Chapter 279 - Reporter Magnet

Chapter 279: Reporter Magnet

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“If I’m not mistaken, I think I saw reporters at the outside of your house.” Luo Mingxin removed his scarf and sunglasses after he stepped into the room. He sighed in relief and looked at Ye Shuang in confusion. “I thought my trail had been exposed, and then I realized that they did not seem to be chasing after me. Is there another celebrity living near this place?”

“With your connections, wouldn’t you have some idea if there was a celebrity that lived nearby?” Ye Shuang accepted the invitation that Luo Mingxin handed her. She glanced at it and thanked him. “Hasn’t there recently been some news that the safe at the Yan family was broken into? Then Yan Si was immediately kicked out of the house. I suspect that the family has already confirmed that he is the thief, and the reporters probably came to interview him.”

That was why Ye Shuang said that having a reporter magnet living so close to her was such a troublesome thing. Thankfully, Ye Shuang was in her female form, or else if she was discovered, it would be hard to tell who would be blocked by the reporters.

“Oh?’ Luo Mingxin was mildly interested. “Yan Si lives near here?”

The Yan family’s news had just been released in the papers, and it was the talk of town, so even Celebrity Luo had heard wind of it. Furthermore, Luo Mingxin had gained access to this news earlier than other people. During Yan Zhu’s birthday party, it was Su Zheng who had excitably shared the gossip with them. He had happened to be there to hear the full story and even proffered his analysis.

Ye Shuang confirmed it without even raising her head. “He’s just living next door. Didn’t I tell you that?”

You most certainly have not! Celebrity Luo instantly realized the dangerousness of the situation. He glared at Ye Shuang and planned to retreat, but before he could make the move, it was already too late.

Yan Si seemed to leave the house then. The reporters who had been waiting for him rushed forward like a wave. Instantly, the corridor was filled with interview questions and the sound of camera shutters.

“Mr. Yan, I heard that you’ve been chased out of your family. Does this mean that CEO Yan has already decided that it will be Miss Yan who inherits the business?”

“Mr. Yan, do you have any comments regarding theft of the important company documents?”

“Mr. Yan, are the wounds on your body due to domestic violence? Is it because you have done something?”

“Ah, let me go in—Mr. Yan, I hear that currently you’re living on your friend’s favor. Do you have any unrevealable relationship with this friend of yours?”

The reporters suddenly became quiet. Who is this rookie?

The crowd shared a look, and those in the know answered, “I hear that the person used to write web novels on certain website…”

The commotion began again. Celebrity Luo leaned against the door of Ye Shuang’s home, very much not like a celebrity. With Ye Shuang watching him curiously, he eavesdropped on the situation outside and sighed. “Looks like I won’t be able to leave, but I have a film shoot in the afternoon.”

“You’ll have to delay it, or do you want to jump from the window?” Ye Shuang suggested heartlessly. She even walked to the window to look and then waved at Luo Mingxin. “This is the perfect chance—there is no one down there.”

Perfect chance your head! Luo Mingxin glared at Ye Shuang, and when he realized that she was not kidding, he instantly felt like they were unable to communicate.

Yan Si was not the kind to stay quietly in the corridor to be interviewed, so he ignored the reporters with a drawn face and slammed the door shut without giving a single answer. After all, no one dared to stop him. He could be considered an invalid, so if any injury occurred to him, they would be in trouble as well.

However, the reporters could not be beaten off so easily. The reporters had been given different interview targets, and those who were tasked to interview Yan Si naturally would not change their location simply because Yan Si told them off… unless they happened to run into another news source.

Therefore, ten minutes later, noticing the noise in the corridor quiet down, Luo Mingxin looked through the peephole. He discovered, to his despair, that the group of reporters had surrounded Yan Si’s door. In other words, they could be seen as surrounding Ye Shuang’s door.

Luo Mingxin could not resist the urge to turn back to Ye Shuang with sadness. He was very saddened that she did not tell him about this before he arrived. Ye Shuang chewed on the apple in her hand and nodded. “So, have you decided to jump yet?”

Of course not! He sighed and looked at the time. “Have you interacted much with Mr. Yan?”

He remembered that the two had interacted at the birthday party. Even though the atmosphere had not been that good, it was better than strangers. Furthermore, now that they were neighbors, there should be some semblance of a relationship.

Ye Shuang bit on her half-eaten apple. “What’s on your mind?”

