Chapter 228 - Sister Yao Suffers a Breakdown or Two

Chapter 228: Sister Yao Suffers a Breakdown or Two

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Yao Zhixing being injured, this was truly out of people’s expectation. After all, the fixed impression ran too deep. The man had always been confident and lucky. He had always been so great and powerful that one would have incredible trouble imagining him in a low moment.

It was also because he was too lively usually that once people heard he was injured and hospitalized, it was so drastically out of the realm of possibility that one had a hard time accepting such crazy news.

Ye Shuang managed to finish a journey that normally would take almost one hour in under twenty minutes. Furthermore, this was not at the mountain tracks where there were little to no cars at midnight—this was on the city’s road in the afternoon near the time when people were getting off from work.

Sister Yao was on the verge of a mental breakdown. As crazy as Yao Zhixing could get, when Sister Yao was inside his car, he was careful of his twin sister’s acceptance level. Therefore, this was truly the first time in her life that Sister Yao had experienced such daring racing. She had no idea that, after Ye Shuang gained the alien DNA, her winning rate at racing was actually just a tad higher than Yao Zhixing’s.

Very soon, the car arrived at the hospital entrance that was mentioned by Han Chu on the phone. When Ye Shuang opened the door to get down, Sister Yao’s legs were already like gummy. Her hands quivered so greatly that she had trouble grabbing the door handle. It was ultimately Ye Shuang who helped her pull the door open from outside. Ye Shuang pulled out a weakened girl from her car.

“My… my brother…” Sister Yao bit on her lips and closed her eyes as she took in two deep breaths to suppress the feeling of fear. She gritted her teeth and used Ye Shuang’s arm as support to stand upright. Even though she was still weak and feeling flimsy in the limbs, she was getting better than before.

Ye Shuang’s other hand that was not occupied raised itself to signal for Sister Yao to slow down for a minute. She then reached into her pocket to grab her phone, which was ringing. “Hmm, Brother Han? We’re already at the hospital. Huh, we’re not fast. We’re just happened to be in the area earlier, definitely did not race here. Ha ha ha ha…”

After dealing with Han Chu, Ye Shuang wiped away the sweat and called the number that Yao Zhixing once given her. “Xiao X, this is Sister Shuang. Today, I might have sped on the road to come visit Brother Yao at the hospital. There is a high possibility of me being marked by the speeding machine. Please help me deal with it. Thank you.”

Sister Yao stared at Ye Shuang as she lied to her friend on one hand and then destroy the evidence on the other. She was so speechless that she did not know what to do anymore. However, based on how she was reacting and how coolly she handled the situation, Yao Zhixing’s injury did not seem as serious as she imagined. This discovery greatly calmed Sister Yao’s panicking heart.

Yao Zhixing was placed in a single room, Room 323. The elevator led up to the third floor and opened. Without even needing to stop and ask, Yao Zhixing’s very powerful and annoyed voice came from the left corridor. “The thing that I’ve broken is my arm, not legs. So, why can’t I get out of bed? Furthermore, the food here is disgusting. Smoking is my only release, and you’re even taking that away from me?”

Sister Yao heard that. Even though her emotions were already calming down, it was not until then that she finally confirmed that Yao Zhixing was really alright. It’s fine, based on the power in his voice, the man will be able to terrorize San Lin City for a few more years.

Therefore, with the sense of relief washing over her, her tears instantly flowed out. They turned in her eyes but did not fall. She pouted and picked up her running speed as she abandoned Ye Shuang and rushed into the room that Yao Zhixing’s voice was coming out from.

Han Chu was sitting next to the bed, peeling an apple. The peel was equally thin, and it did not break off. He listened to Yao Zhixing’s endless grumbling, but his expression was unfazed and calm. His brows did not even twitch once.

Yao Zhixing was in the middle of another complaint. He was grabbing the cup of water to quench his thirst before continuing when the door to the room was pushed open. Yao Zhixing turned to look on reflex and saw his sister charge into the room. She looked so pitiful with her eyes red with tears. Instantly, Yao Zhixing felt his temples pulse and wished that he could pretend to faint and collapse right there and then.

