Chapter 476 - Captors

Chapter 476: Captors

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There was only one answer to that question. Normally, those who were directed by their lower body parts would not have much going on in their brain. In other words, they were easily manipulated by emotions. Naturally, that was not why Anthony was asking this question. Ye Shuang thought about it and jumped to the real conclusion. “You plan to use her as bait?”

Anthony smiled shamefully under Ye Shuang’s withering gaze. He leaned in closer. “With us here, nothing will happen to her… Actually, I don’t need her as bait; she herself will attract that man. Isn’t it true that the man has failed and still has such thoughts about her?”

Since the man had chosen the girl with the ponytail as his victim, it meant that he saw her as nothing threatening. Even if the girl came to point him out, he had his methods to suppress her voice. Since he had nothing to be afraid of, naturally, he would not hold back.

Ye Shuang looked at the kitchen. After ensuring that the girl would not suddenly walk out, she lowered her voice to reply, “It’s one thing if the man dares to return, but don’t go and do anything extra.”

“Me? What could I do? I am just a normal hacker, not some kind of physic,” Anthony grumbled. That was true. Ye Shuang thought about it and felt like she had overestimated Anthony’s wickedness. So, she quickly apologized with sincerity. Then the girl came out with cooked dinner. After dinner and washing the dishes, the sky was already dark. At that moment, they realized how awkward it was staying inside the house. Yes, awkward, because the girl with the ponytail did not consider a logistics problem before she brought the guests home. There did not seem to be enough beds.

“Er…” After a long silence, the girl who could not stand the awkwardness said in an apologetic tone, “My parents are working outside the village, and they haven’t been around for years, so there is only one bedroom, and the other rooms have been changed into storerooms…”

If all the guests were of the same sex, she would not mind having all of them squeeze into one room. After all, her place was not really a hotel. But there were two genders among the three guests. It would be weird no matter who occupied the bedroom.

Ye Shuang shared a look with Anthony, and the latter shrugged. “I don’t mind anything, as long as it’s near a socket. After all, I need to watch the signal at night.”

Ye Shuang sighed in relief and added with a smile, “I’ll stay up to guard, so I cannot stray too far from the door. You two girls should go to sleep, don’t mind us.”

Su Zheng gave a thumbs up. “With Brother Shuang here, I couldn’t feel safer!”

“Thank you.” Ye Shuang suppressed her urge to cry. Once upon a time, she had been a weak girl. Even though her personality would not present her as one, at least the guys would take care of her due to her gender. Unfortunately, since the DNA change, her life as a protected flower was gone. More and more guys treated her as a bro, and more and more females saw her as a safeguard. Just thinking about it made her want to cough up blood!

When Han Chu woke up again, he realized that he had been moved to another place. This time, the environment was better. The room looked clean and bright. The furniture was all quite high class, but the large red 囍 1 poster on the wall made him quite speechless. It felt somewhat incompatible with the rest of the place.

He wiggled his upper body in bed, and he stopped when he reached the headboard. Because he knew even if he got onto the ground and used some strength to untie the ropes, even if there was no one guarding over him in the room and the half open window was just less than two meters away from the bed…

His cold gaze looked to his side at the luggage that his wrist was handcuffed to. Han Chu thought about several solutions in his mind, but none of them were able to save him from this regrettable situation. After a long time, when the sky outside the window started to darken, someone finally came into the house, grumbling something under his lips. As he switched on all the lights in the downstairs room, the light that filtered out from inside lit up the courtyard.

Then, Han Chu heard some activity downstairs along with the smell of food cooking. Ten minutes later, one of the people who kidnapped Han Chu brought in a man that he had not seen before. The latter was carrying a large bowl, and his face was filled with disgust and haughtiness. He was like the most typical local gangster, on a much lower ranking compared to the one who kidnapped Han Chu. Han Chu soon moved his eyes away from the local ruffian and turned to the person who walked in first.

“You.” The person pointed at the ruffian and then at Han Chu. “Go and feed him dinner. Don’t do anything else. After he finishes, just get out.”

The ruffian followed the order obediently. Like he had just accepted the decree from God, he walked over haughtily. He gave Han Chu, who was tied up in bed, a once-over, sat down on the side of the bed, and used the spoon to move the food in the bowl around.

Han Chu was indeed hungry but not to the point where he needed to eat. He glanced at the ruffian like he was looking at a fly. Then, he called after the man who was preparing to leave. “Are you sure it’s okay to involve a normal civilian?”

The man stopped and turned around with a smile. “What are you aiming at?”

Then he pointed at the ruffian, the conceit on his face clear to see. “We didn’t trick him; he begged to join us.”

Hearing that the topic of conversation had turned to him, the ruffian instantly turned his head up with pride.

Therefore, Han Chu got it immediately. This child had probably grown up with too many gangster films and thought that kind of lifestyle was cool.

The man who was called by Han Chu crossed his arms and leaned against the door. He did not look like he was afraid of Han Chu selling him out and said, “In fact, I can ask you the same. Are you sure it’s okay to involve a normal civilian?”

The meaning was simple. Even if the man did not state it out loud, Han Chu understood his meaning.

When the ruffian knew nothing, as brainless as he was, at least he had his uses and Han Chu’s kidnapper would not harm him. But when the ruffian knew something that he should not, there was a simple solution to ensure that he would not go around running his mouth, and it involved… the aid of a single bullet.