Chapter 423 - Playing Hooky

Chapter 423: Playing Hooky

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Han Chu could not understand why would Ye Shuang fall into silence out of nowhere.

Even when he initiated the conversation, she would just glare at him, looking irritated. There was a clear disdain in her eyes, saying, I don’t want to talk to you right now.

It was a perfect suggestion. He could not understand why would Ye Shuang have such a reaction.

Ye Shuang had memorized everything in the chip completely and manually transferred it into Han Chu’s database.

Therefore, the last day of Anthony’s work was nothing but destroying the original copy. Naturally, he told Madam Grace that he was there to unlock the duplication prohibition.

Ye Shuang chose to stay home since she was not needed at the job. However, Anthony called Ye Shuang, feeling wronged after she had just spent her morning doing nothing.

“They detained you?” Ye Shuang was cooking sweet and sour pork ribs. She tilted her head to hold her phone between her ear and shoulder. She did not slow down at all; she even had the mood to tease him. “And you’re still calling me to tell me. The treatment isn’t too shabby.”

Anthony complained and whined before explaining the situation. “They want me to recover the chip. How is that possible? The chip is completely burnt now.”

Ye Shuang heard a loud banging noise on the other side of the phone. She could totally imagine Anthony hitting the chip with his tool while looking upset. “So, when are you coming back? Will they only release you after you’ve recovered the chip?”

“I’ve no idea. No matter what, Madam Grace has no intention of letting me go.” Anthony sighed. “Han has turned off his phone; I can’t reach him. Can you call him for me? Get him to come here and talk to them.”

Naturally, there was no problem at all.

After hanging up the call, Ye Shuang had lunch with her family and headed to the hotel that the Han parents were currently staying.

Even though the son’s phone was turned off, at least the parents would know how to get him.

Ye Shuang’s plan was great. Unfortunately, it was crushed when she met the parents.

Mother Han seemed surprised. “Xiao Chu is missing? If you can’t find him, how would we know where he is‽”

She then looked like she had gotten used to that and waved casually. “That guy always go missing anyway. He’ll show himself some time soon.”

I do not have the time, aunty. There’s a brother whose life is on the line. Feeling helpless, Ye Shuang bade farewell to the Han parents and contacted other people.

“Mr. Han didn’t come to me,” Xiao San said. “We’re busy house hunting; we don’t have the time to deal with the rest and to talk to him.”

“He’s missing? God damn it, what kind of trick is he playing?” Yao Zhixing grumbled.

“Maybe… he needs alone time?” Han Su suggested.

Ye Shuang called everyone who knew Han Chu, whether they were familiar with each other or not, following the contact book. However, Han Chu’s whereabouts aside, these people had not even spoken to Han Chu on the phone recently.

So, where did he go?

Since Ye Shuang had tried everything, she could only tell Anthony about the situation, feeling sorry when he called.

Anthony was upset, but he knew that no amount of manpower could change such an objective factor. He asked Ye Shuang not to give up and call him as soon as she found Han Chu.

Since it was theoretically impossible to recover the chip, Anthony was prohibited from contacting people outside at the moment. As expected, Madam Grace was unwilling to release him. Therefore, Anthony got Ye Shuang to help him acquire a tool box from the apartment so that he could work on the recovery.

When Ye Shuang arrived at the apartment, she was speechless when she found Han Chu unconscious and with a high fever in the master bedroom…

The room was a little dark. As the inhabitant did not open the curtains during the day, the entire space was dimmed. Even the air was a little stuffy.

Han Chu lay quietly on the large bed. The collar of his pajamas and hair close to his forehead were drenched in sweat. He frowned slightly as his eyes were closed. He seemed to be unsettled even in his dream. There was an unnatural blush on his face, and his breath was heavy.

“Brother Han?” Ye Shuang walked silently to him and placed the back of her hand on his forehead. She was shocked by the crazily high temperature. “Brother Han? Can you hear me?”

Ye Shuang was planning to carry him straight to the hospital as she asked that.

In the nick of time, Han Chu finally opened his eyes when Ye Shuang had removed the blanket and almost shoved her arm under his body. Although his eyes were blurry and his voice was a little coarse, he was conscious. “Xiao Shuang?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Ye Shuang was moved. “How come you’ve got a fever, Brother Han? Tony has been looking for you. I couldn’t find you after almost flipping the entire San Lin City upside-down. Never did I think you’d be suffering from fever here.”

Although he was in pain because of the fever, Han Chu felt speechless at the moment. “I’ll feel better after I rest.”

He attempted to sit up as he spoke. Ye Shuang helped him immediately and shoved a pillow behind his back. “Since resting doesn’t seem to work, why don’t I take you to the hospital?”

She rushed to the washroom before he could respond. “I’ll fetch water to wipe your body.”

Han Chu was a little bit of a hygiene freak. He did not feel it when he fell asleep, but he felt very uncomfortable all over when he was woken up now.

“Hmm,” he grunted with his nasal voice in a mellow manner as he leaned on the bed with his eyes closed. “It’s unnecessary to go to the hospital; I’ll just rest at home.”

Ye Shuang could still hear sound even when she was across the room. She was just in the master bedroom’s bathroom, so it was only natural that she heard his weak voice.

Soon, she came out with hot water and a small flannel. Ye Shuang complained a little while she placed the stuff on the bedhead. “Do you think you’re as strong as I am? Pfft, you think you’re fine?”

She tossed the flannel into the pail and squeezed it. She wiped Han Chu’s drenched hair near his forehead and covered his entire head with the flannel mercilessly.

She was irritated as she took care of him. “How did this happen?”

Han Chu snatched the flannel weakly while struggling a little. He wiped himself after glaring at Ye Shuang. He was still in a good enough mood to calmly analyze his illness. “Perhaps I’ve not gotten enough sleep recently. I got a cold at the same time when my immune system was dropping…”

You stupid thing. Ye Shuang became speechless.