Chapter 97 - New Discovery

Chapter 97: New Discovery

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There were three versions to the advertisement. One of them was five minutes long, meant for the company’s website and mailed to the company’s client list. Another was one and a half minutes long; it was for playing on the side of the buses or buildings. The last was a thirty-second special edition meant for television. Other than the first version, the other two focused on Ye Shuang alone, and there were no shots of Fang Fei at all.

Fang Mo’s advertisement created a shockwave almost instantly. The company had placed full support behind the advertisement because it showed up practically everywhere. There was no way people were going to miss it. There were reasons Fang Fei did not appear in the latter two versions—the first was because there was not enough time, and the second was because Fang Fei did not have fame, but most importantly, acting as Ye Shuang’s wife would put her at too much risk.

One could not be too careful, and Fang Mo’s concern was not illogical. The advertisement screens by the sides of skyscrapers in the city normally changed during the afternoon rush when people were getting off work. The crowd would not have paid attention to the screens.

However, when that unblemished face opened his eyes as he climbed out of bed, it felt as if someone had pressed a deceleration key on the street. The walking crowds all slowed down in their steps, and even the vehicle honks that usually flooded the streets had quieted down. Almost everyone who noticed the advertisement stopped, watching in shock as the man in the advertisement went on his leisurely life. He wore a simple white shirt and jeans. The top two buttons near his neck were unbuttoned, exposing his incredibly sexy clavicle.

The man stepped bare-footed onto the carpeted balcony and sat down without even putting on the slippers. His gaze swept lazily and unintentionally across the camera.

The one-and-a-half-minute advertisement soon ended, but the crowd’s eyes were still stuck to the screen as if they were afraid of missing any details. When the LED screen switched to the other advertisement, they still had not recovered from their shock and awe.

“He’s so handsome…” Two office ladies were holding hands window-shopping. After the advertisement had repeated itself multiple times, one of them recovered and sighed weakly.

“Yes, he is very handsome.” The other agreed before asking, “By the way, what was the advertisement about already?”

“Erm, not sure.” The man was too handsome, and they had forgotten about everything else. However, it did not matter too much because the advertisement would repeat. “Noah Real Estate’s new building project?”

Having finally captured some information about the handsome man, the ladies immediately pulled out their phones to search for the person online and realized that the information available for the handsome man in the advertisement was… completely blank!

It was as if the man had appeared out of thin air. None of his information was available to the public, and he had not appeared in other means of mass media before. How could that be‽

Fang Mo’s customer service line was crowded. However, none of the calls were asking about the new project; they wanted to get more information about the handsome man who appeared in the advertisement. The phone operators went from curious to shocked and then apathetic. In the end, whenever they heard the term ‘advertisement’, they would hang up immediately.

“I’m sorry, we are a real estate company, not a celebrity agency. We also do not know much about the private information of the man who appeared in the advertisement. Perhaps you can contact the television studio. Thanks for calling.”

“Huh‽ Why?” the caller whined with dissatisfaction. “Which block and room is the man in the advertisement is living in?”

“I’m sorry, the apartment shown in the advertisement is a sample; it is not the real residence for the main character.”

“What‽ Then where does he stay‽”

“I’m sorry, but we don’t know…”

Noah Real Estate’s hotline was crowded; the studio’s hotline was crowded; even the internet was crowded. Less than ten minutes after Ye Shuang received the call from her mother, various HD screenshots started to leak through the internet. According to rumors, they were captured by users who logged onto Fang Mo’s company’s webpage. This meant that even Fang Fei who did not show up in the other two versions achieved some degree of fame.

This age was not lacking in handsome men and pretty women, but handsome until there was no blemish was pretty rare, especially since most celebrities achieved their brilliance from make-up and lighting. Ye Shuang’s male form carried with him a natural photoshop effect; even at close-range, one would not be able to spot a single flaw.

Lawyer Lin used his index finger to pull down the blinds to glance at the LED wall of a nearby building before turning back to look at Ye Shuang, who was surfing the net with a devastated expression. He thought about it and suggested, “How about you stay a night here with Brother Wong. I’ll return to the workshop in a bit.”

“Thanks, but I’ll figure out a solution.” Ye Shuang scratched her hair.

At that moment, her phone rang. When she answered it, the first thing she heard was Yao Zhixing’s wicked laughter. “Xiao Ye, you’re famous now! My little sister heard from my minions that they know me, so she came to me to ask you for a signed photograph.”

