Chapter 478 - Maxed Charm Stats

Chapter 478: Maxed Charm Stats

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Of course, there was news. If there was no news, Ye Shuang would not have dragged the man home. He was not a good man anyway; a roadside or ditch would suit him better. Ye Shuang sat with one leg stepping on the man. Her elbows were placed on her knees as she leaned forward to ask, “Just now, you said that there is a man trapped inside the room prepared for your wedding. That news is not fake, right?”

The man was covered in cold sweat. The interrogator was giving off the message, ‘If you dare lie, I’ll incapacitate you.’ Thus, how would he dare lie about this? He quickly nodded like a chicken pecking on rice. The man cried with tears, “It’s true. I saw that man myself. I… I even fed him dinner.”

“Ye, what have you done to him?” Anthony asked curiously.

If it was just a beating, why was he so scared? Ye Shuang smiled but did not answer. She took out a pistol to look around. She twirled it around expertly with her finger on the trigger before putting it back in her breast pocket. The man instantly cried again, and Anthony understood it immediately.

No wonder the man reacted like this. It looked like the partner that the kidnapper had found was not that reliable. He had not really encountered the real underside of the underworld.

With confirmed information on Han Chu, the gang breathed easier. The nervousness that they had felt from a lack of information dissipated. Su Zheng could even threaten with a gleeful smile, “Tell us everything you know, or you know what will happen.”

She might not have had the nerve to do what she said, but she could voice it aloud.

The captured man was not so tough. He did not know much but provided a detailed description of the house and the perimeter of the location where Han Chu was imprisoned. He did not even leave out the location of the ditch around the house. He was really afraid of Su Zheng’s threat and fearful for his life…

They got the information that they needed. With another hit, Ye Shuang knocked the man out and dropped him inside the storeroom. After she tied him up, she walked out to see Anthony leaning on the table drawing a map.

“There are too many trees around here. The satellite cannot capture the outside situation of the house too clearly, so a hand drawn map should be clearer,” Anthony explained with a smile. His hand carved out the many lines, and the amount of detail showed that this was not going to be a simple map.

Overseas, due to the high cost of living, many families did the maintenance themselves. From plumbing to mowing, from making fences to fixing the electric lines, they did everything themselves. If they did not have time, they would hire kids from the neighborhood. After all, it would be cheaper than calling in professionals. Because of that, when many foreign movies showed people doing dark technology in their own home, it was not an exaggeration—it was inspired by the truth.

Even though Anthony specialized in high tech stuff, he needed to eat, sleep, bath, watch TV and fix things when the stuff in his home broke. Influenced by this kind of environment and the specialist path that he walked, he had naturally mastered quite a number of skills from the tech tree. He could have come up with the design for an ironman helmet, much less a simple map. Most likely, only a uranium plant blueprint would stifle him.

Seeing that Anthony had started to plan the route, she decided to save some energy and waited for the assignment given to her. As she sat down, Su Zheng, who also had nothing to do, sneaked over. Then again, she was used to sneaking around.

“Brother Shuang, when do you think Uncle Han will find this place?” Other than saving Han Chu, Su Zheng was also worried about the senior’s reaction. After all, they did escape from him, and to do this, they had taken down the whole unit. Now that she thought about it, her scalp was numb. Su Zheng was not afraid of the actual punishment, but the days waiting for the punishment were too hard to bear. That was especially so, now that they were almost ready to make a move—what if her nervousness affected her?

Ye Shuang turned over with a smile. “Are you feeling scared?”

Su Zheng giggled and then scratched her head embarrassedly.

Actually, I’m scared myself… Ye Shuang sighed and looked out at the night sky “How about you go and say something to Uncle Han?”

“huh?” Su Zheng was confused.

“I saw some reflections in the dark earlier—there should be someone watching us using binoculars,” Ye Shuang explained slowly and systematically. “That place isn’t the direction of the house the man gave, and the arrangement looks to be too precise. It should be Uncle Han’s people.”

The officials were naturally more efficient than Ye Shuang’s group. Just the manpower alone could beat them by a yard.

“Uncle Han is one who will look at the big picture. He probably knew about Brother Han’s location earlier than we did, but making the move now will get him nothing. So, I believe he purposely let this be to see if he can catch any big fish.” Ye Shuang smiled helplessly. “Unfortunately, my sight is not as far-reaching as his; I only care about my own… You should go and meet up with Uncle Han. It’s safer for you to stay with him.”

Su Zheng’s mind was a mess. When she heard that Uncle Han was around, she had almost hugged her head and squirreled away. But after hearing what Ye Shuang said, Su Zheng soon recovered and yelled, “Why are you telling me to run away alone, Brother Shuang? What kind of person do you think I am? Brother Han is my friend too!”

“What can you do?” Ye Shuang did not get mad and did not get into a fight with Su Zheng but asked this question calmly.

Su Zheng was stumped. She wanted to say that she knew how to steal and pick locks, but Ye Shuang knew that as well. She wanted to say that she could be the lookout, but if she ran into anyone, she did not have the capability to even fight back. She was not good with guns and could cause friendly fire. She was not good with close-quarter combat. At best, she ran faster than the others… So, what could she do?

Su Zheng felt wronged to the point her eyes welled up. She bit on her lips and puffed up her cheeks angrily at Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang looked at her helplessly. Seeing that the girl was unwilling to cooperate, she sighed and raised her hand to pat her head. “Don’t act like this.”

Thinking about this, Ye Shuang suddenly reached over to hug Su Zheng. “Brother Han is my friend, but you are also my friend…”

If Su Zheng had an irreplaceable role, then she would not need to teeter, but since it was not necessary for her to stay, why should she get involved in something so dangerous?

Su Zheng’s eyes were wide from shock; the shock even stopped her tears. The warmth of human body with the undercurrent of the grass in the night tickled her nostrils. A kiss as soft as a butterfly’s flapping of wings landed on her forehead. Then a magnetic male voice drifted into her ears. “Listen to me, okay?”


Beauty has failed me again! ┭┮﹏┭┮