Chapter 226 - Little Fox in Disguise [2 in 1]

Chapter 226: Little Fox in Disguise [2 in 1]

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It was undeniable that Sister Yao’s suggestion did interest Yao Zhixing for that one moment. Yao Zhixing was definitely the type who was kind and friendly to his friends but relentless and cruel to his enemies. He was normally so generous and frank with his friends, but when he was facing someone that he could not stand, Yao Zhixing would not give up any opportunity to mess with them. Zhou Yue was definitely one of those people that Yao Zhixing could not stand. After all, Zhou Yue had been exposed as the culprit behind the accident that almost happened during the New Year’s Eve party. He had almost sent one of Yao Zhixing’s friends to the hospital.

“No, I can’t do that.”

The hesitation lasted for less than two seconds before Yao Zhixing quickly shook his head. Under his little sister’s gaze that was filled with confusion, he explained seriously, “Xiao Shuang is not a chess piece. There is no reason for me to ruin my brother’s reputation just to annoy Zhou Yue this one time. It is not worth it.”

The damage caused would be too small. In fact, it would have been practically negligible. However, it would cause huge repercussions for both himself and Ye Shuang. Furthermore, Ye Shuang did have quite a weighty position in Yao Zhixing’s heart. Therefore, after weighing up everything, combined with the indescribable caution he had toward his little sister, Yao Zhixing ultimately shook his head and denied the idea. The method would have costed too much for almost no gain.

Brother… Sister Yao rubbed her chest with patience and sighed with regret.

Her older brother might often be one screw loose, but the most problematic issue was that he had an animalistic instinct. Therefore, even though he could not see through other people’s plans most of time, when it came time to make the decision, he would always select the choice that was the most beneficial for himself.

Ye Shuang and Mother Yao shared some personal formula on the second floor. In reality, it was the stuff that Ye Shuang had read from the internet. However, with her good memory, she remembered all the details down to the time of cooking and the ratio of various ingredients. She managed to come up with these details mid-conversation. Instantly, it gave off the impression that she was some kind of expert.

Initially, Mother Yao was just satisfied knowing that a female entity had appeared around her own son. However, after hearing that the girl was able to chat with her about cooking, fashion, entertainment, interior design, even law, politics, and economics, she realized that Ye Shuang knew a thing or two, and her desire for a daughter-in-law was thus ignited again.

Then it was Father Yao’s time to return home from work. After a round of chess with Ye Shuang, he chatted with Ye Shuang happily about business management and the party that had recently been held by the Si Hai Organization on the cruise. They invited Ye Shuang to stay for dinner, and after that, they had Yao Zhixing send her home. After the concerned parties left, the remaining three members of the Yao family shared a look with one another.

After a half a minute of silence, it was Sister Yao who opened her lips to share her views. “Big brother does value Sister Ye, but it is a relationship that doesn’t have any romantic component… Sigh, I wonder if a personality like his will even get a partner in the future.”

Mother Yao nodded in agreement. “The girl is certainly not bad. Family background… even though she doesn’t have one, her personal ability is not bad. She is able to pick up any topic of conversation, and in the future, I’m sure she’ll be able to help her husband socialize.”

“Family background is not that important if she herself is able to cover up the shortcoming. She is not bad, and the identity of a national Go player is more than enough to help her enter this social circle. Furthermore, she was on the guest list for the Si Hai Organization’s cruise party, so who can comment on her family background?” Father Yao was silent for a moment before continuing. “The issue now is not whether Xiao Ye is suitable or not—the key problem is, no matter how suitable she is, our own son is not interested.”

Speaking of this problem, the expressions of all three members dropped, and they did one thing in unison—sighed.

The potential daughter-in-law was much better than they had expected, but the biggest problem was still their own son.

Sister Yao pouted her small lips. Her eyes blinked several times, and then after a pause, she smiled shyly. “Actually, I think, now that Sister Ye is staying by big brother’s side, it is already a big improvement.”

Then she lowered her head shyly and continued in a soft voice. “Before this, there hasn’t been any woman by his side.”

Yao Zhixing was not averse to female companions, but he was averse to people who could not match with his interests or people that he could not play with.

Women were good, but these socialites were like shy little flowers. Every one of them needed to be taken care of and given plenty of care and love. Where would Yao Zhixing find the patience and kindness to do something like that? Occasionally, there would be one or two powerful women that rose from other families, but even so, the field that they were good in was definitely not something that aligned with Yao Zhixing’s normal interests. Even though they were illegal racers, Yao Zhixing’s group was a bunch of young masters that came from reputable families. If the woman could not afford to support a race car, how was she going to get Yao Zhixing’s interest?