“Big brother!” Before Yao Zhixing could figure out a way to explain this situation, Sister Yao had already collapsed on his bed with fraying emotions.

Han Chu stood up calmly and vacated the spot for Sister Yao. He also made use of this opportunity to deposit the apple peel in the waste basket. He lifted the apple to his lips and took a bite out of it. He cleaned the knife and then lifted his eyes to look at the door, nodding. “You’re here?”

Ye Shuang leaned against the door with her arms crossed. Her lips twitched twice as she saw Sister Yao flood the room with her tears. Yao Zhixing was too busy comforting his sister to do anything else, so all he could do was to turn his head to nod at her. “Everything is fine with Brother Yao, right?”

Han Chu took another bite out of the apple before glancing at Yao Zhixing. “The man is fine. Breaking his arm might just be the thing we need to make him rest for a few days to prevent him from wandering about and creating trouble.”

One of Yao Zhixing’s arms was wrapped up in a cast before him while the other arm was not that much better. There were several rounds of bandage around the upper arm and the shoulder. When he moved, it did not look like its dexterity was influenced by needles, so it was probably just scratches.

On the face and the parts of his skin where they were showing, there were some bruises. However, the lower body was completely covered by a blanket. It was probably fine or else Yao Zhixing would not have been so lively and even have asked to leave the bed. Hearing Han Chu say that, Yao Zhixing glared the man’s way, planning to say something, but Sister Yao, who had gulped down the glass of water, had refilled the water in her body and was starting a second round of waterworks. Yao Zhixing could not pull his attention away from his sister, and under the circumstance, he could not say no to her demands, so he had to agree to the many promises Sister Yao made him agree to in order to console her.

Since this was such a valuable opportunity, Sister Yao would not have missed out on the chance to add more limitations to Yao Zhixing. Of course, how long this would carry on was another issue. Furthermore, the promises that Yao Zhixing made were not actually devoid of loopholes. For example, Sister Yao told him to ‘not do anything dangerous again’. Yao Zhixing promised her that, but the definition of ‘dangerous’ in his mind, compared to what Sister Yao had in mind, was probably different.

Ye Shuang assessed the room and predicted correctly that Yao Zhixing would be preoccupied. She pulled out a stool and sat down. She turned to Han Chu to get the man to fill her in on the rest. “So, what really happened?”

“It is just as I said on the phone.” Han Chu also pulled a stool to sit down. “Lately, there has been an escalated conflict between Zhixing and Zhou Yue’s people. There were several times were it almost led to a physical altercation. This kind of thing would only escalate; no one would suddenly stop for no reason. Therefore, it is only natural for the situation to get more and more intense. Eventually, it got to such a stage where he and Zhou Yue would have a hard time to maintain the balance.

“It was probably just an accident this time. Zhixing drove to a countryside villa to have lunch with his racers. When they were leaving the city, they sped up since this was their usual habit when there were little people on the road. To their surprise, someone raced out from the side lane. Zhixing managed to serve and avoid the man, but the man still toppled to the ground…”

At this point, Han Chu could not resist turning to glance at Yao Zhixing, and he smirked coldly. “However, Zhixing was incensed, thinking the man was purposely doing that to use the injury to frame the driver. However, he only took a few steps when the man suddenly stood up from the ground and started running. Then, before he realized what was happening, he was surrounded by a gang of bikers on the road…”

Han Chu did not need to describe the rest; Ye Shuang had basically understood what had happened. Since there was a professional bait and the gang of bikers, this was obviously a designed trap. The other gang was targeting Yao Zhixing. Even though they might not have the guts to really kill the man, they were not going to leave after giving him a scare. Perhaps breaking a few limbs was also part of the plan. Thankfully, Yao Zhixing was quite agile as a person, and with his quick reaction, he managed to evade much of the assault.

Ye Shuang held her chin to look at Yao Zhixing on the bed, and she turned around. “Then how can we be sure this was done by Zhou Yue’s people?”

Yao Zhixing managed to clear some time in his schedule to utter, “The little sh*t was hiding at the market next to the street, and I caught him with my eyes.”

