Chapter 308 - Not Quite an Atomic Bomb

Chapter 308: Not Quite an Atomic Bomb

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Cedrick was not as lucky as Anthony, who had someone that he could scrounge off, but thankfully, with his career as the gentleman, the hotel that he stayed at was quite luxurious. When he was called on the phone by Anthony, he had been sight-seeing around San Lin City. Even though there was nothing to see in the city, it was fine getting to know the bus routes and which roads inaccessible.

The reason outsiders lost to locals—other than the lack of connections—was because they were not familiar with the environment. It would truly be laughable if a renowned thief was held up by some construction during a getaway.

Cedrick had always been careful, so the first thing he did when he arrived at a new place was familiarize himself with the surroundings. Just as he was masquerading as a backpacking youth, Anthony’s call came.

“Oh, now you wish to see me?” Cedrick very happily narrowed his eyes, and he looked just like a cheerful teen, but the words he said were different from his expression. “And here I thought that I would have to make some chaos before you contacted me.”

“There is nothing worth stealing here.” Anthony sighed. “There are not that many rich moguls or collectors… Cedrick, I have to say you have chosen the wrong target this time. This is a city lacking in passion and imagination.”

“It’s fine, as long as you’re here.” Cedrick blinked. “By the way, do you finally remember who I am? I heard you call my name earlier.”

Anthony was surprised. “Xiao Shuang already told me that in France, didn’t she?”

So, you still haven’t remembered it? Cedrick hung up the phone immediately, and he planned to steal some stuff later to unwind. Anthony did not pay it any heed; he shrugged and sent a message. The content was a time and an address. He put the phone away before getting a reply… He was sure that Cedrick would show up when the time came.

Then, it was the issue with Edward. The clues that the man had given still needed to be checked and confirmed. That would take several days, so temporarily, Anthony had to pause his other cases to focus on this. That was how Ye Shuang’s team spent the morning, either working or spectating someone else working.

Cedrick continued his sight-seeing, and like he predicted, he did steal around five wallets to vent his displeasure. Normally, Cedrick would not be so obvious when he arrived at a new place, but it was easy to do something unpredictable when one’s cool had been lost… To put it in a nicer way, he was seeking adrenaline, and to put it frankly, he was seeking trouble. In any case, with his skill, it was hard for him to fail.

After spending an hour cleaning the street, Cedrick turned into a shop to purchase a hat and sunglasses. The hat covered his flax-colored hair to only reveal some fringe. His features that were softer than a normal foreigner’s were hidden under the hat, and with the sunglasses, one would not realize that this was a foreigner without a closer look.

After he walked past another two streets, he continued to steal. He saw a good car parked by the road, and the owner was inside a restaurant. When Cedrick walked to the car, the owner looked like he was ordering… Therefore, naturally, he took out his tools, and the car door was unlocked in less than three seconds. The whole process was smooth, and Cedrick very naturally crawled into the car like he was the owner. No one could see what was wrong with that…

“Wait! Who is that guy? Why did he get into Brother Yao’s car?” The youth in another car tossed out the cigarette butt and yelled in surprise. He poked his head out and then reached his upper body out to yell at the other car. “Xiao J, didn’t Brother Yao say he’ll come back soon after checking the account? Did he lend his car to someone?”

Another youth also stretched his body out from the car window. “I don’t think so! Brother Yao said that he’ll take ten minutes at most and then we’ll go for a car race, so it’s impossible for him to lend other people his car.”

Cedrick, who could only under simple Chinese, stunned the two youths when he drove past. It was not until the car disappeared around the corner that the two suddenly realized what had happened.

“What the f*ck, someone dares to steal Brother Yao’s car?” After the shock petered away, the two roared, “Get him, brothers!”

As that order was given, the six race cars parked by the roadside started their engines at the same time and rushed through the city traffic. They stepped on the gas to chase after the stolen car. Only one was left behind as the owner ran into the restaurant to report the situation to Yao Zhixing. “Not good, Brother Yao! A b*stard stole your car!”

