Chapter 372 - Forbes? Don’t Need It

Chapter 372: Forbes? Don’t Need It

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“These are all old foxes.” After leaving the hospital, thinking about the fake nurse who was taken down in mere minutes and the security who came in later without any trace of surprise on their faces when they saw how uninjured Ray was… if she still did not realize that it had been a set up from the very beginning, complete with an ambush and helpers, Ye Shuang would have greatly disappointed her optimized genes.

Han Chu was quite surprised. “Money can turn anyone mad. Egmont’s existence itself is a giant inconvenience for most, and they often only target large illegal monetary movements if their targets are naturally bigger than usual. Even though Egmont’s main focus is to collect criminal financial evidence, without a certain level of fighting resistance, they would not be able to survive for this long. However, I did hear before this that most of their field agents were experienced agents and not worse than special forces.”

“I can see that.” Ye Shuang nodded helplessly. “We were used as bait today. He had us go to the hospital probably because he wanted to fish out the traitor and not really because he was that urgent.”

Anthony leaned against the window, whistling at the casually-dressed ladies on the street. Nowadays, moving on foot was probably faster than travelling in a city’s traffic jam. Since he had nothing better to do, he decided to find some fun of his own. Hearing the other two, and since his next target had not shown up, Anthony turned back and interrupted them with a smile. “There are special agents working at the FIU as well. Their security equipment is as good as the FBI’s. Also, I heard that Miss Han has some of them as her clients.”

Han Chu was caught by surprise. “Xiao Su conducts business with these people?”

How come he did not know?

Ye Shuang gripped the steering wheel and sighed. “Such is the world we live in. Women don’t often have a choice.”

That earned a glare from Han Chu.

Han Chu frowned. “Oh well, even without these people, her business was never official to begin with.”

“Speaking of which,” Ye Shuang suddenly said, “wasn’t Ray going to ask us about the military arms? How come he didn’t bring it up? I don’t think his memory is that bad.”

“You’re right about that,” Han Chu said lightly. “Before we got into the car, I got his message asking about that. The only reason he did not say anything when we left is because he did not want the fake nurse to know more than he did.”

Even though they already had the man, no one could guarantee that he was not wearing a wire or bug. Before confirming the safety of the information, they were definitely not going to share important intel.

Han Chu huffed. “4,000,000 to buy the trail of a drug lord for the past three years. That is enough for them to analyze for years, and he still want us to provide them the military arms for free.”

After passing the busy part of the street, the car started to speed up. Anthony closed the window and sighed forlornly. “Yes, I think I will need to stay here for a few more years as well.”

How is that related to this?

Han Chu noticed the curious expression on Ye Shuang’s face, so he explained, “After Egmont analyzes the data, the next step will be to gather evidence. It shouldn’t be too hard if they follow the trail from the chip. Once they collect the evidence, the next step will be to send the evidence to the related department of the affected countries. Due to the immense scale, this will cause a massive aftereffect, and I believe many higher officials will be pulled down because of this, and the political and financial scene will change. After chaos, it is time to fight for the pie. Tony is the leading man in the electronic field; it is almost certain that someone will come to him for aid, like getting him to help fight a finance war…”

With that explanation, Ye Shuang finally understood. “Tony, why don’t you want to go? I think that this is the perfect opportunity to earn money.”

“It’ll be so tiring, and the bidding war aside, none of these people are what they seem. The main thing is that a finance war is not going to be short; the shortest might be two months, but it may last up to two years. In that time, I’ll have to work overnight every day.” Without the chance to go find beauties, to find good food, and to enjoy good time…

Anthony’s pitiable face aroused the pity in Ye Shuang, but with some additional info from Han Chu, the pity vanished almost instantly.

“Anyway, Tony doesn’t need the money. If he wanted, he could get on the Forbes list any time.”

I hate rich men the most!

With the chip passed on and Ray drawing the attention, Ye Shuang’s group felt so relaxed. Even the air felt fresher. At the very least, the eyes that had followed them when they were out walking had disappeared. Even though the people that watched them did nothing more than watch, being stared at constantly was not a good feeling.

Therefore, they turned their attention back to Cedrick. Madam Grace’s frenemy status with Luther was quite intriguing, and they could make use of this opportunity. Cedrick was definitely a key character in this relationship—depending on how much Madam Grace valued Cedrick and Cedrick’s current situation, how the two parties reacted to the situation might change overnight.

“Xiao Ye.” Brother Liu called Sister Shuang again. Probably because Ye Shuang had gone drinking with him two more times and one time even drunk his longtime rival under the table, he now was very friendly to this girl. “The tenant that you’re looking for is quite a character. She’s sexy and has a beautiful face… And she’s a blonde! Tsk, tsk, I can see why your man might be interested in her.”

It was not that rare to have a mistress, but to have a foreign mistress? That was definitely out of the norm.

Ye Shuang gasped. “It isn’t a man?”

Brother Liu was even more shocked. “Your boyfriend is cheating on you with a man?”

Ye Shuang was speechless. After a short silence, she sighed weakly. “Brother Liu, I’ve already told you that we’re not looking for a cheating boyfriend. Have you been listening?”

Brother Liu was confused. “Then why are you suddenly interested in the owner of this place?”

“Just assume that we have a revenge to take.” It was hard to explain this to an outside, so Ye Shuang could only give a vague answer. “Did you take a picture of that foreigner?”

Brother Liu told Ye Shuang to wait for a while as he worked on his phone. Then he said, “I just sent the picture to you, but the resolution is not that high—you might not see it too clearly after you enlarge it.”

Anthony made his move without the order from Ye Shuang. After all, he had been listening in on the conversation. He pulled out the picture and snapped his fingers. “No problem. Give me some time to filter the picture.”