Chapter 375 - New Plan

Chapter 375: New Plan

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If the explosion was not a coincidence, then the biggest possibility was someone was trying to kill the people there, but this did not match the reality because when the police investigated the crime scene, they did not find any corpses.

Even though Brother Liu did not get involved in the underground world, his nose was sharp enough to smell their presence. He told Ye Shuang directly how curious this whole thing was, and the lack of a body was a further sign of that. This was probably because the intended victim was someone powerful, and they somehow managed to avoid this tragedy.

This theory was soon proven because Ray appeared before Ye Shuang’s group looking like he had just survived hell.

“You were captured by Jennifer?” After bringing the man along and hearing his explanation, Ye Shuang gasped. “And she wanted to kill you? The person that was supposed to blow up in the explosion was you?”

“She forced a whole bottle of high-density alcohol down my throat to create the impression that I accidentally left the fire burning after having too much to drink.” Ray shivered from the thought. “Thankfully, I am quite a good drinker, and someone did something to distort her plan. Even though the bottle was fully sealed, it has been diluted with water, yet it was impossible to tell through smell alone.”

Speaking of a possible rat in Jennifer’s team, Ye Shuang’s first suspect was Edward. The man really could show up anywhere as long as it was related to the big picture. However, when Ray was assaulted, Edward had been with them at Ye Shuang’s apartment. There was no way that he could have been there to help Ray… unless Edward had an assistant or someone loyal who knew the trade as well as he did.

They took Ray along to another apartment prepared by Han Chu. The rest went to unload their luggage and claim their rooms while Ye Shuang, with her incredible five senses, was ordered by Han Chu to go purchase their daily items and the medicine for Ray’s injuries.

Ye Shuang finished her assignment quickly. Ray accepted the medicine, and as he applied it, he called to contact the security company. The company had already received the call from Han Chu earlier, but before they could find their client, which was Ray, the latter had been captured by Jennifer and set up to be blown up into pieces. Thankfully, the man did not die in the explosion, so the security company was given a second chance to prove themselves. They broke out in cold sweat and swore to provide a better service to Ray. Unfortunately, before the security company arrive, Anthony, who was setting up the new gear, realized a very big problem.

“Wait a minute!” Anthony suddenly turned to call Ray over. “When you were detained by Jennifer, what happened?”

“The normal things that you would expect to happen in a kidnapping.” Ray did not want to relive those unhappy experience like being punched and interrogated. Such memories were not fond, and most importantly, they made him lose face.

Han Chu frowned. “Tony, what have you discovered?”

Anthony pressed his lips together and pointed at Ray with an accusing finger. “This man is bugged.”

“What? That’s impossible, I don’t remember anything like that… Wait.” Ray’s expression dropped before he lowered his head in shame. “Fine, perhaps you’re right.”

Ye Shuang had figured it out by then and nodded. “Looks like they did something to you when you were unconscious. This answers the questions that have been bugging me… Jennifer never intended to kill you; she merely wanted to use you to find your hidden accomplice. So, it was not a nameless hero who diluted that bottle of alcohol. This was her plan from the very beginning.”

In fact, Jennifer’s people had probably waited until after Ray woke up before they blew up the cannister. Of course, this plan still had its risks—if Ray was slightly slower or his mind was not that sharp, he might have died in this process. Then again, if he could not survive such a small ordeal, Ray would have been useless in Jennifer’s eyes. After all, the amount of information that one could gather from an idiot and an elite was completely different.

Su Zheng and Ol’ K glared at Ray angrily. The former was because they had to move again when they had just finished moving, and the latter was because he stood in the same line as Anthony…

“It’ll take sometime for Jennifer to get here, so there is still time if we leave now,” Han Chu announced crisply.

Su Zheng could not hold it in anymore. “We should just split up. After all, his wounds have been dressed already.”

Most importantly, the money had been paid, so there was no need to keep interacting with this client who would bring more trouble than he was worth.

“Er, even though I personally wouldn’t want to drag everyone down with me, I hope that you will provide me with some protection until I meet up with the people from the security company.” Ray chuckled embarrassedly.

As an experienced agent, even though Ray did not expect that he would be followed after surviving an explosion, he had maintained the alert needed to be an agent. He had checked every corner of his clothes… of course, not to find the bug but mainly to check how much equipment that he had hidden could be used.

If the bug was planted on his body, then it would have been too easily abandoned. But since it was only discovered by Anthony so late into the day, this bug was not simply attached to the outside physique of the man’s body. The biggest possibility was Jennifer shot the bug into his body… when he was unconscious.

Ray did not plan to mutilate himself, so the only way to remove the bug was to wait for the people from the security company to arrive and then find a safe hospital under their protection. Before that, if Han Chu’s group chose to let him survive on his own, Ray felt like it would be impossible for him to see the sun rise the following day.

Han Chu’s lips opened and closed. He swallowed with difficulty his rejection. He frowned in deep thought.

Should he let the client die? That was a bit much, but should they put themselves in danger for a client? That was a bit too stupid.

It was too late to call people for help. Plus, if they wanted to do that, they might as well stay and wait for the people from the security company to arrive.

In that case, they should move while avoiding Jennifer’s impending ambush. Then the guards would have to be chosen among the few of them. Among them, the strongest combatant was still Ye Shuang…

Han Chu sighed soundlessly, but he soon came to a decision. He raised his head to say, “Xiao Shuang and I will follow Mr. Ray. The rest of you leave with Tony.”


Anthony immediately started to protest, but Ye Shuang nodded and cut him off. “Okay.”