Chapter 424 - No Fool

Chapter 424: No Fool

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Though irritating, Han Chu’s intelligence and stance remained.

It was just that his EQ had dropped.

The sickly, high-intelligence boss was being even more unreasonable than usual. As he was unwilling to go to the hospital, Han Chu even delegated the responsibility of taking care of him to Ye Shuang. The kind of responsibility that she could not say no to.

“What kind of job inspection is this!” Ye Shuang placed the porridge that she had cooked onto the tiny table on Han Chu’s bed, looking irritated. She then served the porridge and dishes nicely. “I’ve never heard of nursing as a job inspection. I’m not a nurse.”

“I have the power to do it.” Han Chu glanced at Ye Shuang coldly. He added expressionlessly to strengthen his statement, “Moreover, you’re my girlfriend.”

Ye Shuang was gravely irritated by what he said. It was such a disaster that she was acting as his girlfriend.

Her ‘boyfriend’ was her boss, but he had never treated her like one. Never mind that he did not pick her up for their dates, never mind when he would always talk about work whenever they meet, she had to risk her life to fight for him. Naturally, she could not adapt to the common dating ideas like any couple would do. She felt shy about watching movies, drinking milk tea, and say some lovey-dovey stuff to each other for nothing. However, even though that was the case, would it not be nice if she could be treated like how a girl should be treated‽

Ye Shuang was helpless and speechless at Han Chu’s overbearing expression and attitude. “Sure. You’re the boss. Everything you say is right.”

She then shoved the spoon into his mouth. She did not want to talk to him at all.

Han Chu had a cooling pad on that Ye Shuang had insisted on sticking on his forehead. He put down the spoon after tasting a spoonful of the porridge and dishes. He glared madly at the millet porridge before him and grumbled, “Why is it salty?”

“Because you’re sick. This is more appetizing and isn’t too much at the same time.”

Han Chu pushed the bowl away and said in all seriousness, “In my opinion, something sweet is more appetizing.”

“You might throw up.” A person’s food preference had no relevance to one’s body condition. He was so stubborn under such circumstances; did he really understand the meaning of resting?

With the cute cartoon cooling pad on his forehead, Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang calmly and quietly to show his stand.

“Fine, I’ll make you something sweet.”

Ye Shuang was defeated in a mere three minutes. She cleared everything on the table and got out of the room. Han Chu finally went back to sleep in satisfaction. He closed his eyes while waiting for the food to be served.

Porridge was a time-consuming dish.

Although it looked simple, everyone knew that it took time to cook it.

When Han Chu was falling asleep in the room semi-consciously, Ye Shuang was working hard on the new porridge and dishes in the kitchen.

A phone call interrupted her in the kitchen. It was a call from Anthony.

“Why aren’t you here yet?” Anthony complained, feeling wronged. “Are you abandoning me as well?”

Ye Shuang, who was soaked in the kitchen steam, fell into a daze. She had just realized that she was supposed to get Anthony the toolbox. “I’m so sorry, I’ve just found Brother Han. He’s got a fever, and he’s lying in bed. I’ve been taking care of him, so I haven’t had time to send you the stuff.”

Anthony was a little puzzled. “Why can’t you come? You can send him to the hospital and drive straight to me.”

Ye Shuang was also puzzled. “Yeah, I find it strange too. He’s an adult. Why is he refusing to go to the hospital?”

It was not like a kid getting a shot.

Fortunately, Anthony seemed to think that his good friend’s health was more important than his situation. Though upset, he accepted Ye Shuang’s explanation and asked her to send the toolbox over when she had the time the next day.

Ye Shuang thought that she had one thing off her list temporarily after she hung up the call. She did not think much into it. However, it was a surprise that Madam Grace seemed to think differently than Anthony. Half an hour later, Cedrick arrived at the apartment when Ye Shuang was hesitating over waking Han Chu after she was done with the dishes.

To an internationally known lock-picker, an ordinary electronic lock was not too difficult to unlock.

“I’m here to pick up something for Mr. Anthony and to visit the patient.” Cedrick walked into the apartment and explained to Ye Shuang, who was looking at him with her guard up since the door was unlocked out of nowhere. “I hope I’m not disturbing you. Also, please stop staring at me. You’re making me uncomfortable.”

Since that was the case, Ye Shuang no longer had to figure out if she should wake Han Chu as she had to chase away the unexpected guest before her. “It’s just a toolbox. Why the rush? Can’t you guys even wait one night?”

Knowing that Cedrick would not give up so easily, Ye Shuang put everything aside and led him to the room. “Tony’s stuff is here. I hope you won’t touch anything that you shouldn’t be touching… Hey! You’re already doing it right after I warned you?”

Cedrick turned around and locked eyes with Ye Shuang, feeling wronged. Finally, he took out a little something from his pocket unwillingly under Ye Shuang’s persistence. “It’s just a habit…”

“You can’t touch whatever you want even if it’s habit!” Ye Shuang snatched the memory card from him mercilessly and tossed over the toolbox from the table. “This is what you came for. Get going now.”

Cedrick carried the toolbox in one hand while gestured that he surrendered with the other hand. Ye Shuang chased him out of the bedroom before he managed to say anything at all.

To show her rage, Ye Shuang even locked Anthony’s room right in front of Cedrick. She figured that something was off—such a lock would not stop professional thieves from sneaking in at all. She then lifted her arms and moved the side cabinet from the kitchen. It was made of real wood, whereby it weighed at least one hundred pounds. Since it blocked the bedroom door, whether others could move it aside, it was at least impossible for Cedrick to move it.

Cedrick was not sure whether to laugh or cry while watching Ye Shuang taking those precautions. “You really don’t have to do this.”

“When I’m dealing with you? I must be careful.” Ye Shuang showed her disdain. “Such a punk like you must have some bad intentions by coming here. Humph, I can’t believe it was me who saved you that time.”

Cedrick rubbed his nose since he failed to fight back. “I don’t think Jennifer would’ve dared do anything to my even if you didn’t save me. And my mother… I mean Madam Grace was actually figuring out where I was being held.”

“So, you’re not acknowledging my help?” Ye Shuang could not look down on him any further than this.

“Alright then. As payback, I would like to warn all of you, Madam Grace isn’t a fool.”