Chapter 374 - Unruly Child

Chapter 374: Unruly Child

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For an expert like Anthony, to do something to the chip could not have been easier. For example, writing a program to delete everything inside the chip after the information had been fully copied or transferred…

Originally, this was to prevent the information from being leaked and to stop Ray from annoying them. If all the information had been transferred back to the base, then the chip had no reason to exist anymore. Even if there was an accident during the transference, Han Chu would have the extra copy with him. So, it was in a complete surprise that this back-up had successfully avoided Ray’s attempt to push Jennifer’s hostility onto Han Chu’s group.

“You’d better not play anymore tricks on me.” Jennifer seemed to have already decided that Ray had access to the military arms information and was refusing to give it to her. So, the blond beauty sighed weakly and looked at Ray like a mother negotiating with her unruly child. “Why don’t you make this easier for all of us and give me what I need? Hmm?”

The thin finger caressed Ray’s chin, but it caused the latter to break out in cold sweat like he was being targeted by a viper. Even though Ray would never submit to the enemy, at a time like that, he felt so incredibly wronged. “But I really don’t have what you want!”

Believe me, woman! Those people have tricked me! It was them who destroyed the evidence!

Can you understand the feeling of being captured by someone and being tricked by another‽

He was under so much pressure that he was about to turn into a pressure cooker!

“All we need to do is make a call?” After Han Chu communicated with the security company on the phone about Ray’s safety, Ye Shuang frowned, thinking that they had not done enough. “The guards wouldn’t have arrived just to collect Ray’s body, would they?”

Han Chu looked at the time before glancing out the window. “Now is not the time to worry about others. We have completed our part of the transaction. Mr. Ray left his security concerns to the security company, not us… Even though Tony has added a small program to the chip, the party who assaulted Mr. Ray might not have noticed that, but that does not mean that other people might not use this chance to direct the danger our way…”

As they spoke, Edward put on a new mask. He changed his jacket and changed his face. After he removed his casual outfit, he turned into a retired old man who could be seen wandering the streets in his fitness shirt and shorts.

“Then, I shall bid farewell. Good luck.” Edward put on a hearing aid to complete the disguise. He used a particularly local accent to bid them farewell while giving them a flying kiss. “Bye!”

Ye Shuang gritted her teeth while watching Edward’s retreating figure. “That damn fatty sure knows how to run away from trouble.”

Han Chu turned to look at Anthony wordlessly.

Anthony moved to the seat that Edward had occupied earlier with a smile. He stooped down and looked on the cushion. “Bingo, we found a hair!”

“It is attached to a follicle?” Han Chu asked lightly. He leaned over to look at Anthony’s hand. Then he nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad, even though we might not know that old fox’s real identity, we should send it for analysis.”

Anthony took out a plastic bag that he had prepared from his pocket. He dropped the hair inside it and patted it twice. Then, he stood up to look around the room with some regret. “So… are we going to move again?”

“Obviously.” Han Chu had already started to pack. “If Mr. Ray really directs the enemy’s ire toward us, this place will no longer be safe. Xiao Shuang, you should go pack as well. Just bring the important stuff. Leave behind the change of clothes and daily items. That might slow the enemy down for a while, letting them think we’re just going out for a short trip.”

Then, he turned to order Anthony, “Leave behind a few bugs and cameras. Let’s see if we can gather some useful information.”

After everything was planned, the two men started to pack. The main thing to carry was Han Chu’s laptop and Anthony’s computer, then came the various machines and tools made by the latter and some banned machines.

Ye Shuang actually stayed at the other apartment, but she had been staying at Han Chu’s for the past few days for safety reason. The readers and Ye Shuang herself had probably forgotten that she had her own place. Incidentally, her personal effects had already been moved there, so there was no reason for her to stay there anymore. She only needed to bring along her identification cards, phone, laptop, and so on. The only thing extra in her luggage was the bottle of ‘special’ lollipops.

While the boys were busy packing, she took a quick inventory of her stock. There were not many, only five, but that should be enough to last her a few days should she fail to find little boys to kiss.

Anthony went to install the bugs while Han Chu walked around the rooms to ensure they have not left anything behind. He happened to walk into Ye Shuang counting the lollipops. He glanced outside and saw Anthony climb up to the ceiling, so he stooped lower and asked in a low voice, “Looks like this is not a bad idea, how are you holding up?”

Ye Shuang nodded. She glanced at Anthony before saying, “A lollipop can last me a whole day. I didn’t prepare many this time since it is just a test run, but next time, I should prepare more.”

Han Chu silently counted the lollipops in the bottle. “You can still hold on for another five days… Have you eaten one today?”

Ye Shuang nodded and Han Chu added. “Then, we can maintain this for another six days. If it’s possible, try to maintain your current condition for this period of time.”

It was not that Brother Shuang was bad, but he was too eye-catching.

It was better to keep a low profile when they wanted to go out. What if they ran into someone shameless who was courageous enough to follow the handsome man, causing a bigger following? They might have the whole city out to get a glimpse of the handsome man, and then what would the point of trying to hide their tracks be?

Ye Shuang heard the words that were left unsaid by Han Chu. She could imagine how things would be if she was Brother Shuang, and she broke out in cold sweat. Her fingers that gripped the bottle tightened. “I will definitely try my best!”

With the problem on that side solved, Su Zheng and Ol’ K, who had been dragged out by Su Zheng to go shopping and help carry her bags, were both summoned home. They were briefed on the situation and were told to pack. Everything was ready, and they were about to leave…

“Wait, I need to take this.”

Ye Shuang, who was in the driver’s seat, made an apologetic face. She took out the phone and glanced at it. “It’s Brother Liu.”

After explaining it to the rest, she answered it. “Hello?”

“Xiao Ye, where are you now?” Brother Liu sounded serious on the phone. Before waiting for Ye Shuang’s answer, he said, “Listen, the woman that you’re looking for is not a simple character. That house that you told me to observe just blew up from an exploding gas cannister.”