Ye Shuang did not know what to say. “That advertisement was just a favor for Brother Fang; I’m not planning to enter the entertainment business. Fine, the autograph aside, I’m still at the apartment next to An Zining’s, do you have any solution that can transport me out of here safely?”

“You don’t have a car‽” Yao Zhixing gasped but then it dawned on him. “Then again, you don’t have a driving license, so it’s only natural that you don’t have a car.”

The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. Just how did this person manage to develop such an impressive driving skill without owning a car‽

Yao Zhixing drove over personally to give her a ride. Ye Shuang then asked for a pair of sunglasses and a cap from Brother Wong. Like a thief, she snuck out of the building, and after she climbed into the eye-grabbing race car’s backseat, she sighed in relief as she took the cap off.

Without turning back, Yao Zhixing threw her two driving licenses and a photograph. Then a pen landed on her lap. Yao Zhixing said, “The driving licenses and sign.”

Ye Shuang laughed bitterly, as she signed her name. “Where did you get this picture?”

“Downloaded from the internet and printed it out using glossy paper.” Yao Zhixing accepted the signed picture back from Ye Shuang and dropped it inside the compartment before laughing. “Since you don’t plan to enter the entertainment business, why did you agree to help Xiao Fang shoot this advertisement‽ A provincial agent has to keep a low profile because it is beneficial if not too many people know about your presence to avoid trouble and unwanted attention.”

“Why else but money, big brother?” Ye Shuang admitted with a shrug. “I just wanted to earn some money to pay for an apartment. Who would have thought it would lead to so many repercussions?”

Yao Zhixing was shocked. “With your driving skill, you’re still lacking money?”

There were few racers who survived on racing alone; after all, investing into a professional race car was a huge money sinkhole. Normally, either the rich who sought adrenaline would do it or a brand looking for a chance at advertisement. A normal individual would not be able to support a racing lifestyle.

However, with great driving skill, finding a racing team to enter or joining underground races with a few trophies every year, several hundred thousand annual income was doable. Listening to what Ye Shuang had to say, it sounded like the advertisement was a one-time thing. Instead of earning unnecessary exposure, why not enter a few more races? With a few rounds, tens of thousands a month was definitely earnable.

Ye Shuang sighed. “Blame it on my youth…”

Before her DNA optimization, she had just been a normal office worker. How would she know about all these different channels and individuals? It was pure luck that she had saved Fang Mo, and from that man, Ye Shuang’s social circle had started to expand.

Then again, it was not that easy for her to earn money now. The races mentioned by Yao Zhixing were unrealistic. Ye Shuang did not have her own race car, so how was she going to enter those?

Entering a racing team was going the professional route. Ye Shuang had not trained as a racer before, so she did not think it would be suitable for her either. Thankfully, Yao Zhixing was just talking about it for fun; he did not intend to drag Ye Shuang into his racing team.

They soon left the parking lot. “When you’re free, get a car. It’ll be far more convenient, especially now. Nowadays, secondhand cars aren’t that expensive. In fact, there are a few of my racing buddies who deal in secondhand cars. The original price would be several hundred thousand, but they bought it for several ten thousand and then sell with an additional ten or twenty thousand. I’ll ask around. If there’s a good catch, I’ll inform you.”

“No money,” Ye Shuang said expressionlessly. “If it’s 3,000 or 4,000 then I might consider.”

That was not completely true. Ye Shuang had earned some from the advertisement, but emptying her account to buy a car sounded foolish to her. Yao Zhixing was silenced by this admission. His normal social circles consisted of mostly second-generation young masters, so this was the first time he had heard someone only having 3,000 or 4,000 to buy a car. This was a territory that he was completely unfamiliar with.

“…Fine, I’ll help you ask around at a smaller car dealership,” Yao Zhixing promised with a difficult expression. Now it was Ye Shuang’s time to be embarrassed. Even a single part to Yao Zhixing’s car cost tens of thousands, but now he had to find a whole car for several thousand. If this carried back to the racers, Brother Yao would probably die from shame.

“Never mind, forget I said anything.” Ye Shuang sighed. “I’ll continue to save and get a good one in case I need to change it every few days.”

Yao Zhixing sighed surreptitiously before listing the names for the few car dealerships that he knew. “XX, YYY, ZZZ… when you’re on the market for a car, go to these places and drop my name. They will definitely give you a special discount.”

“Thank you.” Ye Shuang looked at her phone; a new message had arrived—’The mistress has been found, a new discovery.’

The mission had been given this afternoon, and the results had come back so soon‽