Chapter 501 - Efficient

Chapter 501: Efficient

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Even though one was a cold weapon and the others were hot, if one was being serious, the damage caused by a crossbow might not be any less than a gun. The former had a piercing buff, and the latter had to deal with rebounds. So, they had their own pros and cons.

Xiao San had been in hiding with his elder for years. Therefore, even though he had not been involved in many of such battles, his training had never slacked off. Now that he had appeared in one, he was not lacking in equipment—he had a crossbow, blowdart, claws, smoke bombs… Not only Ye Feng, even Ye Shuang was shocked. In a flash, she thought that she was in a fantasy world.

The helpers were good quality but low quantity. Those who had followed Xiao San were handpicked professionals. They carried their not-so-flashy bags and prepared to move. A team of assassins preparing to move out appeared before their eyes.

“Even though Brother Ye is good at fighting with your bare hands, for those of us who travel through the forest daily, we’re more experienced with bows and arrows.” Xiao San smiled gently and humbly. With a wave, people behind him expertly crawled up the trees. There was no showing off, but they swiftly and effectively entered a ‘hidden’ state. If there were not people like Ye Shuang who had super senses, they would normally not be found. Xiao San was at the back of the group. He also prepared for a while before moving. Before he departed, he asked, “Is it enough to capture two people? One for interrogation, the other as a spare… The others we can kill? We’ll deal with them after the scene is cleared.”

Ye Shuang thought about it. “Two is fine, but try to not kill anyone.”

According to her original plan, her request was that the reinforcements could make sure that they stayed alive in the process. After all, in this kind of high intensity battle, if they held back, they would be injured before they could injure others. The latter was definitely preferable to the former. After all, if there were any problems, if they were alive, they could figure out ways to handle it. However, after seeing how well prepared they were, Ye Shuang realized that she could have asked for more. It was best if they did not cross the law. If the civilian group crossed the line, it would be a problem as well.

Xiao San nodded and showed that he understood. He turned around and stuck his fingers into his mouth to make a bird call. When a similar response came from around them, he picked a direction and disappeared into the forest. Ye Feng looked at the man, practically drooling. “That’s so cool.”

He has such a group of obedient followers and so many cool gears…

The two who remained chuckled. One of them asked, “Shall we go now?”

Ye Shuang glared at her brother and thanked them politely. “After taking this kid to Tony, I’ll have to trouble you to look after him. The situation here will soon be over. We have to be careful they won’t go after Tony.”

The two did not comment. This order was no different from what Xiao San had arranged. Therefore, Ye Shuang watched the two leave with Ye Feng. After they disappeared from her sight, she turned to follow the hot trail.

Taking Ye Feng down the mountain, meeting with Xiao San’s people, watching Ye Feng get escorted down the mountain and then returning—after that series of actions, less than half an hour had been wasted. If calculating the time Xiao San led people into the fight and minus the time they used to travel, the remaining time was about ten minutes. Yet, in those ten minutes, when Ye Shuang returned, the scene that she saw was completely different.

When the two parties were fighting, they were ambushed by the mysterious third party who had a mastery of cold weapon that was not weaker than guns. At the same time, they were familiar with wicked tactics. The influence this would cause was predictable.

Earlier, Xiao San’s people used a drug to knock out about eight people. If the group had not been too separated from each other, the fight would have ended them. Ye Shuang thought about holding back until the end to watch the situation unfold and perhaps only jumped out when she was needed. But when she arrived, there was already a mountain of bodies next to Xiao San, and there were a bunch of people around him standing around doing nothing…

“You guys move so fast.” Ye Shuang walked out directly. She walked closer to look. Based on her memory, there were indeed people from both sides, so they should know the full story.

Xiao San smiled humbly. With gunshots occasionally coming through the communicator, the man still stood up calmly like he was chatting with a friend by the farm. “Actually, that was not that fast. They managed to disperse using the geographical advantage, so it will take some time to take all of them down. I merely saw that these people were about to get ambushed, so I had no choice but to show myself.”

This was more serious because human lives were on the line. If he did not make a move, people would have been killed. If there was a follow-up investigation, it would not be that easy to hide from it.

“I remember there should be forty-seven people in total, and one of them is a foreign female.” Ye Shuang added some information. “There are four that I captured in the nearby forest. They are worthless cannon fodder, but since we have manpower now, why not move them to one spot?”

Xiao San asked for the direction, and with a wave, people ran that way. “There are only fifteen here, so thirty-two left. One on one is okay, but I’m afraid that my people will run into a group fight. It might cause a loss. Do you want to go take a look?”

What was the loss? Naturally, the loss of life.

The two parties were aiming to kill each other. If there really was a serious gunfight, Xiao San’s people could slip away, but the two parties might not stop.

“I’d better go check.” Ye Shuang touched her nose. She had thought that it would be easy this time, but she still had to do some footwork. She ran several meters and realized something. She ran back and pointed at the unconscious people. “If you’re free, Brother San, please interrogate them for me. You are more familiar with them. We are on a time crunch. Try to find out what Jennifer is planning by luring them out here.”