Chapter 479 - Going in

Chapter 479: Going in

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Hearing the report from his people, saying the girl called Su Zheng had voluntarily come to find them, Father Han was quite surprised. He knew how capable the girl was, but ultimately, they specialized in different things. Plus, he was there with professionals, and they should be very good at hiding and ambushing… but now? Even a little girl could easily see through their ambush and could accurately pinpoint the location of the big boss!

Other than shock, Father Han was quite angry. Young people nowadays dared to get involved in such a dangerous thing and even dared to clean up his people in the process; they had to be taught a lesson. But no matter how angry he was, when he walked out and saw Su Zheng’s lifeless expression that came with its own shadowing effect, Father Han’s words were stuck in his throat.

Su Zheng lifted her head and looked at Father Han with dead fish eyes, greeting him weakly. “Hello, Uncle Han.”


“You were discovered by Brother Ye, and it was Brother Ye who told me where you are. They have found the place where Brother Han is locked up, so please pay attention to the movement in that house.” She concluded everything that Ye Shuang wanted her to report in a few sentences. “That’s all. Do you have any questions?”

“For now, no.” Father Han was speechless. After a cough, he came forth with a stern face. “Look at yourself! Why do you look so defeated‽”

“Oh.” Su Zheng was too defeated to suffer any more grievance. She waved her hand and said, “I will go to rest. Goodbye, Uncle Han.”

She suddenly realized there was something she had left out, so she turned around, “Oh, by the way, we’re staying at a girl’s place. There’s a man who attempted to rape her but failed. Uncle Han, you might want to look in that. Bye-bye.”

With her ponytail swinging, she left the scene.

What is this? Has she just gone through a breakup?”

Ye Shuang did not chase Su Zheng away for no reason. The latter could not do much for them. She did not have Anthony’s surveillance and control ability and did not have Ye Shuang’s super powerful fighting ability. But if she was with Father Han, Su Zheng could become a bridge between the two forces. The special communicator they had was not fake. If there was any issue, Ye Shuang could use Su Zheng to get help from Father Han. Furthermore, with Su Zheng as the middleman, Ye Shuang could spare herself from being scolded by Father Han. It was such a brilliant!

In any case, that was the situation.

Therefore, after Su Zheng went to Father Han’s side to wait for the signal, Ye Shuang and Anthony sneaked over to the house’s perimeter.

“The house is close to the woods, so it’s shouldn’t be too hard to get close to it.” Anthony typed on the laptop madly, and several seconds later, he lifted his head to smile. “There is no signal nearby. That means that there are no high-tech surveillance devices, but that does not rule out the possibility of heat-sensing devices and weapons.”

“They definitely have those. I don’t believe they could have kidnapped Brother Han with just some knives.” Ye Shuang scratched her chin. “But that shouldn’t be all. Theoretically speaking, Brother Han is quite valuable, so the lookout shouldn’t be so lacking.”

With guns, things would be more difficult, but the difficulty was relative. For Ye Shuang, of course, she hoped that the enemy was dumb and would come at her with not even knives but bare hands. But was that possible?

Based on the enemy’s organization size, even though it would be hard to transport things there, it should not be too hard to get several pieces of high-tech equipment with them. Since they were a high intelligence organization, it did not fit their style to have all the equipment as weapons. There was not one surveillance device? Was that possible?

Complicated devices like thermal imaging cameras and motion sensors aside, there should at least be pressure plate alarm, right?

Ye Shuang’s face was as calm as water. She could feel that her condition was not optimal and did not dare to burst in with brute force. Without eighty percent confidence, she might lose her own life if she acted recklessly. Anthony thought about it and felt like Ye Shuang’s worry was not unfounded. Therefore, he expanded the perimeter for a better search and even took the risk to drop several signal receptors… but they were of not much use. The receptors that were working normally were like pebbles dropped into the ocean; there was not even a ripple. When there was no signal, there was no signal.

The house without any light at night was like a ghastly large beast. It had its jaw widely open, waiting for the enemy to walk in. The pressure was mounting.

“They don’t have this or even that… They don’t have anything.” Worry was infectious. Initially, Anthony did not think much of it, but being influenced by Ye Shuang’s cautiousness, he also felt a bit unsettled since his search had come up with nothing. His hands flew over the keys, and he was about to hack into the satellite. “Perhaps you are overthinking it? Could there be two idiots inside this house?”

Ye Shuang was silent for a while, and she was about to speak when she sensed a ray of light coming from before him. She narrowed her eyes and trailed the light. Then she opened the communicator. “Su Zheng?”

Su Zheng’s voice did not come. Instead, it was Father Han who had snatched the item away. “We went to the place you guys were staying at earlier to bring out the local.”

Father Han’s voice was calm and even. Even in that situation, it sounded like there was a frigidness in it. “Young people are careless. He didn’t tell you everything, so you probably don’t know this. There is an underground tunnel beneath the house.”

“A tunnel?” Ye Shuang pressed her lips. “You mean, the people inside might have escaped through the tunnel already?”

“That is uncertain,” Father Han explained calmly. “My people are watching the mountain closely. This place used to be an old battlefield. Tunnel warfare between Japan and China might have been exaggerated on TV, but it was based on real life. The tunnel here is only a short stretch. We’ve investigated the exit, and it is now closed, but that doesn’t mean anything.”

If they moved fast, perhaps the enemy had escaped through the exit already.

Ye Shuang gritted her teeth. “I’ll go take a look.”

Then she hung up the call and cut off the signal.

Father Han wanted to say something more and tried to advise them not to act too rashly, but before he could proceed with his advice, the other party had cut off the signal after gaining the information they needed.

Father Han’s face was dark. The young’uns these days, horrible!

Ye Shuang’s face was equally dark. “Tony, stop working on your computer. Cut of the disturbance system. I’m ready to go in.”