If their status was different, naturally, the relationship would be troubled. If a party was of the lower standing in a friendship, no matter how deep the connection or how direct the person was, in the end, there would be a lot of friction due to the environment, and eventually, that would lead to a break-up.

Mother Yao’s eyes lit up with brightness once her daughter pointed that out. “Yes, how come we have not considered the fact that there hasn’t been a girl around Zhixing before?”

Therefore, with this first miracle, there was a chance that more miracles would continue to happen.

Father Yao was silent. “We should wait and see. After all, Zhixing is not yet thirty. We should see how long this girl will be able to stay around first.”

Right, they needed to be sure that this was not just a phase. Sister Yao curled her finger around her hair. Her two large eyes blinked. “Then, can I invite Sister Ye out to play?”

A trace of sadness entered her voice, but she was ashamed that people might hear that in her voice. “Because since everyone is afraid of big brother, I don’t have any good friends. If there’s someone who I can celebrate my birthday with or even go out to go shopping or something, it would be awesome.”

Father Yao looked at his daughter, who was as harmless and innocent as a lamb, and he was speechless. Wasn’t it you who scared your own friends away by closing the door and dropping the feral dog… I mean your big brother on them?

“Go, go, go.” Mother Yao nodded in quick succession. Even though the potential daughter-in-law still needed quite a period of observation before it could be accepted, they could not just allow things to happen organically. If they left everything in the hands of their son, it was a greater chance that the daughter-in-law would be stolen by someone else.

Since they were twins, Sister Yao’s birthday was also Yao Zhixing’s birthday. When people came to celebrate the sister’s birthday, they would naturally bring a present for Yao Zhixing as well. Similarly, if there were any activities at the family in the future, when Yao Zhixing refused to invite the girl, the sister would be able to send out the invitation!

Since their son was so useless, they had to send out someone else to brush up on his existence. Close friends of the same gender and age would able to infiltrate the enemy camp most easily, so why would they make use of such a valuable resource?

With the war plan completed on one side, on the other side, before Yao Zhixing even managed to park the car in front of Ye Shuang’s home, he already received the message from his twin sister. “Big brother, I wish to go to the shopping mall tomorrow. Do you mind if I invite Sister Ye to come with me?”


Yao Zhixing gritted his teeth and started to formulate a vicious reply. He refused to believe that there was not a hidden agenda behind this invitation by his little sister. However, before Yao Zhixing could finish typing the reply on his phone, there was another message from Sister Yao.

“If it is too much trouble, just forget it. Actually, I’m just asking for fun. Walking the mall alone is quite boring, that’s all. J”

Yao Zhixing held his phone.

Thinking back to Girl A that he scared off when they were in primary school when he released his pet snake, Girl B’s boyfriend whose boyfriend he beat up, Girl C whom he humiliated on the PA system in high school, Girl D who he kicked off from the second floor balcony into the swimming pool during one of their birthday parties when they were in university…

Yao Zhixing swiped his head of cold sweat silently. It was rare, but guilt surfaced in his heart. Even though these girls deserved their punishment because they approached his little sister with bad intentions or bullied his sister or mocked his sister, no matter the reason, it was also true that since then, there had not been any same-sex friends that show up around Sister Yao. This was indeed related to his overprotectiveness over his little sister, and no one dared to wander too close.

Whenever he thought about that and the image of his little sister staying at home simply because she had no friends of similar age to play with, Yao Zhixing would feel saddened and guilty. That was why occasionally Yao Zhixing would drag her own sister to come to the races with him—even though it was a bunch of smelly dudes, it was better than staying at home alone!

Of course, Yao Zhixing had no idea that Sister Yao purposely look so vulnerable and alone before him because it was her intention to infiltrate into his group of racers to gather information about her big brother’s friends and relationship status. Even though she had no close friends, with her ability and family background, how could she not find some friends if she wanted to?

Different from what Yao Zhixing had in his mind, Sister Yao had a different public image in other people’s eyes! In the eyes of the other socialites, they were not isolating Sister Yao—they thought the girl was too quiet and too self-isolating when they invited her to come out to play. They assumed that she preferred her own company, so eventually, they stopped inviting her. What about the so-called ‘bullying’‽ Well, there had been some friction, but that was to be expected among young girls.

Sister Yao did not want to deal with them because it might attract unnecessary attention. Since there was a big brother who was willing to protect her, she used the resources that were available to her.

Ye Shuang looked at the twisting emotions that ran about Yao Zhixing’s face as the man stared at the phone. The phone’s light hit the man’s face, and it clearly showed the change of expression on the man’s face.

After about a minute or two, Yao Zhixing seemed to have come to a decision. He let out a long sigh and turned his face around. “Xiao Shuang, I have something that I need to trouble you with.”

“What is it?” Ye Shuang had a bad feeling. Looking at Yao Zhixing, she felt like he was about to say something stupid.