“So, there’s that.” Han Chu nodded. “I also think this person does not have a high IQ. The culprit personally went to the crime scene to witness everything to make himself feel better; this seriously is something that has no benefit to him. The plan had already been set. Even if he was not present, everything would still have gone according to plan. Him being there would just hand over the weakness to the other party. Then again, this did help us save the need for an investigation.’

“Who exactly is this guy?” Ye Shuang asked Yao Zhixing this time. “Has Brother Yao reported it to the police?”

“Reported it to the police?” Yao Zhixing hissed through gritted teeth. “That would be going easy on them. When I’m on my feet again, I’ll personally go take my revenge.”

Sister Yao’s crying started anew, and Yao Zhixing choked on his words. The headache returned. How could he have forgotten that his sister was still in the room?

However, Han Chu ignored the crying and continued the conversation. “There’s really not much we should do about this man. He’s too easily provoked and has the guts but no brain. He really should not have come after Zhixing. This was more than just being an idiot. We only need to reach out to the parents of his family. Just to answer to the Yao family, his father will probably break his two legs.”

It was just a private child that was taught a lesson by Yao Zhixing before. He was probably too pampered by his family to realize his actual status. Men usually valued their own children—be it out of wedlock or official children, they would love them just the same.

However, there was a limit to everything. If this was just an economic problem, then it would have been fine—they would be willing to help their children arrange some role or purchase for them real estate. However, if the child really did something stupid… like going after people that they could not afford to offend… then one would be able to tell the difference between an official child and one out of wedlock.

Unless the man was really in love with the mistress, he normally would not protect the b*stard son. Be it for his own family business or for the sake of his own son being able to take over the business in the future, no matter how he looked at it, losing a b*stard son to solve a problem was something that was too worth it. In any case, if it was the official son that happened into a problem like this, the man of the house would need to struggle for a while, to see whether there was a chance to resolve this issue quietly.

But Yao Zhixing was still feeling quite annoyed. “Letting other people handle this, that’s all‽”

It felt so bad to be unable to punish the man himself. Fighting his own fight and allowing others to fight for him, Yao Zhixing always preferred the former.

“There’s still Zhou Yue and that biker gang, right?” Ye Shuang smiled. “If you’re still up for it, I’m sure they’re able to play with you. Zhou Yue can be toyed with, and the bikers can be used for your recovery.”

Ye Shuang just finished when they heard the sound of an argument coming from the outside corridor. It sounded like there was some sort of altercation. Ye Shuang looked left and right and stood up to head to the door. “I’ll go see what’s happening.”

Han Chu tossed her a glance and stood up with a “tsk”. He then followed Ye Shuang. Sister Yao wanted to follow but was afraid that she might make things worse. She was hesitating whether to leave the room or not when she heard Yao Zhixing console her. “It’s fine. Xiao Shuang is able to take down a whole army. This is a small matter for her.”

Sister Yao choked on her words, and suddenly, she did not even know what to say.

Ye Shuang pulled open the door and walked out. She stood just outside the door and turned to look in the direction where the sound of argument was coming from. She saw two young men in the middle of the fight. Around them were several people either egging them on or trying to stop the fight. Based on the content of the argument, which was mainly just curse words, it was hard to tell what they were arguing about.

Other than the spectators, there were also doctors and nurses who were there to break up the fight. They advised and explained patiently, trying to get the young men to calm down. The problem was, these people had completely ignored the hospital staff. They seemed to be having a good time, scolding and kicking at each other. From the looks of it, they had no qualms dragging the innocent bystanders into their argument.

Han Chu glanced at the situation and pressed on Ye Shuang’s shoulders with a frown. “There’s nothing interesting for us to see. Come back to the room and close the door.”

Ye Shuang also thought it was quite boring. If they were just arguing, it would have been fine. They were already fighting, but all they were shouting were curse words. How boring was that? They looked young and feisty, but even after so long, no one was bleeding.

Even with those people holding you back, couldn’t you have struggled harder?

