Chapter 280 - Why Didn’t They Just Masturbate?

Chapter 280: Why Didn’t They Just Masturbate?

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people.

Ye Shuang picked up her prize, a Yan Si. When she walked out the corridor with a dark face, almost all the reporters tossed pitiful glances toward Yan Si, and then they gave admiration to the female warrior. Back then, Yan Si had been chased out of the country due to a scandal, but today, the situation had been turned around. The perpetrator from back then had now become the victim.

Due to Ye Shuang’s overwhelming combat ability, the reporters decided to respect her privacy. They were definitely not afraid of Ye Shuang accidentally injuring them like how she managed to crumble the iron lock into scrap metal, definitely not! They did not hound them mainly because they felt pity for Yan Si…

Ye Shuang did not even need to use the racing plan. In actuality, the plan would not have worked with the traffic condition in Shanghai. She hauled the man out without meeting any obstacles. Even the wild dogs on the street were scared and ran about ten meters away, much less the people.

Yan Si was tossed by Ye Shuang into the passenger seat. In his current condition, having a seatbelt to stabilize him was better than letting him bounce around in the backseat. Ye Shuang drove the car out of the building and glanced at the rear-view mirror. Then she called Luo Mingxin. “You can come out now. I think they have already left the place.”

Even if there were a few stragglers, in their current mood, they would not have noticed Luo Mingxin. Furthermore, the latter’s ability to avoid the paparazzi was no joke.

“Thank you.” Luo Mingxin’s voice that sounded like he was holding in his laughter came from the phone. “But I’m surprised I was able to witness such a powerful scene. Xiao Shuang, you sure are powerful. Are you a hidden martial arts master?”

“Are you saying that I should have dragged it longer at the door and used my intellect instead of strength to lure the man out?”

This man had definitely heard Yan Si’s last scream for mercy! Just how desperate must she have been to force the man to do something like that? What was wrong with the brains of these people‽

Luo Mingxin finally could not hold in his laughter anymore. “Those in the business must depend on their creativity. You have a habit of reading the newspaper, so you know how much they could create a story from the pictures. Okay then, I still need to go shoot the promo posters for the new movie. The film crew has been waiting for me for a long time already, so I’ll talk to you later.”

“Oh, I heard from others that the movie was some kind of wuxia movie? These scriptwriters sure are boring. Would it kill them to write about something more realistic?” Ye Shuang complained casually.

“Flying and inner cores might be exaggerations, but Qi has scientific validity.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Ye Shuang replied. “I mean plots like jumping down the cliff to get a martial arts book or eating an aphrodisiac when trapped inside a room with a woman. Fine, perhaps some martial arts masters could have been so bored that they would bury their secrets in a ravine, but I don’t believe those young masters couldn’t have just masturbated instead of forcing themselves on a woman…”

Luo Mingxin confirmed that he indeed did not share any common sense with this girl.

After toying with Luo Mingxin, she hung up after a few more words. Yan Si was initially confused when he heard their conversation, but eventually, he caught up to the reality and widened his eyes in surprise. “You hauled me out to distract the paparazzi? You had a small celebrity hiding in your house earlier?”

He is a big celebrity! Ye Shuang easily brushed it over. “Yes, I do know a few people from the entertainment industry. He came today to hand me an invitation to a fashion show. Who would have thought that he’d so unluckily be blocked by the reporters that came to find you?”

“Humph! So you’re also the type of woman who would fall for the sweet words of those pretty faces,” Yan Si mocked.

“Of course, why do you think I’m so harsh to you?” Ye Shuang answered.

Thus, after Luo Mingxin, Yan Si also realized that he could not communicate happily with this girl.

Even though her main purpose was to borrow Yan Si to distract the reporters, since the man had been hauled out and did serve his purpose, Ye Shuang decided to treat the man to a meal. Considering that he had to be careful with his diet due to his wound, Ye Shuang believed that outside food was not that safe. Either they had too many additives, or they would be too spicy. Therefore, out of consideration for the patient, Ye Shuang decided to go for dinner at a friend’s place.

The target was Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment.

“Huh, Sister Shuang, welcome.”

When Mo Xiao Xia opened the door, she was happy, but the man who was another wounded patient in her living room was not that pleasantly surprised. Ye Shuang did not have any guilt from disturbing the man. She led Yan Si into the room naturally and raised her hand to greet them. “Hi, I’m surprised that Mr. Lin is here as well… Since you’re an invalid and the person I brought with me is also invalid, this is such a coincidence.”

Yan Si and Lin Yu both glared at Ye Shuang.

Mo Xiao Xia was as busy as a bee. She found them slippers and poured them water. She even was kind enough to find a small stepstool for Yan Si to rest his broken leg. Then she sat down next to Ye Shuang and glued her eyes on the man. “Are you that Yan Si‽”

You have been buzzing around me all day, but you didn’t recognize me?

