Chapter 149 - Invitation

Chapter 149: Invitation

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Anthony saw Ye Shuang as a partner, but Ye Shuang felt like their relationship was more appropriately defined as associates. She had no idea how she had managed to earn the man’s approval, but she guessed it was something related to… having the ability to break rules and not being bound by certain rules… or something along those lines.

In a way, Anthony was similar to Ye Shuang. They both had the ability to break away from the rules that governed society, and similarly, they were both superior in certain aspects. For example, Anthony could easily hack into any system, and when all the greats in this field became weak before him, Anthony, who had the power to easily rewrite the rules of the industry, naturally would not have much respect for the rules that everyone else was following.

A few days after Ye Shuang promised to clear her schedule to seduce Xu Jian, Anthony, who had already joined An Corps was ready with the plan to set up this chance encounter.

Yao Zhixing had a row of named cars in his garage. As a racing aficionado, the man’s car collection was impressive, and it was similar to how girls loved to collect dolls. Ye Shuang went over to borrow a comparatively understated vehicle. She drove on the highway, following the map given by Anthony.

“Can you see the location now?” Anthony’s cheerful voice came out from the Bluetooth earphone. Ye Shuang gripped the steering wheel as she glanced at the iPad. The red dot that represented Xu Jian was blinking two kilometers away.

“I can see it, but how can you be sure he will stop my car?” Ye Shuang asked.

“This particular stretch of the road is isolated, and no cars normally pass through this place. Plus, I’ve taken control of the traffic lights.” Anthony sounded proud, like he could not wait to share his master plan with Ye Shuang. “It was just a one or two second difference, but a good calculation will be enough to create a traffic jam. Plus, nowadays, the functions of a car are getting more varied: automatic braking, automatic fuel refill, automatic driving, and so on. The ‘smarter’ a car is, the easier it is to hack. It’s not my fault he has purchased the latest Honda Prius; that is the model with the most security threats.”

Huh‽ Looks like he has gotten used to our culture; he even knows how to manipulate traffic jams, which we’re known for now. Ye Shuang was speechless. “I have heard that the Honda Prius’ wireless system, internet system, and information system are easy to hack, but normally people won’t do that, right? You mean I’m the only car that is moving on this highway‽”

“Indeed, he has to rush to the countryside’s warehouse to deal with a ‘little’ problem, and you’re heading the same way as him. Alexander will have no choice but to stop your car.”

Not long after Anthony said that, Ye Shuang saw a man standing by the roadside beside a broken-down car, extending his arm, waving for her to stop.

Xu Jian was overjoyed when he finally saw a car coming his way. He also had no idea what kind of bad luck had come over him that day. His car suddenly came into so many problems when he was driving. He had been afraid the car might explode if he continued on this journey, so he had stopped the car. He had wanted to ask for aid from a passer-by, but there had been no one on the road.

People were already calling his phone to rush him. The chaos at the warehouse was getting bigger. Apparently, the nearby citizens were rolling up their sleeves to break into the place… The place was so local that it would be preposterous to expect the small police station to hold down the entire village. If the stuff inside the warehouse was not problematic, it would not have been such a big deal. However, Xu Jian was afraid that once the content was exposed, things would blow up into a huge affair, so he had to rush there to deal with this in person.

Ye Shuang put the iPad away and slowed her car down. She rolled down the mirror and put her sunglasses away. Before Xu Jian even got the chance to be surprise, he was stumped. Why did she look so familiar? But he could not remember where he had met this beauty before.

Before Xu Jian recovered, Ye Shuang gasped, and then there was an uncertainty mixed into her surprise as she asked, “You’re… Xu Jian‽”

“You know me?” Xu Jian was truly surprised this time. He recalled that the car Ye Shuang was driving was worth several millions, but those who would call him Xu Jian had to be an old friend. The business circle that he wandered around these days would refer to him as Alexander or Alex. When did he meet such a powerful old friend?

Ye Shuang smiled as she moved her gaze away from Xu Jian to the car behind him. She asked politely, “Something wrong with your car?”

“Oh, yes.” Xu Jian remembered his mission and quickly asked for a favor. “I’m rushing to the warehouse near He Xi Village. I’m wondering if you’re… er… do you mind giving me a ride?”

“Get in.” Ye Shuang was there to give him a ride anyway. She made a contemplative face before nodding naturally. “Sure, since I am in no rush, of course I will help an old friend.”

