Chapter 373 - Blonde Bombshell

Chapter 373: Blonde Bombshell

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The blonde beauty was a stranger, and that was not helped by the sunglasses and shawl that she wore. Thankfully, someone among them was familiar with her.

“Oh, that’s Jennifer.” Edward placed his fat fingers salaciously around the chest area of the woman in the picture. “I can recognize that body anywhere—93, 63, 90.”

Ye Shuang was speechless for a long time, unable to continue the conversation. After she reinstalled her speech program, she asked, “Have you taken on the disguise as her lover before?”

It might sound preposterous, but there was no telling with Edward. After all, he had played multiple characters already, and the fat guy that he presented before them might not be how he looked in person. Otherwise, how could his disguise as the buff African American bodyguard be explained?

Edward tutted and said with condescension, “Take your head out of the gutter. That’s shameful on your part to think like that.”

Han Chu pulled back Sister Shuang, who was about to deliver some punching, and slowly brought the topic back. “Are you sure this is Jennifer?”

Edward shrugged. “A few days ago, it was Cedrick who was held there. I thought you people would be willing and have the ability to save him, and that’s why I gave you the address. However, it is clear that you’re one step too late, and Jennifer has already transferred the man elsewhere.”

“After getting your note, our initial suspicion was also that Cedrick was locked up here.” Han Chu nodded. “Unfortunately, we needed time to confirm the information, but when we got the confirmation, it was already this woman who was living there.”

Edward tutted again. “I thought that you would go to rescue the man immediately. Haven’t you considered why I would need to send a paper note if the situation was not urgent?”

Ye Shuang rolled her eyes. “If it was so urgent, why wouldn’t you drop your name on the paper? Furthermore, the place has no internet or television, so Anthony couldn’t do anything. What if it was a trap? Why would we rush in recklessly?”

“I remember that you’re an expert at cracking locks.” Edward first pointed at Ye Shuang before pointing at Han Chu. “If you think that is too brutish, you seem to have some relations with the government. Would it be so difficult to ask a government official to go visit the place? Or even if you don’t want to disturb the official, how about hiring someone to go knock on the door to sell them some cr*p?”

Han Chu was silent. “I’ve not been on the front line for long. The tactics are getting too unfamiliar for me.”

“Overreliance on technology will make your brain dull.” Edward smiled superciliously. “Plus, admit it, Cedrick is not that important to any of you.”

Since he was dispensable, they were not worried about rescuing him.

Ye Shuang smiled. “That’s pot calling the kettle black.”

The fatty did not want to take on the trouble, and that was why he passed them the note. Obviously, he could have easily saved the man.

Edward looked at Ye Shuang and shrugged. “So, what do you plan to do now?”

Ye Shuang shared a look with Han Chu, and the latter pulled out his phone. “Mr. Ray, have you gotten any results from the interrogation?”

Ray sounded disappointed on the phone. “Regretfully, it is as I expected—there’s nothing useful… Those who are assigned this kind of task don’t know too much, and even if they are some top-ranking member, they will have undergone anti-interrogation training. Of course, since we are an official organization, there is only so much we can do.”

“How about I provide you with some information, Mr. Ray?” Han Chu smiled. “We just found out that a high-ranking member of the organization has arrived in the city.”

“Grace and Luther?” Ray interrupted tiredly. “I already know that, what about it?”

“It’s not them. It’s Jennifer.”

“Jennifer?” Who was that? Ray was stumped. “And what is her deal?”

“She’s Paul’s mistress, but…”

Before Han Chu could finish, he heard glass shattering from the other end. Ray seemed to curse into the phone, and then he spoke quickly.”Don’t come and bother me with small fry like that. I have a guest, bye!”

As he finished, the call ended. Han Chu held the phone for a long time in silence.

“Brother Han, mind sharing it with us?” Even though Ye Shuang had already heard the conversation, it was time to act dumb.

Han Chu looked at her and then at Edward. “…Mr. Ray seems to have been ambushed.

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s for that chip.”

Chip? Ye Shuang was confused. If someone came for the chip at the hospital, then it was understandable because the people from the organization would not want the information to leak. However, it had already been so long, and Ray must have sent the information to Egmont already. The analysists had probably started working on it, so what was the point for fighting after the chip now?

Well, there was indeed a point.

Inside a city hospital in Feng Yuan City, after a chaotic gun and fist fight, a blonde beauty walked forward while flicking her hair as the group of men parted for her. Her heels kicked away the ruined furniture, and she sat down on the chair that the men had prepared for her. She crossed her sexy legs and used the tip of her heel to lift up Ray’s chin. The man was pressed to the ground. “Baby, where is my stuff? You will tell me honestly, right?”

Ray had lost the insouciance that he had when he met with Han Chu. The bruises on his face made him look really disheveled.

Facing the tease from the beauty, Ray smiled lightly. “I’m sorry, but the thing that you’re looking for is not with me.”

“Oh?” The beauty raised her brow. “Do you know what I’m looking for?”

Ray moved his face away to avoid the heel. He forced himself up straighter and responded with a question of his own. “You’re looking for those military arms, aren’t you?”

The beauty flashed a seductive smile. “You know me too well.”

“But you don’t know me enough,” Ray said airily. “When I got the chip, there wasn’t even a shred of information about the military arms to begin with. I believe the seller has already surrendered it to his own government.”

The beauty’s face dropped. “Do you think I’ll believe a lie like that?”

Ray glanced toward the toppled bookshelf. “The chip is right there; you can see it for yourself.”

The beauty did move toward it. She opened the laptop, inserted the chip, pulled out the document, and was silent for three seconds. “You are indeed a careful man. Looks like you knew I’d be paying you a visit.”

The beauty turned the laptop around and hissed angrily at Ray, “This chip has been wiped clean already!”

Ray was stunned, and he realized what had happened. He had been tricked! Those b*stards must have planned to destroy the evidence once the transaction had been completed.

“I don’t even know who you are,” Ray countered.

The beauty smiled coldly. “I’m Jennifer.”

What the f*ck! Isn’t she just the mistress‽