Chapter 176 - How Desirable Do You Think You Are?

Chapter 176: How Desirable Do You Think You Are?

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Their timing was so perfect that not only was Fang Mo outside his apartment, An Zixuan was there as well. Based on the atmosphere, it felt like An Zixuan was visiting and would leave in a minute, and Fang Mo, as the host, was sending the guest away.

As a racer, the most eye-grabbing thing about Yao Zhixing was his race car. Naturally, it attracted people’s attention when he arrived. Whether it was An Zixuan, who was about to climb into his car, or Fang Mo, who was turning to head upstairs, both of them turned to look their way.

“Looks like I should get down to say hi.” Ye Shuang gave a helpless smile. She shared a look with Yao Zhixing, and they got out together. Fang Mo and An Zixuan were surprised, especially An Zixuan, when he saw Fang Fei in the backseat. His face fell. Even though there was a Yao Zhixing in the driver’s seat, in his mind, Fang Fei was shameless enough to go charm Ye Shuang.

“Looks like my fiancé was out having a good time.” A mocking smile curved on An Zixuan’s face.

Fang Fei, who was walking toward them, paused. When she heard the man, her brows creased, and the irrepressible fire exploded. “What are you…”

“Mr. An has misunderstood.” Ye Shuang’s smiling voice interrupted. She walked over with Yao Zhixing. After nodding at Fang Mo, she explained, “Brother Yao and I ran into Miss Fang on the road and saw a pickpocket targeting Miss Fang. After Brother Yao scared the man away, we were afraid some accident might happen to Miss Fang alone on the road, so Brother Yao offered to drive her home.”

An Zixuan was stumped. Scrutinized by Ye Shuang’s dark gaze, his sarcasm quickly turned flustered. “I… cough! wasn’t talking about you.”

Then you were talking about me‽ Fang Fei almost rolled up her sleeves to fight the man. Fang Mo quickly went over to stop his sister and thanked Yao Zhixing and Ye Shuang. “Thank you, Mr. Yao, for helping my sister. Xiao Ye as well. Sorry for the trouble.”

Yao Zhixing responded politely, saying he did not mind it at all, but Ye Shuang was rather sad. The detour for sending Fang Fei home and the polite exchanges took up plenty of time. When she reached home, the supermarket would be shut already. There were a few restaurants that had take-out, but could their quality be compared to her own cooking? It looked like she had to return home that night and see if she could sneak some fresh ingredients back to her apartment.

Ye Shuang was caught in her own drama while the others were continuing their polite social exchanges. Fang Mo and Fang Fei invited them up for coffee. As Yao Zhixing started to wonder if he should stay out any longer, An Zixuan sidled up to Ye Shuang and asked, “Mr. Ye, do you have something else to attend to?”

Ye Shuang was pulled out of her reverie and glanced at her phone. It was already 16:40, so she shook her head with a bitter smile. “It’s nothing.”

Even if she rushed to the supermarket then, it would have been too late.

Fang Mo’s group turned toward her. Ye Shuang did not think it was anything shameful, so she shrugged and said, “I was supposed to go buy some food, but looks like there won’t be enough time…”

The change of topic was so everyday that it stunned the rest; they did not know how to continue. Yao Zhixing held his tongue from saying, Didn’t we just have dinner‽

Fang Mo saw the frown on An Zixuan’s face. The latter probably had no one else in his eyes right now; his gaze was completely zeroed in on Ye Shuang. After some thought, Fang Mo bumped into Yao Zhixing silently and walked forward to change the topic. “If Xiao Ye is busy, then why don’t you go first? I’ll repay you and Mr. Yao with dinner some other day.”

Yao Zhixing did not get the hint. He thought Fang Mo had something private to discuss with him. Even though they were not close, he had to give face, so he said, “Then Xiao Ye, why don’t you go first? I still have something to do around here.”

Jesus, I want you to drive the man back home to protect his virginity! Fang Mo turned to look at Yao Zhixing with disbelief; he could not understand why the man was not cooperating but instead push the lamb into the tiger’s mouth. The more annoying thing was Yao Zhixing seemed to see something in his eyes and tossed him back a look that seemed to tell him to calm down.

How can I calm down‽

Fang Mo felt like coughing blood. Before he could come up with a solution to salvage the situation, Ye Shuang nodded. “Then I shall go first, see you next time.”

