So, no matter how one saw it, sleeping with her sister was safer, could there be a hidden complication?

The girl sniffled and said hesitantly, “Is it wise to disturb big sister’s sleep?”

Ye Shuang was silent. With a few more questions, she realized that the little girl was the shy and weak type of girl. Afraid to speak up, such girls often became a source of inconvenience. Such a girl might have been unwilling to do something, but they would eventually relent due to peer pressure. The accident earlier was the best example. A man was about to barge into her room, but she was still too embarrassed to yell loudly for help. Ye Shuang could never understand why girls acted this way.

They probably hoped things would not be as bad as they assumed, and they chose to compromise for the sake of not inconveniencing or offending others. If they were lucky, there might be a knight in shining armor who was there to save them. Such was the fate of the white lotus. Of course, there were not that many knights in shining armor that strolled the streets freely, so some white lotuses would only suffer the fate of being ravaged.

“…Then you think staying with a group of guys overnight in a hotel is better?” Ye Shuang planted a firm grip on Little Brother Ye’s arm to stop him from talking while she posed the girl this serious question.

The girl’s eyes started to rim with redness again. “I… I don’t know…”

Her eyes blinked innocently at Ye Shuang. Her tall, handsome image, combined with the fact she had just saved her, had implanted a certain degree of trust in the girl toward Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang laughed. “Don’t look at me, I don’t know either! Furthermore, aren’t your two friends also staying under the same roof? Or perhaps the man from earlier might call for reinforcements. If you think none of that matters enough for you to call your sister, then so be it.”

The little girl was thus scared. Unconsciously, she kept focusing on the best possible scenario, but Ye Shuang purposely reminded her of the worst possible scenario. The chance of the man calling others to block the girl was low, but the two ‘best friends’ coming over in the morning and pretending that nothing had happened was highly probable. In any case, Ye Shuang did not want to get herself involved anymore. She had done everything she could after saving the girl, and she was not going to get concerned about the girl’s life. You have no idea what to do? Good, me neither, then so be it.

Little Brother Ye’s group was schoolmates with the girl and probably knew about each other’s personality from school. Seeing as they might get into trouble from this, the boys started to persuade her.

“What are you acting so shy for? Quick, call your sister!”

“That’s right, you might be saved this time, but what about next time? Brother Ye won’t come to save you every time.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure your sister will understand…”

The boys talked over each other, but in the end, it was Little Brother Ye who slammed on the table impatiently and concluded, “Either you call your sister, or you go back to your friends! We are not going to be responsible should anything happen to you. Or do you think we should be following you around twenty-four hours a day to protect you?”

The group of guys looked at Little Brother Ye in shock, while the little girl shivered in her seat. Ye Shuang patted her brother on his head approvingly before taking a look at the time. “We’ll give you half an hour. In half an hour, we’ll return to our room.”

The girl almost cried. Even in her dreams, she did not expect the heroes of this generation would abandon her after they saved her. What about being a gentleman?

The saddened girl borrowed Little Brother Ye’s phone to call her sister. Her own phone, along with her purse, had been left in the room when she hurried to escape earlier. The sister on the other end of the phone was similarly woken up in the middle of her dreams like Little Brother Ye did to Ye Shuang. The voice sounded nasally.

When the girl started to cry, the big sister woke up instantly. When she saw it was an unknown number that called her, she feared something bad had happened to her sister. Through the tears, the sister finally got a grasp of the whole situation—her own little sister had almost been taken advantage of thanks to a few juniors from her agency. She was safe, but she had not really escaped from the danger yet… because the people who saved her were six males and five of them were her schoolmates. However, the group of guys wanted to return to their room after half an hour, thus leaving her sister alone in the hotel restaurant.

The sister was so scared that she promised to arrive as soon as possible. She begged her little sister to not hang up or else she might be worried. Little Brother Ye felt like crying. He leaned on Ye Shuang’s shoulder with tears in his eyes. “My phone bill…”

F*ck! Should have let the girl scream once and then hang up the phone immediately, waiting for the other person to call back. Wait, would she have mistaken us for kidnappers then‽

Ye Shuang patted Little Brother Ye on his shoulder and consoled, “Don’t worry, just ask the sister for compensation when she arrives.”

The hero asking the victim for tens of dollars as compensation money, won’t that look a little cheap?

Since the girl had made the call, Ye Shuang’s party did not really return to their room after half an hour. Since they had nothing else to do, they asked the receptionist for a deck of cards, and everyone waited alongside the girl for her sister to arrive.

Ye Shuang leaned back and watched them play, occasionally closing her eyes to rest. There were a few times when the boys tried to get her to play, but they were quickly hushed by Little Brother Ye. With Sis’ ability, we’ll only get bullied, so don’t be dumb.

The girl hugged the phone with tears in her eyes. She talked into the phone at random intervals, but probably afraid that she might distract her sister’s driving, she kept her mouth shut most of the time. Twenty minutes later, the phone battery was dying. The girl started to panic. Ten minutes after that, the restaurant door was shoved open from the outside. A woman with delicate features wearing glasses rushed into the room. She looked around before her eyes lit up, and she rushed toward the little girl.

“Sis!” The girl croaked as she stood up and ran toward the woman who had just walked in. Ye Shuang rubbed her eyes and straightened herself. She turned her head toward the voice and jumped from surprise.

The two women hugged each other, and the fear that girl had experienced finally found a safe channel to release; she cried like a baby in her sister’s arms. The sister consoled her in a soft voice. When the girl felt better, she led her over the group of boys who were playing cards, and she offered her thanks. “Thank you for saving my little sister.”

What about the threat that they had made toward the little girl? The big sister thought that was nothing. She was familiar with her sister’s personality, and if they did not force an ultimatum on her, she would not have made the call to her. Even though their method was a bit forceful, they did not mean any harm.

“Sis, there’s a mister who saved me as well.” The girl pulled on her sister’s clothes and pointed at a dark corner. Ye Shuang walked out from the shade, and her good looks stunned the big sister for a moment.

“You’re welcome, Miss Eva.” Ye Shuang nodded politely.

The big sister was Eva, the model from Mr. Chen’s office. When she heard her name come out of the man’s lips, she was shocked. “You know me?”

A fan‽ Impossible! My fame isn’t at that level yet, and based on the man’s face, he doesn’t look that much like a star-chaser.

Ye Shuang thought about it and signaled for Little Brother Ye to take the little girl to the side. She walked closer to Eva and said truthfully, “I’m currently working for Miss An. Now do you understand?”

Eva became alert instantly. “What do you mean‽”

Miss An‽ Since he has purposely brought up Miss An, it won’t be someone random. It has to be An Zining.

Ye Shuang sighed before changing the subject. “I feel your sister is awfully naïve.”


“But a person’s environment decides her social circle, and the social circle will slowly influence said person. Miss Eva, don’t you think your friends at your agency are not that suitable for your sister?”

“…My contract will be ending soon.” Eva was still on high alert. “Plus, I can end my relationship with Mr. Chen… if that is what you’re hinting at.”

“I merely feel you can earn a bit of money for self-preservation.” Ye Shuang cut her off with a smile. “I hear you might know about the hiding spot of Mr. Chen’s pregnant mistress?”