Chapter 148 - Boxing

Chapter 148: Boxing

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Ye Shuang was curious about why Anthony suddenly became interested in her. It did not seem like it was a romantic interest either. Ye Shuang asked, and Anthony readily pulled up his own Twitter. He opened a social media group, and after a few minutes of searching, he found the profile for an Eastern lady. After clicking onto the woman’s page, Anthony pulled up one of the pictures she had shared and showed it to Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang almost coughed up blood after taking a look at it. The background of the picture was the walls of the private clubhouse at Jing Hu City. Of course, she was not the main character. The other woman that was captured in the picture should have been the real owner of this Twitter account. Ye Shuang could only be considered a background character; she had been caught sitting at the back talking to other people…

“Actually, I didn’t expect you to have a side like this.” Anthony was also looking at the picture himself. He was making a tutting sound as he looked. “Because the presence and mannerisms are completely different, I failed to recognize you at first glance. Later, I realized how similar the facial features are.”

This was because Ye Shuang’s setting at that clubhouse was much too obvious. An Eastern young lady from a traditional family, that was obvious enough among Easterners, much less a Westerner. Ye Shuang was speechless. She had no idea the members of the private clubhouses would take pictures and share them to the world.

However, she did have a memory of the main character inside the picture. Apparently, she was a famed special column writer. She was also an educator and a critique. Mainly, she criticized others and vented feelings as her way of living. The woman’s position at the clubhouse was not high, but she was willing to pay the high membership price, so no one dared turn their heads away from her, saying, “I don’t think we have anything in common to talk about.”

“Why would you have her Twitter account?” Coincidence? Impossible, there were no such coincidences in the world!

Anthony’s lips curved into a smile once more. “Honey, don’t you know she’s also a member of Mensa International?”

“A high IQ society.” Ye Shuang nodded. She finally got it. If that was the case, as members from the same exclusive club, it was not weird for Anthony to have her Twitter.

“Of course, I’m not really that close to her,” Anthony explained. He shrugged and pocketed his phone before asking with confusion, “I don’t really understand your country’s culture. Some members from the same society as me have used their intelligence to amass wealth, some use their intelligence to pursue self-development, and some got involved in crimes. In any case, they’re fighting for their own self-worth, but members from your country only focus on self-promotion, but to what end? What is the meaning of this? Is she going to join politics?”

Black lines covered Ye Shuang’s face. “Not everyone is like that.”

“I believe that, but you have to admit, this person gave me the deepest impression.” Anthony started laughing. “At least now I’ve managed to remember her, and I can’t give you the name of other successful members.”

‘Gilding’ was a trend within the country. For example, many in China had unreasonable admiration for those who came back from overseas. It sounded so impressive, but who knew whether they went out of the country to work or to study? If it was work, was it as a cheap laborer or high-end technician? If it was study, was it at a famed university or an unknown school? No one really cared because going ‘overseas’ was enough.

Similarly, high intelligence was also a label for some. They used this label to separate themselves from others and looked down on others from their ivory towers. However, they would rarely use this God-given talent to really do anything of worth. The high population number meant that there were all sorts of individuals. Therefore, those with the largest and brightest plume would attract the most attention.

Ye Shuang did not blame Anthony for having this kind of critique against China. He was not given the chance to pay attention to the birds that did not sing. Theoretically, it was understandable, but this did not mean that Ye Shuang was not offended.

When Anthony continued to happily go through the woman’s Twitter profile, Ye Shuang took in a deep breath and opened her lips to say gently, “Tony, do you want to go to the club to box tomorrow‽ If you can beat me, I’ll help you deal with Xu Jian.”

“Er…” The laughter stopped immediately, and the fear on Anthony’s face was a much-needed balm to Ye Shuang’s less than favorable emotions.

The second day, Ye Shuang did as she promised and dragged Anthony to the ring for a few rounds. Without surprise, the alien had a landslide victory over the earthling. After the fight, Anthony collapsed on the ring with tears down his face. The pitiful man begged Ye Shuang, “Using violence is the wrong thing to do.”

F*ck! I knew the woman is good, but I had no idea how good she really is! It would have been a lie to say that Anthony had never considered testing Ye Shuang’s limits. However, after realizing her various physical states were much better than his own, he had kept this idea away in the deep recesses of his mind.

He had finally found his chance that day, but after the fight, Anthony wished that he had not been given this chance to begin with.

“You should be thankful that I didn’t hit you in the face!” Ye Shuang was also feeling annoyed; she believed that she had held back already. She walked forward to help the large golden retriever who was sore all over to get out of the ring. The small frame was holding a muscular adult male that was more than 180 centimeters; this scene shocked everyone at the indoor boxing ring.

After Anthony got his feet on solid ground, he wiggled his body with constant grimaces on his face. He continued his complaints, and this time, even Han Chu was burned. “Han Chu told me you’re a friendly person; I know now that everything is a lie!”

“But I am friendly,” Ye Shuang argued with a serious face before she squatted down to poke at the man’s muscle to purposely make him scream. “Oh well. When I have time, I’ll go make contact with Xu Jian. I only need to implant some misunderstanding between him and that woman, right‽”

“You’ll do it‽” Anthony did not expect that there would be such a surprise waiting for him, so he quickly asked for a confirmation.

Ye Shuang nodded. “There shouldn’t be much of a problem. His experience won’t be enough to handle me.”

Not long ago, she had been acting beside Luo Mingxin, and she had managed to fool everyone in Jing Hu City, so how could she not be able to handle one Xu Jian‽

“Wonderful!” Anthony’s waist, legs, and feet suddenly recovered. He jumped up from the ground and happily patted Ye Shuang on her shoulders, his baby face glistening with a bright smile. “I knew you’re a kind and generous girl. Don’t worry, you can count on my support. I’ll definitely come up with a way for you to approach him naturally.”