Ye Shuang covered her lips to hide the laughter. She smiled at Lin Yu, who failed to light the lighter. ” Mr. Lin, I thought you’d already returned to Xiang Jiang or would be recovering at a VIP sickroom. I’m surprised to find Mr. Lin at Xiao Xia’s apartment.”

Lin Yu nodded with a light grunt before answering with some boredom, “The food at the hospital is not good, and I don’t like the smell of disinfectant.”

That was sort of an explanation. Mo Xiao Xia filled in the rest. “Yes, Sister Shuang, you have no idea how sorry Lin Yu’s state was. When he was at the hospital, no one was there to take him meals, and there was no entertainment at the place. After all, he was the only patient in that large sickroom…”

Silly girl, that was his technique. Ye Shuang tossed Lin Yu a condescending gaze, and Lin Yu replied with an arrogant raise of his brow. He had purposely booked the entire room, the he had purposely had his men block the internet and the signal at the hospital.

Mo Xiao Xia did not notice the silent exchange. After she lamenting Lin Yu’s poor condition, she turned her concern to Yan Si. “By the way, do you want to add another pillow? Who injured you so? Your injury is worse than Lin Yu’s who was assaulted by mafia gang… Was the safe at your home really broken into? Haven’t you requested Sister Shuang to help you investigate?”

Yan Si was stumped by the series of questions and the hypotheses that were made. After a while, he turned to look at Ye Shuang with confusion. Ye Shuang gripped her fist and coughed. “Stop guessing, I didn’t accept any case from him.”

Mo Xiao Xia was shocked. “Huh? Don’t you two know each other? Sister Shuang, if you didn’t accept his case, then why would you bring him here?”

Since Ye Shuang had arrived at the apartment with Yan Si in tow, Mo Xiao Xia had the impression that the man was not the real thief and had been framed. On top of that, due to Ye Shuang’s career, and the things that had happened recently, she had hypothesized about their relationship and come up with the confusion that because Yan Si had been framed, he had gone to Ye Shuang to help him investigate theft. Based on logic alone, that hypothesis was quite believable.

Ye Shuang shrugged helplessly. “He happened to move into the place opposite from Xiao Su’s apartment. Today, Luo Mingxin came to hand me an invitation, but he was trapped by the paparazzi that came to block Yan Si. Luo Mingxin couldn’t leave, so he requested me to move this target out of the way.”

Yan Si then realized who the pretty face that Ye Shuang was talking to on the phone was, but his anger had already blown over, and he already knew that he was merely a distraction. So, who the celebrity that Ye Shuang was doing the favor for was not that important—Yan Si cared about another thing.

Mo Xiao Xia’s eyes lit up. “Brother Luo has given you the invitation as well? Is it about the fashion show? We should go together? I was wondering who I should invite to go with me.”

Lin Yu coughed audibly. Ye Shuang rolled her eyes at the man. “Your arm is in a casing. How do you plan to hide it at the show?”

Lin Yu’s face darkened, and he was about to say something when Yan Si cut in. “What is the request and case that you have been saying earlier?”

He had not forgotten Mo Xiao Xia’s misunderstanding that he had gone to Ye Shuang to investigate the truth. With Boss Mo’s influence, even though Mo Xiao Xia was just Boss Mo’s niece, her standing among the upper society in Shanghai was still higher than Yan Si’s.

Therefore, the thing that came out of Mo Xiao Xia’s mouth deserved his caution and attention. Even though Yan Si still did not have any idea why Mo Xiao Xia had confidence that Ye Shuang would definitely help him find the truth, at least he believed that Ye Shuang was not an amateur detective.

“We are talking about the fashion show, stop changing the topic!” Mo Xiao Xia complained seriously.

What! There hasn’t been an actual topic, okay?

After some back and forth, Yan Si finally managed to get the information of Ye Shuang’s actual career from Mo Xiao Xia’s lips. Ye Shuang did not stop her—she just leaned back to watch the show. Mo Xiao Xia did not know much inside information, so Ye Shuang was not afraid of her accidentally revealing too much information. More importantly, this was not a secret. Even if she wanted to hide it, Yan Si had already raised his suspicion. Even if he was unable to hear it from Mo Xiao Xia, he might just skip the question and throw Ye Shuang a case or hire his friends to go ask around.

Yan Si downed the whole glass of water, and just as he was about to turn to Ye Shuang, Ye Shuang raised her finger to the man’s face and said, “I am an agent, yes, and it is not difficult to investigate your family business… but the issue is, I already have another case that I’m dealing with, so temporarily, my schedule is not free. If you are that insistent, you’ll need to wait for me to finish my current case first.”