So who are you really‽ The more Xu Jian thought about it, the more confused he became. He crawled into the passenger seat with a confused face. When Ye Shuang looked at him, she sighed and shook her head silently.

Admittedly, people would change as they grow up. Even though Ye Shuang looked much more exquisite than before, her basic foundation had not changed. They had once been lovers, but now, he could barely recognize her. Of course, Ye Shuang was not conceited enough to want her ex to remember her forever, but at least he should be able to recognize her, right‽

She started the ignition. Xu Jian called the tow company to come take care of the car that was left on the highway. Then he turned to Ye Shuang with hesitation before asking politely, “Sorry for troubling you today. I’m sorry, but you are…”

“I’m Ye Shuang,” Ye Shuang admitted with a smile. Then she pretended not to notice the shocked expression on the man’s face. She sighed and lamented, “It’s been years, and you’ve changed a lot.”

You’ve changed even more, okay‽ Xu Jian almost blurted that out, but thankfully, he managed to swallow that back at the last minute. He coughed to manage his expression. “Yeah, indeed, it has been years.”

The atmosphere was awkward. He really did not expect that his first love would fall from the sky to save him, and both her looks and body had become so good. She was driving a million-dollar car, riding the winner’s lane in life. In comparison, Xu Jian’s two hundred thousand car was broken down by the roadside. He felt pressured. This was so damaging to his male ego.

The lack of conversation made the atmosphere awkward. Therefore, they started to talk about their university life. Xu Jian could not help but lament about the past. After all, that period of youth would be special for everyone. It was only during those days that you would not need to watch over your back because no ‘old friends’ would be there to trip you up.

“…Many things are different when you join society.” As they talked about the past, Xu Jian sighed as if he was reminded of something. “At the time, we had so many innocent dreams, thinking we would never be like our parents or other people, working endlessly, but when you’re in the society, you’ll realize you’re not much better than anyone else. So now, thinking back, that period of life in the ivory tower was the most memorable.”

Ye Shuang chuckled. She turned the steering wheel and chided the man, “Actually, from the looks of it, you seem to be doing well for yourself. Are you not satisfied yet?”

Doing well for myself‽ Xu Jian returned from the memory lane. Then he was reminded of his current identity. He pushed on his gold-rimmed glasses unconsciously and smiled. “I suppose so, but compared to you, it’s still quite a distance away.”

“All I did was manage to find some cooperating partners in Jing Hu City, so I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved much,” Ye Shuang said vaguely. “Furthermore, I spent most of my time there studying, and I have friends there who took care of me, so I got quite lucky. I just returned to San Lin City not long ago. I believe I might start anew here. After all, this place is home.”

Xu Jian felt better. Starting anew meant he had something to offer. After all, he had found footing here already.

“If you need it, you can come to me for help.” Xu Jian found a reason to feel good about himself. He added with a confident and generous smile, “I’ve not been here long, but I still know some people.”

Using the time to brush up their affection level from acquaintance to friends, they finally arrived at their destination. Ye Shuang did not have many friends other than Yao Zhixing, so she was not afraid of being recognized. Naturally, she got out from the car easily after parking the race car by the warehouse and followed Xu Jian to meet with the locals with a curious smile on her face.

The few managers were fidgety, waiting at the door. When they saw Xu Jian, they immediately rushed over to update him on the situation. Xu Jian answered them and was about to follow them to comfort the villagers when Ye Shuang saw the opportunity and walked over to say her goodbye like they were good friends. “Since you have something to attend to, I’ll be leaving. I believe these few gentlemen will be able to send you home, right?”

The few managers were startled. They looked at Xu Jian, then at Ye Shuang, and finally at the race car behind Ye Shuang.

Who is this beauty?

Looks like she comes from a rich family.

Xu Jian felt weirdly proud. Without even looking, he knew that a few people there were envious of him. Fair, rich, and beautiful, right‽

“Thank you for your help today.” Xu Jian nodded, and with the gauntlet of envious eyes observing, he turned around and snuck his name card into Ye Shuang’s hands. “I’ll treat you to a meal this Saturday. Why don’t you bring your little brother along?”

Ye Shuang accepted it. After all, her purpose was to sow discord. Therefore, she pushed the name card in her pocket and nodded with a smile. “I’ll contact you this weekend then.”