Chapter 421 - Self-destruction

Chapter 421: Self-destruction

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It was just one more person participating in the job. It was not that Ye Shuang would find fault by carrying some prohibited equipment on purpose. Naturally, she would not give Madam Grace or Cedrick the feeling that she was threatening them, causing them to raise their guard.

Just like they would not deny Ye Shuang from visiting. She was just a person who came emptyhanded. What could she do to them?

Anthony agreed to that without giving too much thought to it. He placed no expectations on Brother Shuang.

However, Anthony realized that he was wrong when he brought Brother Shuang to the job. Brother Shuang was surprisingly capable, whereby he could do many things.

After Brother Shuang and Anthony were done with the job, they came home to rest just like any ordinary office workers. They had dinner, watched TV, and surfed the internet for a while with occasional chatter and laughter. The highlight of the day began when they were done resting and Han Chu got home.

With a computer and a stack of papers, Ye Shuang was ready. Naturally, she did not hesitate when she wrote, clicked on the mouse, and typed on the keyboard.

Han Chu watched as he sat next to Brother Shuang. His expression showed that he clearly knew what was happening. However, Anthony had no idea what was going on. He was wondering what the both of them were planning.

Anthony got closer to them enthusiastically since he had nothing to do anyway. He watched Brother Shuang drawing a mansion’s cross section floor plan that included the electrical conduit; the locations of the doors, windows, and furniture; and even the thickness of the walls…

What the f*ck!

Anthony thought that the floor plan looked very familiar when he saw the setting of the study room, living room, and the courtyard outside with the fence. They looked exactly like the place that he had just been to that day.

However, that was not the end.

Apart from the general plan, there were also partitions. The building structures aside, there were also detailed drawings of each room.

Brother Shuang pushed away the pen and paper when he was done with the drawings that could allow one to sneak into the house following the icons in some fancy poses. He then opened the text file in Han Chu’s computer.

Anthony watched with a complicated feeling in him. He then saw a bunch of data that he seemed to have seen before flowing onto the screen. As a flurry of keyboard typing went on, the data appeared on the empty text file at lightning speed.


That was definitely not the content of the chip that he had decoded…

After a long time of recalling and sorting out the notes, Ye Shuang had finally moved everything that she memorized that day into Han Chu’s computer.

Han Chu was reading ten lines at once. He had already began analyzing the data while Ye Shuang was typing.

By the time Ye Shuang stopped typing, Han Chu had already come to a general conclusion. He nodded. “I have a vague understanding. I should be able to find similar things in the database if I look for it. If that’s the case, we pretty much have Jennifer’s connection. It’ll be very convenient for us in the future.”

What was Jennifer famous for? Naturally, not for her bossy character but for conquering the world with her charm.

Just like how Jennifer managed to charm Paul into stirring things in the money laundering organization, she could even provoke the great Madam Grace and people of such. It was only natural that Jennifer had come a long way to earn the connection. Before Paul, this lady’s achievements were so numerous that she could write a book.

With that said, one could imagine how juicy the stuff stored in Jennifer’s chip was.

An insignificant money laundering organization was not the only foundation of her business.

Jennifer was in the loop with all of the tycoons, celebrities, and even royalties. She knew everything about them.

She even possessed a portion of the evidence, or one could call them scandals. As soon as Jennifer leaked that, at least one quarter of the top celebrities would be affected, whether that was themselves directly or their immature relatives.

One could say that this chip was how Jennifer had everything going for her like a piece of cake. One could even say that it was how she had managed to keep her life despite knowing so much juicy dirt.

She had built herself an enormous network with her body. She possessed a great power, but it was also a great danger.

Naturally, Ye Shuang knew the value of this document. She only spoke after a while, feeling pity. “I bet it would be the end of her if people knew that she’d lost this.”

“Everyone needs to pay their dues in this world.” Han Chu shut down his computer after creating a password to protect the documents. “Moreover, I won’t be giving trouble to a lady who has nothing to do with me as long as she doesn’t come stirring things up. These documents will only be documents for me, unless Jennifer comes asking for trouble.”

Ye Shuang believed Han Chu. After all, the connections that Han Chu possessed were no less than Jennifer’s. It was just that Jennifer’s connections a little shadier, while Han Chu’s were more objective and clean.

Before considering the documents’ verification and usage issue, the first issue that Han Chu thought of was Anthony. “Tony, did you see them copying the documents when you were decoding the chip for them?”

“They can’t do that yet.” Anthony looked troubled. “There’s a self-destruction program in the chip. It will activate if one’s not careful… Hmm, it’s like defusing a bomb. I opened a part of the box and saw whatever’s in the box. However, I can’t touch thing inside the before I’ve completely opened the box.”

Han Chu nodded to show that he understood. “In other words, the documents in the chip are only available to be skimmed through at the moment?”

“That’s right.” Anthony peeped at Brother Shuang, feeling wronged. He could not have imagined that there was such a creature in the world who was so good at cheating.

“That’s great.” Han Chu smiled lightly before turning around to face Ye Shuang. “Follow Anthony whenever he goes to break the chip’s code for the next few days.”

“Sure.” Ye Shuang figured what Han Chu had in mind, so she nodded without feeling troubled at all.

Han Chu then said to Anthony in satisfaction, “Can you add a copy and self-destruction program after you’ve decoded the chip completely?”

“You’re looking down on me.” Anthony felt wrong. “Of course, I’ll pay special attention to such a dangerous self-destructive program. How is it possible that I would make such a low-grade mistake? Ugh, but I’ll do it if you insist.”