Chapter 425 - A Dog’s Not Just for Christmas

Chapter 425: A Dog’s Not Just for Christmas

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“What do you mean?” Ye Shuang had her guard up when she heard that. She figured there was a hidden meaning in what Cedrick said.

“You’re familiar with Anthony’s skill; we know that too. He isn’t so reckless that he would make the mistake of accidentally destroying the chip.” Cedrick looked at the guest room while holding the toolbox. He then gave Ye Shuang a look as if he had been wronged. “After all, it took me some effort to steal that.”

In other words, don’t you guys think that it’s rude to be doing this to someone else’s work?

Connecting that with what he had said earlier, what Cedrick meant was that Madam Grace had figured out that Ye Shuang and the rest had destroyed the chip on purpose.

“Misunderstanding, everything is a misunderstanding,” Ye Shuang said in all seriousness. “How could we possibly deceive our mate‽”

“Is that so?” Cedrick shrugged, feeling unbothered. “The truth isn’t important; we only want the result. If Anthony can’t recover the data, I’m afraid Madam Grace won’t let him go so easily… You should know that this isn’t the first time the lady has imprisoned a man.”

“Hahaha. Madam Grace’s treatment isn’t too shabby over there. I’m glad that Tony is spending a few more days there. At least everything is taken care of.”

Ye Shuang pretended to laugh it off and sent Cedrick out with a fake smile. She then blocked the door with a cabinet and wiped her cold sweat away.

That threat was a powerful one. What Cedrick did not state clearly was that Anthony was held captivity.

No data? No matter how innocent you guys look on the surface, we know that you have it.

Regardless of whether the data was erased by accident or you distracted us and transferred the data secretly, we will not release Anthony until we’ve gotten the data back.

Hoping to get Anthony back by pretending for a few days? No way. We will not talk until we see the data!

The sweet porridge had turned completely cold by the time Ye Shuang had gotten rid of Cedrick. She heated the dishes again and took them into the bedroom. She happened to see Han Chu spacing out as he looked at the ceiling with his eyes open. He looked a little dazed as if his system was down.

“Are you awake, Brother Han?” Ye Shuang put down the porridge after saying that and sat by his side to feel his forehead. She tore off the cooling pad mercilessly and quickly stuck a new one on his forehead.

Han Chu jolted from the cool jelly pad on his forehead.

He was finally awake. “Hmm?”

He frowned as he looked at the porridge and dishes while sitting up slowly. The frown melted away when he saw the plump, sticky rice snacks on the plate while sweetness and warmth filled the air.

“My brain slows down without sugar,” Han Chu explained in all seriousness. He finally started eating as he stretched his arm to pick up the spoon.

Although he looked calm, Ye Shuang could sense that his mood was good. The atmosphere was much more relaxed and joyful than before.

Seizing the moment, she ran through what had happened with him earlier. She even emphasized that Madam Grace might have figured what they had done.

Han Chu finished the remaining half a bowl of porridge and ate three snacks. He only nodded while putting down the bowl as the warmth in his stomach kicked in and gave him strength. “No wonder I heard some commotion out there.”

After a pause, Han Chu casually said, “We didn’t plan to hide it from them anyway. I expected this from the beginning.”

“Does that mean you have a plan?” Ye Shuang shoved the plate of snacks toward Han Chua, gesturing for him to eat more. “So, what do we do next? Do we think of ways to sneak Tony out of that place?”

“I haven’t thought of anything yet,” Han Chu said in a manner as if everything made sense. While Ye Shuang was dumbstruck, he fell silent for a moment before speaking again, “We don’t have to worry about Tony because we know he’s capable. I mean, it’s good that he’s been captured by them; he can dig into Madam Grace’s background, seizing the opportunity. Although we can’t contact him for the time being, and he can’t send us the intel, as long as he stays there for a little while, he’ll naturally find ways to launch an ambush.”

Was Madam Grace a fool to be keeping Anthony, the renowned information thief, in her own lair? Or was her life too comfortable, so she was putting danger in her life for stimulation?

“You…” Ye Shuang was shocked. “Did you and Tony come up with this plan at the very beginning?”

Them being *ssholes cutting off others’ intel and destroying the chip aside, they had even planned to steal afterward?

Han Chu glared at Ye Shuang in disdain. “Of course not. Otherwise, how is it possible that Tony would go over obediently and being detained?”

“Indeed. If Tony knew this, he definitely would not have stepping into the trap on the last day… Wait, so do you mean you trapped him?” Ye Shuang was speechless. She thought that the truth she was hearing was too much to handle.

She gulped and concluded in disbelief, “So, from the beginning you planned to get the data and destroy the copy since they won’t dare do anything to Tony. Madam Grace expecting him to recover the data aside, most importantly, she dares not risk offending an expert hacker. So, it makes sense that Tony has only been captured, nothing more. Seizing the opportunity, you’ll get him to dig further when you have the chance to contact him in the future?”

Although she already sensed that before, Ye Shuang could not help but say it out loud.

Han Chu was an *sshole indeed…

“Do you think if there are any flaws or anything off about my plan?” Han Chu asked while staring at Ye Shuang.

“No, there’s nothing off intelligence wise.” However, based on one’s humanity, Han Chu had been deceiving people around him mercilessly, including Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang began clearing the dishes as if her life was meaningless. “Since you’ve planned everything, we’ll just do that since your plan is coming together. As long as you’re happy.”

“It’s great that you get it.” Han Chu went back to sleep in satisfaction.

Ye Shuang being shocked by Han Chu’s plan again and again aside, even Anthony who was not informed of what was happening soon realized the case.

Well, they had been friends for years after all. Had he not gotten used to being deceived by Han Chu? Although he was the undefeatable king of computers, nobody could defeat Han Chu when it came to plotting even if Anthony worked with ten teams himself.

Without further explanation, when Cedrick informed him that Han Chu was sick at home while Sister Shuang was taking care of him, Anthony instantly figured it out.

Han Chu was sick at home, and his phone was turned off, which was rare. It would mean that Han Chu had no interest in Anthony’s situation either intentionally or unintentionally.

Meanwhile, Ye Shuang was just by Han Chu’s side, and Anthony had called her to tell her about his situation. No matter what, Han Chu must have found out what had happened.

However, Anthony had received no calls since Cedrick’s return…


After he concluded what had been happening, what more did he need to realize what was really happening? It was clear that he had been thrown into the enemy’s lair while they could not be bothered with how he was doing.

If Ye Shuang did nothing about him, it proved that Han Chu had explained it to her and might even have stopped her from calling to console him.

With the experience of being deceived throughout the years, Anthony was all too familiar with the feeling of being deceived by his own mate out of nowhere…

“They really believed what I said.” Cedrick had no idea that Anthony was upset, let alone the many untold stories within. He released a long sigh of exclamation before Anthony. “Indeed, I was grateful that Ms. Ye Shuang saved me from Jennifer, but that doesn’t mean I will betray Madam Grace by releasing you… The most I can do is guarantee that you won’t be interrogated and tortured. Are they really not concerned about you?”

The abandoned golden retriever was devastated. The shadow behind him was overwhelmingly dark. “It doesn’t matter. I’m just cannon fodder anyway…”

“Er… You don’t have to be so upset.” It was hard for Cedrick to hold back. “Maybe I’ll contact them for you secretly…”