“If…” As she expected, after a short hesitation, Yao Zhixing forced himself to complete the rest of the sentence. “If my little sister asks you to go out to play with her, do you mind saying yes? Of course, it’s not going to take too much of your time—you just need to watch over her. My little sister doesn’t have that many friends that she can play with, and I cannot keep making her come out with my friends.”

Ye Shuang scratched her chin. “Brother Yao, is this because your sister has sent you some messages to tell you something?”

“Yes.” Yao Zhixing nodded with a pained expression. “It is rare for her to run into a friend her own age. She wishes to ask you to go shopping with her tomorrow. If my sister says anything stupid, just ignore her and don’t place it inside your heart. As you know, the little girl doesn’t know anything and has the tendency to run her mouth about certain things.”

He he…

Ye Shuang looked at Yao Zhixing deeply and gave a long and meaningful smile. “Sure, after all, I’m free tomorrow.”

Even though they had known each other for so long, this was the first time that she had realized that Yao Zhixing would act in such innocent and naïve way in front of his little sister. The shy and obedient little girl in his mouth was actually a little fox in disguise. Most likely, he would not even know that the day he was sold by his sister.

Yao Zhixing had a chill running up his spine seeing the smile on Ye Shuang’s face. However, his hands moved fast. When he got the answer from Ye Shuang, he quickly sighed in relief. He replied to the message, saying that Sister Ye had agreed to her demand of going shopping together. He also attached Sister Ye’s number in the reply.

Ye Shuang sighed. She saw this and said a silent prayer for the man who did not know what was really happening. After the car parked, she opened the door and got out. She waved goodbye to the man inside the car and turned to head upstairs.

Sister Yao’s message did come the next day. It was not too late, but it was not that early that people had not woken up yet. Ye Shuang finished her breakfast and completed a vocal training class that lasted for one hour at home. She wandered about the house, cleaning up as she went. It was not until it was almost time for lunch that Sister Yao’s message came with a bunch of cute emojis. Mainly, the content was that she had just discovered a new restaurant but had not had the chance to try it before. Thus, she asked if Ye Shuang would like to go with her.

Ye Shuang smiled. Since she had already promised Yao Zhixing yesterday, naturally, she accepted the invitation. She replied with a yes without hesitation. They agreed to meet up at a mall that had recently been built in San Lin City and was in the middle of heavy promotion. Ye Shuang changed into a new set of clothes and left her home without fussing about her make-up and fashion. She left with a small backpack.

The city was changing quickly. Every eight to ten years, the city would have a big change, and every two to three year, there would be a small change. If someone left home for a long time—it did not even need to be that long, just a few years—when they returned, they would have a hard time recognizing their home town.

Case in point was this shopping center. Initially, it had been at the center of the city’s old market district. However, due to the later arrival of other shopping malls and real estate, the next market district was added to the old one, and it naturally brought up the liveliness of the old part of town.

Yao Zhixing’s family business was one such example. Initially, there had only been one restaurant, but with the addition of a new business street and shopping center, Yao Zhixing’s family would fight for a spot to open up a new branch following the expansion of the city.

The main restaurant and the few famed branches were upscale restaurants, and they were of a certain size. Other than food, they provided other services like function rooms and so on. However, the branches at the malls and shopping street were closer to the public, and the food served was cheaper. They were used to increase brand awareness and popularity.

The restaurant that Sister Yao suggested was a Japanese restaurant that their family had opened at the new mall. The Yao family’s business had mostly focused on French and Italian cuisine as well as Chinese palatial cuisine. Japanese cuisine was indeed a new venture. They had moved into this business less than two years ago in San Lin City, and there were not many branches. Including the one at the new mall, there were only two of them in total. Therefore, it was natural for Sister Yao to say that she had not been to this place. After all, there were so many branches—it was insane to expect that she had been to every single of them.

When Ye Shuang arrived at the mall in her car, she saw Sister Yao sipping on a cup of milk tea silently in the corner of the first floor’s resting area. Sister Yao had always had the appearance of an obedient little girl. She looked like an educated young lady would. With her long straight black hair and a small face, she looked like a teenager who had not graduated from university.

Probably because she had always appeared so harmless, Yao Zhixing had been toyed with by his sister without having any knowledge of it. He had always been the one who charged at the very front and thought that his little sister was an innocent white rabbit that would be easily bullied by others. If not for his sister, he would not have risked the possibility of the rumors expanding and allowed Ye Shuang to come accompany his ‘lonely’ little sister who did not have any friends.

The resting area was not that big. It was only twenty or so meters wide. The round tables were filled with couples or girlfriends who were out shopping together. Only Sister Yao sat alone. Her slender frame appeared even more vulnerable, and her fair fingers occasionally toyed with the straw out of boredom. From a far, she looked like a little girl who was lost and needed adult attention.

