Chapter 480 - Five-second Shuang

Chapter 480: Five-second Shuang

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The two were now hiding at the edge of the woods that was not far from the house. Their vantage point allowed them to take in the layout of the house fully. The unknown darkness was always able to tease out one’s nervousness.

Even for Anthony, who had faced big events in life, he could not help but be worried. This was related to his best friend, and this was the only friend that he could open his heart to. As he stared at the house, he took the time to type once or twice on the keyboard as he completed the final preparations.

Ye Shuang was new at this, yes, but it would not be right to use normal standards to measure this alien who could manipulate her own hormones and the adrenaline in her system.

“I will try to reach the door with my fastest speed. I will need about five seconds, so put down the alarm perimeter for five seconds.” They did not have the luxury of time to come up with a more elaborate set up. Ye Shuang’s mind spun quickly and came up with the best plan that they could do at that moment.

“Five seconds?” Anthony widened his eyes. He turned to look at the house in disbelief, but considering Han Chu, he soon relented. “Okay, I won’t ask too much, but are you sure I should put down the alarm for five seconds?”

Then, he frowned with hesitation. “Should I give you more time?”

“Just five seconds is enough!” Ye Shuang confirmed. If it was over five seconds, even if she could reach the door, it was pointless. Without a fast movement speed, her current large body would be discovered moving in the darkness; the enemy was not dumb.

Ye Shuang did not give Anthony much time to dawdle. She dropped a ‘start the count down now’ and burst forward. She did not get into a kneeling position under the tree, but only the tip of her toes touched on the tree trunk. She shot forward in a long leap, ignoring the influence of her own weight and gravity. Like a cat, she landed on the grass and continued to rush forward. The moment she touched the ground, the grass swayed slightly from her movement.

Anthony reactively opened the signal disturber and lowered his head to look at the time. After counting for three seconds, he recovered and almost cried out from shock, Come back, hey! We haven’t even discussed the details. Yes, I know about the five seconds, but are you sure you don’t need cover?

But it was too late for that. Anthony could only carry on with his experience and instinct. At the last two seconds, he pulled out the modified rifle and aimed it right at the empty space before the house. It was at that moment he realized where Ye Shuang’s confidence came from. Through the field, a person was moving with a speed that did not belong to a human being. There was a flash of a shadow, and it looked like the space was being warped around him. The only thing that placed some sort of a roadblock to the man was a low wall around the house. But the height of the wall was only enough to stop the man for a moment. In basically the blink of an end, the black shadow that he could still see had already evaporated into thin air like everything had just been an illusion.

“Sh*t!” Anthony did not know how to express his feelings. When he finished the countdown, he pulled on the trigger. Just as the five seconds finished, a specially modified bullet was shot into the wall. Without stopping, he changed the cartridge and fired another shot outside the wall. After firing these two shots, the area between the woods and the house had all been covered. Anthony lifted his head away from the gun to look.

After ensuring that Ye Shuang had reached the door safely, he lowered his head without hesitation to press the backspace key on the keyboard and then opened the large box beside him. This box was the large item that they had brought over in Zhou Yue’s truck. It had a simple use; it was to provide power. Be it Anthony’s laptop or other stuff, a lot of equipment needed electricity to function. If they were on another map, they could steal electricity, but this was a backward countryside village. In any case, after the modification from Anthony, this box would act as a mobile power source to support the large amount of equipment that Anthony needed to control and manipulate the situation.

After switching it on, a silent electric web covered the surface that Ye Shuang had just treaded on earlier. Even though it looked inconspicuous, as long as a creature the shape of a human crossed this area, they would be electrified by a sufficient voltage. Many people would be misguided by the stuff that they saw in dramas and think that a high voltage was required to kill or incapacitate someone. 100,000 volts was like a drizzle while 1,000,000 volts was like a massage. Actually, that was not the case. According to international standard, a fatal amount of electricity was a mere fifty mA. Nowadays, even a normal iPhone required at least 2,500 mA. In other words, if a phone battery was turned into a weapon, it had enough power to kill about fifty people.

The exchange of current was one of Anthony’s trademark skills. Once the web like this was opened, it could be used both offensively and defensively, and it would destroy or collect specific signals. Other people could do nothing against it other than use brute force to level the area. However, it had its advantages and disadvantages. After the web was opened, the communication between Anthony and Ye Shuang was naturally cut off as well. They would not be able to communicate effectively after this and could only rely on the observation of their naked eye and experience to decide what to do next.

“That silly kid.” Father Han saw this using binoculars from the other side. After several seconds of speechlessness, he could not help but curse. He had not seen this thing before, but from what Anthony used to do and from what he had done earlier, basically, his prediction would not be that far away from the truth. He was proud that his own children were so good at their jobs, but both Han Chu and Anthony kept their work away from him for the most part, and that gave him a great dissatisfaction.

“When we return, remind me to have Anthony hand over that thing!” Father Han yelled at Su Zheng.

Su Zheng felt wronged and did not dare answer back. You could have just asked for it yourself, why me? Humph! This is obviously him venting his anger on me!

Ye Shuang stuck her ear to the door to listen for several seconds. After making sure that there was no movement, she turned her wrist, and the iron lock in her grasp cracked and shattered. The lock was easily broken, and she pushed the door lightly open.

The first-floor living room was dark, and the second floor was about the same. Other than the ray of light that shone from gap of one of the doors, the other place was silent. Actually, it was more than silent; she could not hear even the sound of breathing. That did not mean that she could lower her guard.

Using the furniture as cover, Ye Shuang crawled, rolled, jumped, and leaped through the room. Like an action movie action, she tried her best to stay in the dark. Finally, she sought her way up to the second floor. She pressed her ear against the door again to listen.

Good, I can only hear one person breathing.