An Zixuan added with pleasant surprise, “I drove here today, why don’t I give you a ride‽”

“Thank you.” Ye Shuang accepted the offer and thanked An Zixuan naturally. Just like that, before Fang Mo could say anything, the two crawled into An Zixuan’s car. After the car drove away, Fang Mo’s worry was about to materialize when Yao Zhixing asked, “Why did you tell me to stay earlier?”

Fang Mo turned around and said with difficulty, “I was trying to tell you to drive Ye Shuang home…”

“Huh‽” Yao Zhixing was confused. “Then why did you bump into me? Xiao Ye said he had something to do, so I was ready to send him away, but since you bumped into me, I thought you had something to talk about in private.”

Fang Mo pressed his lips. Fine, this is all my fault, you happy‽

At the same time, An Zixuan did not get all handsy in the car like Fang Mo worried about. He knew how the people in San Lin City saw him. Ever since his sexual orientation was exposed, even though they did not say anything on the surface, he knew that they had mocked him many times behind his back.

So what if he was a homosexual‽ After surviving the initial beatdown and feeling lost, An Zixuan had an epiphany. Regardless of his sexuality, these people still needed to bow down to him. Those in the higher echelon of society would not use these personal issues to lower their taste, and those lower could discuss it as much as they wanted, but they still needed to smile at him when he showed up.

He did not violate the law; he just needed to suffer… some mocking. It was because he understood this that An Zixuan’s personality turned rather strange. As long as he did not do anything, no matter how hard other people mocked him, he would force a strange smile on his face.

Since these people looked down on him, why should he give them face? Want to mock him? Sure, but first they had to understand he was not someone they could mock freely. If someone at the company talked behind his back, he would use his power to punish them; if someone outside scoffed at him, he would force them to come apologize in person. No matter how much better these other people thought they were, they had to bow down to a homosexual.

Those who thought they would be forced into doing unspoken things made the man laugh. He only liked males, but that did not mean that he was hungry for anyone. Why would those people think they were so charming that he would be interested?

Looking at Ye Shuang, who was working on his laptop. The focus shown on hisface, the tapered fingers that danced on the keyboard, the sleeves that were rolled upwards slightly to reveal his fair and muscular arms… An Zixuan could not help his heart from shaking, and he let go of the offense when Fang Mo tried to distance him from Ye Shuang. This was indeed a man that was easy for people to fall in love, but Fang Mo had no idea that An Zixuan did not have any intention of making a move.

It was because he was too perfect, and the easy way that he treated An Zixuan caused An Zixuan to not treat Ye Shuang as a target. These people would never understand; there was this kind of person in the world was a spiritual admiration that could never be dirtied. Respect, admiration, love, and the desire to not leave any dark impression in the man’s heart… Unable to disturb and should not be monopolized.

Probably because An Zixuan’s gaze was so constant, Ye Shuang who wanted to ignore him had to turn around to ask, “Yes‽”

An Zixuan was flustered, and when the man close the laptop, he immediately turn back his gaze and said, “I’m sorry, that was rude of me.”

Staring at another person’s laptop was not good. After all, he might have been suspected of stealing corporate secrets, even though he was staring at the man and not the laptop.

“Actually, it’s nothing important. I’m just concluding all the cases that we’ve received this year.” Ye Shuang smiled. These things were not secret. The client name and case contents were blocked off, so the only details shown were the case code and transaction amount. However, most of her cases included extra-marital affair investigations that were handed to the workshop, so the amount of money was quite a mess. These cases had to be put inside a folder while the rest were the official cases from headhunting.

Big companies needed to conclude their year sales, and she also needed to arrange her annual work. Before Lunar New Year, all the files and accounts had to be sent to Han Chu. Since she had nothing else to do, she thought she could do it in the car.

Seeing that Ye Shuang did not seem to mind it that much, An Zixuan sighed in relief. After some silence, what escaped his lips next was something that he did not expected. “I know a supermarket that closes at 7 pm, do you want to go there?”

Once the words left his lips, An Zixuan felt like slapping himself. Why would I say something like that‽

Ye Shuang was caught by surprise. Then she chuckled lightly. Just as An Zixuan’s face was burning up from shame, she said, “Sure, why not?”