Ye Shuang glanced at them twice and already felt bored. This pair’s fighting power was even less than the middle-aged ladies. Just as Ye Shuang pouted and was about to go back into the room and close the door, perhaps she had imagined it, she felt like the fighting group was silently moving her way.

Even though it looked like they were moving due to the movement in the fights, to be able to move so fast in the middle of a fight, no matter how dumb one was, one should be able to tell something was wrong.

Ye Shuang did not even turn around. When she felt there was an aura coming right at her, she reacted naturally and turned around with a swift kick.

Behind her, the young man who had just reached half of his arm out did not even have the chance to react. In that split second, it felt like some great pressure was assaulting him, and his whole body was lifted off the ground and flew backward. He careened into three people behind him, and the whole stack flew and knocked into the wall. After causing a loud boom, they slid down from the wall, fully unconscious.

Wait, something is not right with the script.

When Han Chu heard the voices, he quite turned around. He saw the group of people that had suddenly moved to the door and the shocked faces that looked at Ye Shuang. Instantly, he was struck speechless. Since the door was left open, the Yao family siblings who were inside the room also saw everything. They saw how Ye Shuang managed to commit the crime.

Earlier, when Sister Yao sensed something wrong, she was about to call out to warn Ye Shuang. Her scream was still stuck in her throat, and now, she quickly swallowed it back. Yao Zhixing slapped the edge of his bed and laughed loudly. “Going for a sneak attack around Xiao Shuang? These people sure love seeking death.”

Sister Yao frowned. How come it feels like big brother’s IQ is getting lower and lower.

Ye Shuang slowly pulled back her raised foot, and her eyes scanned the group of stunned individuals that had circled around the door. She thought about it, and it finally dawned on her. “Wait, you’re all partners, right?”

Just breaking an arm did not complete the quest that they had been given, so they came to the hospital to finish what they started.

After realizing the truth, Ye Shuang smiled. The soft features were a great contrast to the explosive power that she had showcased earlier. Seeing the smile on her face, the people around the door felt chills running up their spines.

They subconsciously retreated several steps back. They cleared up the space around the door. Ye Shuang saw this and walked out. She slid the door shut gracefully and then cracked her knuckles. Her fair small fist knocked into the door, and instantly, a deep groove appeared on the solid door. The space between the door, and the wall even had a rain of dust fall down, “Want to fight?”

Han Chu, who was unable to stop the door from being ruined, could not say anything. Have I judged her fighting ability wrong from the very beginning?

Of all the individuals inside the sick room, Yao Zhixing was most familiar with Ye Shuang’s ability. Naturally, he was excited for the show that was about to happen. Han Chu knew a bit about Ye Shuang’s power, but he had not witnessed it for himself. After a moment of silence, he decided to put his trust in Ye Shuang and sat down patiently for the result.

Sister Yao felt like her whole worldview had been turned upside down. She had a hard time imagining that Ye Shuang was even more unbelievable than she imagined. What happened to the intellectual type that she saw yesterday? If they really got married, then the whole of San Lin City was probably going to collapse from the joint forces of her brother and sister-in-law!

Very soon, the sound of human bodies slamming against the wall drifted in from the corridor. This was coupled by the begging sound of a whole group of people as well as the doctors’ urgent cries for Ye Shuang to stop the madness. On top of that was the scream of the nurses who were shocked by the massacre that was happening before their eyes.

Sister Yao’s worldview was slowly being reconstructed, and her face was blank. Yao Zhixing picked up the slack expertly. Using his single arm, he started to make many calls.

“Xiao A, your Sister Shuang is punching people at Hospital XX. Call the ambulance… Actually, no wait, I forgot, we’re already at the hospital. Then forget I called, bye.”

“Xiao B, your Sister Shuang is punching people at Hospital XX. When the hospital staff call for the police, remember not to come so soon.”

“Xiao C, your Sister Shuang is punching people at Hospital XX. Help me contact the department of health to come talk to the director of the hospital.”