Yao Zhixing, who was still traumatized from his previous car theft, was walking out with a USB in his hand. When he heard that, he was angered immediately. “Which b*stard is it? Quick, get someone to pull up the traffic record.”

“Ok!” The youth immediately used his phone to contact the other people in the team. Cedrick initially did not notice what was wrong. Based on his prediction, it would take at least half an hour before the owner realized that his car was gone. By then, he would have familiarized himself with the city already. He would have no need for the car, so he could just drop it by the roadside, and the owner probably would not come after him then.

Who would have thought that he would be so lucky as to steal from the local king on his first day of work?

Six race cars followed Cedrick on the road, not because they could not rival his speed but because it was inconvenient to do so in morning traffic. Therefore, other than sticking close to the man, they temporarily would not do anything like squeezing or ramming their cars together.

After driving for two blocks, Cedrick realized that something was wrong. Then again, how could he not when one of the drivers stayed beside him and rolled down his window to flip his off and yell at him. Then, when the driver called the traffic police…

Sh*t! Didn’t Anthony say this is a city without interest and passion?

“Local news, we received a citizen report at today’s noon that a foreign man was arrested due to illegal car racing within the city and car theft. Based on the police information, the man was an American citizen who stole a race car worth around 4,000,000 from XX Street at 11.20 am. He was spotted and chased down by the owner’s friends who were present, and finally…”

It was around 5 pm then. Ye Shuang held a glass of milk as she walked past the living room. She raised her brow and sighed. “A car worth 4,000,000, that’s either greed or cunning, serves the man right for having it stolen.”

Han Chu had his arm laid on the back of Anthony’s chair. He was leaning forward to read some information. Hearing Brother Shuang’s voice, he raised his head to ask, “You hate the rich?”

“Not really, but there is some envy,” Ye Shuang admitted freely. She walked over to say, “Plus, you have to admit that I have a point. Even if there are some rare cases where people work hard for their life, the majority is like what I said. Or else why would a common person spend so much on a car?”

Those who worked hard would not spend so much on something pretentious; they would go for practical things. A race car was impractical inside the city, and if just considering the usability and practicality, a car around several hundred thousand was enough.

Han Chu did not comment and looked back at the screen. He nodded before adding, “Later, I’ll be sure to tell Yao Zhixing this comment of yours.”

Can you not be so wicked? Ye Shuang coughed and tried to change the subject. “Then again, that car thief is the more impressive one. A foreigner coming to visit but dares to attempt such a big heist, the courage is not to be ignored. How was he going to sell the car once he stole it?”

“What if it was just for fun?” Han Chu said. “There is a chance that this is just a hobby for the man, like Cedrick for example…”

He stopped himself, and the room plummeted into a curious silence. Even Anthony’s insistent typing sound stopped for a while.

Han Chu turned his head silently around and shared a look with Ye Shuang, who looked so disbelieving. The two then turned back to the television at the same time. The news anchor had just finished the initial report, and the screen was turned to the on-site reporter. After the series of words from the traffic leader, inside the interrogation room, there was a youth whose face was mosaicked but that flax-colored hair was not to be missed.

Han Chu once again silently turned his head to Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang understood Han Chu immediately. She looked at the screen in disbelief until the foreigner disappeared from the screen. The news moved on, and the recovered Brother Shuang slowly turned his head around and nodded heavily. “…That is Cedrick alright.”

“…” Han Chu.

“…” Anthony, who also turned his head around.

“Ha ha ha ha! Look, the gentleman has been arrested in China!” Inside the FBI investigation room, a bald African American was guffawing as he slapped the table.

Inside the same office, the other agents who were working suddenly stopped, and they rushed over to look. “What’s happening? Why did the gentleman go to China?”

“That’s no important, how did he fail this time? Did he steal an atomic bomb?”

“Wow, this is unbelievable!”

“Quick! Immediately send a request for China to extradite the criminal. We cannot leave the gentleman with them!”

“Er…” The man’s passion was turned into cold sweat. He stuttered for a long time before saying, “I don’t think that is possible… the gentleman did not steal an atomic bomb; it was just a race car…”