Chapter 477 - You Don’t Realize How Lucky You Are

Chapter 477: You Don’t Realize How Lucky You Are

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Han Chu did not want to cost an innocent person’s life. Even though this salacious looking ruffian did not present himself as a good citizen and willingly joined the organization that he thought was ‘cool’… no matter what, as annoying as he was, he was a person. To die simply because he had made one wrong choice in life would be quite sad. Therefore, to prevent his kidnapper from killing the ruffian, Han Chu could only shut up and cooperate with the kidnapper. He tried his best not to rise to the bait…

So be it, he was not going to lower himself to the standard of a stupid bird, or else he might be seeing the man from the inside of a freezer the next day.

The kidnapper was there to toy with Han Chu. Seeing that the latter had no reaction, he retreated out of boredom. The ruffian was fearless in his ignorance. While he fed the man, he gloated about the dangerous situation that he was in and naturally tried to mock Han Chu while he was at it.

Han Chu felt like that was the most difficult meal that he had ever had to endure.

Finally, the ruffian left him to his peace of mind. Han Chu sighed in relief. He sat in bed and slowly nudged back into a lying position. He was going to rest to gather strength to face what might happen next. Thankfully, the stupid bird had his uses. At least he would not discover the little things that Han Chu had done. The man was not going to suffer the insult silently.

“Eh?” Anthony was holding the bowl to drink the farmer’s homemade alcohol when his eyes glanced toward the laptop and saw a new signal. Instantly, the man jumped up, almost splashing the wine on everyone else.

It was already after midnight. Due to the surrounding mountains and the lack of lights, the place was dark. Ye Shuang closed her eyes, listening to the strange noises around her. Hearing the excitement from Anthony, she also opened her eyes to lean over in confusion. “Tony?”

Anthony finished analyzing the signal. He rushed over, hugging the laptop. Excitement was clear on his face. “It’s Han’s signal! It must be him! I am very familiar with this frequency; I did one for him earlier!”

As he spoke, he shoved the laptop forward until it was almost right in Ye Shuang’s face. “Look! Look! And it’s moving! Han must be fine!”

Ye Shuang stared at the laptop screen that was almost stuck to her face. She wanted to say that the screen was too close for her to see anything… but never mind. Since they had gotten Han Chu’s signal, it was understandable why Anthony was acting so excitedly. “Hmm… having the signal is a good thing. We should go and trace it in person.”

After saying that, Ye Shuang pushed her hands against the ground and stood up. But before she could steady herself, a sudden dizziness struck her brain. It felt like the world before her eyes was tittering, and a faded curtain covered her vision. Several seconds later, her sight slowly returned to normal.

Anthony answered and pulled back his laptop to study the signal. He did not notice the strangeness that temporarily assaulted Ye Shuang at all.

After she regained her breath, she smiled bitterly. Ye Shuang placed her hands before her eyes. She tried to open and close them. She could only feel the difference in the strength of the muscles. Her mastery of her muscles was no longer as accurate as before, and the balance of her body was worsening.

This was the signal of her internal cellular balance being ruined. In other words, her genes were about to go on another upbreak.

There was no free lunch in the world. For all the advantages that she had gained earlier, she was now paying it back.

“Ye, come and look at this,” Anthony suddenly said with a frown. “The signal is heading toward us.”

Ye Shuang snapped out of it. She happened to meet Anthony’s eyes, who turned to her.

“The signal is moving here…” She repeated to herself. Thinking back to what they had discussed in the morning, this time, even Ye Shuang could not stifle the shock that she was feeling. “It can’t be…”

Were they really that lucky?

Anthony had obviously reached the same conclusion as Ye Shuang. He had a cute smile as he typed on the keyboard. “The man who wishes to conduct an ambush at night has cooperated with the kidnappers. No wonder he is so fearless.”

“Should we wake the two girls up?” Anthony suggested happily. “After all, we are going to have a guest. It’ll be a bit rude if we do not go out to welcome him.”

“You are kidding, right?” Ye Shuang leaned over to roll her eyes. She collected her thoughts. Her fists were clenched, and the snapping of the knuckles sounded so dangerous in the dark. The handsome face was carved out by the dim light in the darkness, giving it a dangerous glint.

With a cold laugh, the cold voice said matter-of-factly, “Do you think I will give that trash the chance to get close to this house?”

Fine, you’re handsome—you win.

Therefore, after the ruffian completed the menial task at the kidnapper’s place, when he thought back to the ‘humiliation’ he received that morning, he felt like using the downtime to finish the job that he had started that morning. What welcomed him was a tall figure on the way to the girl with the ponytail’s home.


The tall figure slowly walked out from the shadows. The face that had beaten up the ruffian appeared in the moonlight. The handsome features reflected in the ruffian’s eyes, and instantly, the ruffian felt like his waist was pulsing with pain.

Why is this b*stard here?

The ruffian widened his eyes in shock. He could not believe he was looking at that face again. Should the man not have left after lending the girl a hand?

Unfortunately, the man was not there to care about what the ruffian thought. He walked toward him at his slow and measured pace. There was a comforting tone to his voice. “It is wonderful that we have met again.”

No, it is not wonderful! How is it wonderful?

“We have been waiting for you for a long time.”

“This is the bad guy?” Su Zheng was woken up softly. After she got out of bed without waking up the girl with the ponytail, she instantly saw a man in the living room. The man was rolling on the ground with tears in his eyes. The towel that was stuffed into his mouth muffled his cries. The whole body was trussed up in an arc, and he looked like he was in great pain.

“That is him alright.” Ye Shuang pulled over a bench to sit down. She lifted a leg to kick at the man on the ground. “Because we still need him to maintain contact, I was afraid that I might ruin him, so I purposely avoided the vitals…”

Su Zheng covered her mouth, afraid that her scream might wake up the girl. She jogged over happily and asked in a happy tone, “Then, does that mean we have news already?”