“Cough!” Luo Mingxin probably thought that his request was a bit over the line, so he coughed awkwardly before saying, “Can you help me lead Yan Si away? You two can go and have dinner together. I remember you’re a good driver, and today, I happened to drive an inconspicuous car, so…”

Sometimes, one had to make a sacrifice.

Ye Shuang stared at him as she finished the apple before smiling lazily. “Does this count as a case?”

Just doing a friend a favor also needs money? Luo Mingxin gritted his teeth and showed two fingers. “2,000 RMB.”

Oh well, at least someone is paying for dinner. Ye Shuang nodded satisfactorily. She finished the apple and tossed the core behind her, throwing it accurately into the trash can. “Deal!”

The reporters had experience dealing with stubborn interviewees. They opened the newspaper and sat down on the stairs and corridor. Biscuits and take-out could solve the problem of food, and they had their phones to pass the time. As long as the news was still hot and their editor did not say anything, none of the reporters would leave their spot and let the interviewee go.

Therefore, if Luo Mingxin did not ask for outside help, these reporters might really wait there for four days. Yan Si eventually had to go out for food or for examination. But this time, things did not go the way that they expected.

They had just taken out the newspapers and phones and prepared for a long war when the door opposite from Yan Si’s place opened. Ye Shuang, wearing a cap and sunglasses that blocked half of her face, appeared.

The reporters heard the door open and all looked up. When they saw that it was not their target, they moved away for the person to go through. However, the girl that they saw did not walk through them but walked to the door opposite and raised her hand knock on the door. “Yan Si, let’s go for dinner.”

The casualness of her tone instantly triggered various plots in people’s minds. This neighbor relationship… there was potential for news!

The young master was down on his luck, but the girl stayed by his side. The woman supporting him silently. The love that survived the many highs and lows…

In just a few minutes, many headlines crossed their minds, and every single one of them was highly explosive. The reporters took out their camera reflexively. They also readied their pen and paper to jot down anything that happened. They did not even dare to breathe too loud lest they interrupted the conversation between the two.

“If you don’t come out, don’t blame me for being rough.” Ye Shuang ignored the reporters and ruined the atmosphere by cracking her knuckles. The snapping of her fingers filled up the quiet corridor. “Don’t make me break that other leg of yours.”

The eager expressions on the crowd’s faces stiffened. Wait, this is different from the plot in our mind!

Yan Si opened the wooden door inside and left the outer steel door closed. “What do you want again?”

“What do you mean, again?” Ye Shuang frowned with annoyance. “We’re neighbors. You should be thankful that someone is willing to treat you to dinner.”

“Then I should have thanked you, shouldn’t I?” Yan Si started to grit his teeth. He did not believe Ye Shuang’s kindness at all. “We’ve already decided to mind our own business, so if you have anything, just say it directly!”

Could she say it directly? There was a celebrity hiding at her place, and he might be exposed because of him… Ye Shuang sighed. “Just come out to dinner with me.”

“Never!” Yan Si was not a pushover and wanted to slam the door shut, but he underestimated Ye Shuang. She pushed two fingers through the gap of the steel door and stopped the wooden door from closing. Yan Si pushed hard, but the door did not even budge.

The two fingers looked slender and fair, and Yan Si had practically leaned his whole body against the door. The fingers holding the door did not move; the joints did not even bend… just like an adult playing with a boy.

The reporters’ jaw fell—they thought that they were hallucinating. This has to be fake! How can something so unscientific happen? How does the girl who looks so soft have such monstrous strength? Yan Si, who is leaning against the door, must be faking it. He probably isn’t using any of his strength! Or else the door must be broken…

They had just figured that out when the impatient Ye Shuang raised her other hand. They saw the fair arm grabbed the lock of the steel door and twisted it…

After the sound of the metal twisting, the real steel lock was easily twisted by the gentle-looking girl into a ball of metal, and she casually dropped it on the ground. The metal created a ringing voice as it bounced on the ground, and everyone’s heart beat seemed to follow it.

Yan Si was shocked.

The reporters were shocked.

Even after Ye Shuang opened the useless steel door and then picked Yan Si up from the ground, the crowd still had not regained their senses.

“We’re just going for dinner; I’m not going to rape you…” Ye Shuang was speechless. As she held the man in one hand, she even closed the door for him with another.

Yan Si recovered suddenly, and his terrified voice almost rose a whole pitch. “You still want to rape me‽”

“…” Ye Shuang.