Ye Shuang thought that if this was the usual image that Yao Zhixing was normally greeted with, then it was understandable that the man was led by the nose so often. It was not that Yao Zhixing was dumb—Sister Yao was too powerful.

When she saw Ye Shuang walk through the door, she stood up with a surprised smile on her face. “Sister Ye.”

The smile on her face bloomed like a flower, and it could melt the ice in anyone’s heart.

Sister Yao was surprised, and then she quickly lowered her head from shyness. As if afraid of looking Ye Shuang in the eye, she lifted her eyes to glance at Ye Shuang and spoke in a soft voice. “I didn’t expect Sister Ye to arrive so soon. I thought you’d be very busy.”

“There hasn’t been anything big recently, and I do have time for a little shopping.” Ye Shuang herself was a queen of acting, so naturally, she would not be tricked by a little fox. She took out her phone to look at the time, and she asked with a smile, “How about we go to have lunch now? Or would you like to sit for a little while longer?”

Sister Yao blinked several times. “Shall we go now? There are places to sit at the restaurant if we’re tired.”

That suited Ye Shuang. She nodded and led Sister Yao out of the resting area. They took the elevator to head to the floor with the restaurant. While they waited for the elevator to arrive, Sister Yao made use of the opportunity to study Ye Shuang. She was surprised by her discovery.

Yesterday, when she came as a family guest, every movement was very polite and reserved. The table manners were impeccable. Even when she was conversing with herself or Mother Yao, the way she was seated and the way she spoke was very womanly. Based on the content that came out of Ye Shuang’s lips, Sister Yao had the impression that Ye Shuang was the intellectual and motherly type.

This type of person was capable and had a stable personality. Combined with that big brother of hers, who was unable to see things from a different perspective, they were a match made in heaven. She was sure that Ye Shuang would be able to dissuade Yao Zhixing from acting recklessly.

It was because of this that Sister Yao had agreed to let Ye Shuang enter as a family member. However, she was indeed curious how a woman of this personality managed to match with her brother. Then again, perhaps this was a sign that there was a special relationship between Ye Shuang and Yao Zhixing.

However, when she met Ye Shuang again today, Sister Yao had a feeling that something about Ye Shuang had changed.

The stability and generosity from the day before had turned to cleverness and forth-rightness. The grace and mannerisms from the day before had turned into casualness and willfulness. Even though the person was still the same, it felt like the Ye Shuang whom she had met yesterday was wearing a mask and was completely different from the actual person that she met today!

Sister Yao sighed to herself. Now she finally understood why her big brother could match her personality. The two looked like a pair that was split in two. Their personality matched perfectly.

Even though this type of Ye Shuang was not bad, it was different from the intellectual big sister that she had assumed would be able to handle her brother. If the two of them really got together, would they become a couple that rocked San Lin City to its core in the future?

For example, when they were racing, they would cheer each other on. When one was fighting, the other would keep an eye out for the police. Various images like that entered her mind. Thinking about this, Sister Yao could not help her mood from falling.

There were many restaurants on the floor for food. There were barbeque, steamboat, and some restaurant branches that were famous in San Lin City. The largest restaurant there belonged to Yao Zhixing’s family business. The left-hand side was a steak restaurant that was closer the public’s level of acceptance, and the right was the new Japanese restaurant that was just opened.

Ye Shuang looked to the right and turned to ask, “So, Japanese restaurant it is?”

Right, it is exactly this casualness. What happened to the graceful and intellectual big sister that I saw yesterday?

Sister Yao pressed on her lips sadly and nodded with a sad smile. “I’ll follow Sister Ye’s decision.”

“Okay, then right-hand side it is.” Ye Shuang raised her finger to point at the restaurant and used her other arm to curl around Sister Yao’s shoulder. Then they walked toward the restaurant together. The employers there had not seen their boss’ little sister before. Sister Yao followed closely behind Ye Shuang as they entered the shop. They did not have any coupons, much less special treatment. They took the number obediently and sat at the bench placed at the door.

Ye Shuang looked like she was used to it. While she was bored, she twirled the number card that was made from steel between her five fingers. The agile fingers twisted and twirled the card. It was practically a special trick, and Sister Yao was getting confused and dizzy as she tried to follow the card. She almost let out a despairing cry. Are we sure this is not some underground boss of San Lin City‽

“Don’t worry.” While Ye Shuang toyed with the number card, she had the luxury to study the facial muscles of Sister Yao’s face. She probably saw the confusion on the girl’s face, and she smiled. “I’m really not some mafia boss. Your big brother is safe with me.”

No, I don’t think he’s safe at all.