Chapter 422 - Remember Your Punctuation

Chapter 422: Remember Your Punctuation

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Han Chu stopped Ye Shuang from eating the candy after Brother Shuang had worked for a few days, and the job was coming to an end. He requested that she change to her girly girl form the next day.

Ye Shuang did not mind that. She felt comfortable as a girl, but she thought it was harmless for her to ask the reason.

It turned out that the reason was such a no brainer. Father Han was due to visit the next day, so Han Chu wanted to have a meal with his parents. He thought that he should bring his ‘girlfriend’ home.

Ye Shuang expressed how awkward the meal was going to be. At the moment, she felt deeply for how Han Chu felt when he was dealing Mother Ye earlier.

“So, is Xiao Shuang really your girlfriend?” Mother Ye was clearly surprised by that. “I thought you guys were just colleagues.”

Han Chu, who was holding a bowl, picked out a vegetable and calmly ate it with rice. He lifted his head and said, “Isn’t it great that your dream came true?”

“That’s true.” Mother Han stared at her son in suspicion. “You didn’t do anything about it when I was pressing you back then, and now you’re telling me you have a girlfriend out of nowhere. It doesn’t feel right… Did you get her to be your fake girlfriend to deceive us‽”

She was so sharp when it came to things that she should not be sharp on.

Han Chu picked up another vegetable quietly and smirked a little after eating it. “Since you said that, I won’t bring her home so often.”

Naturally, Mother Han was smart. Otherwise, she would have not given birth to a son like Han Chu. It made sense that she noticed something off; it was just that she had no solid proof. Due to the subjective wish, she eventually believed it feeling a little forced.

However, Father Han was clearly not a person that could be easily fooled. That old man peeped at Han Chu at ease and looked at his wife. He said nothing in the end. In the end, he only casually said, “Come back to eat with us when you guys aren’t busy at work.”

That was the end of the topic.

After the meal was over, Mother Han did not want to take up any more of the young couple’s time. She released them when Han Chu asked after chatting with Ye Shuang out of courtesy.

Ye Shuang had mixed feelings when she left. She was puzzled at the same time. “I have a feeling that your mother was behaving very differently compared to before. Wasn’t she enthusiastically looking for a girlfriend for you? I thought she would be more enthusiastic today compared to before.”

She had thought that they would stay for at least one or two hours. If they stayed longer, it was possible that she might stay the night.

“She was just bored and wanted to do something back then. She’s less enthusiastic because the nature is different now.” Han Chu glanced at Ye Shuang. “It’s just like playing a game. You can fall deep into it while you were playing the game, but that doesn’t mean you will still be interested in the game after clearing the stages.

“Furthermore, she can be having fun with the girls, but of course, she’ll have a set of standards for my future wife.”

Han Chu smiled lightly. “Professed love of what one really fears… Do you understand that?”

Ye Shuang tried her very best to interpret it. “You mean she was worried that you weren’t interested in dating, so she tried to matchmake you with someone. She was having fun in this anyway. However, once you really get a girlfriend, she will have a different set of standards, whereby she will start examining if your girlfriend deserves to be your future wife. At the same time, she’ll no longer be interested in the relationship?”

“She’s just bored.” Han Chu forced a smile. “It’s retirement syndrome.”

Was he sure that he wanted to say something so mean about his mother? Ye Shuang pouted. “No matter what, we’ve dealt with both our parents for the time being. If your mom doesn’t like me, it’ll make it easier for us to break up in the future.”

Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang in shock. “We’ve just started the relationship, but you’re thinking of breaking up?”

“Oh please…” Ye Shuang felt helpless. “It’s just a collaboration anyway. We’re not really in a relationship.”

Han Chu looked at her for a while in all seriousness. He could not help but wonder after making sure that Ye Shuang meant what she said instead of pretending. “Why? You’re looking for someone to marry anyway. I would like to think my qualifications are pretty good.”

“It’s not good since we’re already familiar with each other.” She thought about it and added feeling rather awkwardly, “I just have the feeling that it would be weird if we’re in a relationship.”

After that, the two of them walked in silence for a while. Although Ye Shuang thought that the atmosphere was a little strange, she remained quiet since she could not find any suitable subject to break the silence. She felt that it was too forceful to say something intentionally at the moment. She began thinking of other stuff to distract herself.

The both of them entered the car when they arrived at the garage. Han Chu was the one who broke the silence when Ye Shuang was starting the engine. “I actually think we can consider that.”

“Huh?” Ye Shuang’s mind was no longer there. She responded in a blur while turning the key in puzzlement.

“I mean if being in love doesn’t matter to you. You want to get married while I definitely want a partner in the future. No matter our ability or character, I think we’re a perfect match apart from our family background,” Han Chu said while keeping his calm.

He paused for a second and proceeded speaking, feeling he was not convincing enough. “Furthermore, you’re the girl I find most acceptable at the moment. At the same time, I’m pretty interested in you…”

At least about your changing of form…

Ye Shuang started the car by instinct. She steered the car out of the garage and changed the gear quickly. As she drove two hundred to three hundred meters away, she had just came out of her messy thoughts such as ‘I’m going to decode the last part of the chip with Tony tomorrow. I must remember to give Albert the topographic map’, ‘Jennifer seems to be interested in my female body, so I must watch out’, ‘I wonder if Master Five will be in conflict with Brother Yao since he’s moving to San Lin City’, and so on.

She only understood what Han Chu had said at the moment.

“Eh?” Ye Shuang managed to get hold of the steering with her precise mastery after it went out of control a little bit. Although she looked calm, Ye Shuang could not help but have all sorts of expletives popping into her head. She felt like there was a storm before her.

“What did you say Brother Han I was distracted just now so I didn’t really hear it.”

She forgot her punctuation even though the sentence was so long. It was proof of how shocked she was.

Han Chu repeated himself calmly and patiently. “I mean since we’ll have to get married sooner or later. To save time, we can make the fake relationship into a real one if we feel good about each other after spending time together for a while.”

He did not realize how terrifying his suggestion was. He said it in all seriousness.

Ye Shuang felt rather wronged that her future was concluded in such a confession.