“Xiao D, your Sister Shuang is punching people at Hospital XX…”

Han Chu very patiently looked at Yao Zhixing. He thought about it and did not stop the fun for the both of them. However, Sister Yao, who recovered from the shock, saw how familiar her brother was at helping Ye Shuang pick up the mess, and she could not stop the hot tears from sliding down her cheeks.

Cheering each other when they raced, watching for the police when the other got into a fight… Ultimately, she had been too naïve. She had guessed the beginning but not the ending. When the two of them combined together, then truly that was the final boss!

Ye Shuang completed the battle in less than five minutes. When the yelling petered down to just painful moans, the girl opened the slightly twisted door and walked in with a refreshing smile. Outside, other than the broken army that was lying on the ground, there were also the shivering doctors and nurses who did not dare come any closer.

Closing the door, Ye Shuang went back to the stool next to the bed and sat down like nothing had happened. “Brother Yao, I don’t think you should stay here anymore. It would be best for you to leave here as soon as possible and move back home. If there’s not possible, see if you have any friends who are in this business. Change to another hospital and ask for a VIP room… I fear these people are coming for your life, trying to come for you when you’re injured.”

“…Killing people is probably too far, but coming over to create problem and add more injuries is definitely possible.” Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang before turning to tell Yao Zhixing, “I also think it’s best if you move back home to recover. You can hire a live-in nurse to look after you. In any case, you do not show any sign of any internal injuries, and all you’ve suffered are external wounds. After they give up the bandage, just remember to change them often, stay away from water, and take good care of your food intake.”

“Spicy food, cigarettes, and alcohol are banned temporarily!” Sister Yao added on instinct, and she could not resist sneaking a few glances at Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang blinked and smiled shyly like she was ashamed of the attention. She glanced at Sister Yao and quickly moved her eyes away when she was discovered. Sister Yao was first stunned, then scared, and finally confused—When did this person study her expression and manage to mimic it so perfectly?

After more persuasion and considering what had just happened, Yao Zhixing had no choice but to agree to move back home to rest.

Actually, he wanted to keep the whole thing under wraps. He would come up with an excuse like he was leaving the city for a race or something like that and only returned home when his injury had almost recovered. He did not expect Han Chu to call Ye Shuang and Ye Shuang to arrive with a Sister Yao in tow. Since Sister Yao knew about it, the whole family knew about it.

The process to leave the hospital was completed swiftly. Han Chu went off to deal with Ye Shuang’s physical altercation at the hospital. Since Yao Zhixing had already found people to liaise with the staff, the hospital naturally would not make things difficult for them.

Furthermore, after some investigation, it was found that the bunch who had been beaten up was the group who had started the instigation. The punches and kicks had already been delivered. The police came efficiently and dragged the criminals away. They did not breathe a word about the fight. As long as they were not idiots, people could tell that someone had already reached out to the police.

Not long after that, Yao Zhixing changed his clothes and left the hospital with Ye Shuang and the rest. When he was assaulted, his car had been damaged and towed away. Han Chu had come from somewhere else, so the only person who drove was Ye Shuang.

Han Chu very naturally took the seat next to Ye Shuang. Sister Yao supported Yao Zhixing carefully as they crawled into the backseat. Ye Shuang started the car and drove the Yao siblings’ home first. After dropping them off safely, she drove Han Chu back to their apartment.

“Brother Han, why did you call for me?” Ye Shuang asked after they were on the road. “Did you know there will be trouble and you called me to come settle it?”

Han Chu turned his head around to say, “And I thought you would not have noticed that.”

“Initially, I thought Brother Yao was seriously injured, but it does not look that way.” Ye Shuang was confused. “However, back then, his little sister was giving me headache, and the people outside were creating trouble, so it kinda lost from my mind. But now that I think about it, there should be another reason you called me at first.”

“It’s actually nothing serious.” Han Chu was momentarily silent before continuing. “Actually, there’s something else that I didn’t say at the hospital. The person that Yao Zhixing saw doesn’t really count. When I went to the place to fetch Zhixing, I saw something else.”


Han Chu thought about it and handed over a skeletal-themed bracelet. There was a small plaque on it, and it had a laser engraving. “This character ‘Yue’ should be for Zhou Yue, right?”