Chapter 502 - Priorities

Chapter 502: Priorities

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The thirty-two people rushed through the forest like chickens let out of their coops. Combined with the people from Xiao San’s group, one could imagine how dispersed the group was. Even though Ye Shuang had great confidence, she could not guarantee that this would not exhaust her greatly. There was not only her body to worry about, there was the time and space constraint.

Yes, she had evolved, but that was just an enhancement of her body. It did not gift her with superpowers. Thus, she decided to focus on the more important incidents. How did she decide which was more important? It was based on the standard given by Xiao San’s people.

Broken limbs? Over bleeding? Snapped bones? Oh, you’re not from our side, then it’s not something serious.

What is serious? Nothing below death is serious.

A scratch? Twisted ankle? Your finger was accidentally injured when pulling the gun’s trigger? Ah, you’re one of Xiao San’s people, then this is urgent—assistance must be given instantly.

Of course, that was a slight exaggeration.

Ye Shuang maintained this irresponsible attitude and took the VIP lane across the treetops. She jumped like a squirrel through all the areas and shot numerous branches and pebbles along the way. She did not feel any shame in providing sniping support. Just as she had completed the whole round and ensured that Xiao San’s people had the situation under control… and taken under control the situations that they could not… a group of three from another side who were silently retreating caught Ye Shuang’s attention.

“Hmm?” She stopped moving. Ye Shuang crouched and used the heavy foliage to hide herself. She picked a branch and frowned as she observed the situation. The three had unknown identities, but based on the way they were dressed, they should be the party that Jennifer planned to ambush. After all, the difference in attire for the two was obvious. The first party that came to the explosion site, as unprofessional actors as they were, had looked like villagers, but Jennifer’s team that showed up later had been dressed in black tuxes and looked fashionable. Therefore, Ye Shuang did not waste much time telling which camp they were from. Other people had their brains exploded, so why were these three running away?

They did not look like they were afraid of battle. Such people would die from a stab in the back, but they would not turn their backs willingly to others. Furthermore, there was the team formation. The two were clearly protecting one who looked like a weak burden. Could it be someone important?

When the situation called for it, Ye Shuang could move her brain very fast. After all, there were only three of them. With a switch of her mind, she decided to make a move. She grabbed a few branches and flicked them out with her fingers. Very cleanly, she knocked out the two guards before she jumped down to the ground. Ye Shuang stood up with the remaining person watching him in shock. She patted away the grass on her pants and raised her hand to smile. “Ni Hao.”

“…Ni Hao?”

Ye Shuang raised her brow to the familiar foreign accent. She instantly caught up to what was wrong.

This is a foreigner, but he does not look like it.

With a closer inspection, she saw what was wrong. The silicone mask around the neck had flipped up. It had probably gotten caught during the run earlier. With that in mind, Ye Shuang smiled. “A mask?”

Earlier, the man had been shocked by Ye Shuang’s series of stunt. When he heard the greeting, he had returned it instinctively. Now he came to and showed alert. He held his neck and took several steps back. “Who are you?”

“You can stop holding it. I’ve already seen the skin underneath it.” Ye Shuang was speechless. “Even if I didn’t notice anything earlier, now that you’re got your hands there, aren’t you making it obvious that you’re hiding something?”

The man probably did not understand her, so he clamped his lips.

“A foreigner… looks like Jennifer is looking for you.” Ye Shuang thought about it. “Oh well, a hidden NPC like yourself can normally trigger an important event. I have nothing to lose if I bring you back with me.”

The foreigner panicked. He did not expect the man to skip over the interrogation and kidnap him without asking why.

“No! You can’t…” Before he could halt Ye Shuang, the foreigner just started saying something and then felt a heavy blow on the back of his neck. A karate chop later, Ye Shuang held the unconscious man and expertly lugged the man over her shoulder and rushed toward the safe direction.

The fake Jennifer had gone with a mission. She was there to kill their co-operator who stood in their way. The plan was going well; they had the element of surprise and firepower. Even if the opponent had the geographical advantage, with enough time, things would be brought under control. But to their dismay, just as the battle started, before it even reached the climax, a third party appeared out of nowhere to mess up the plan. They did not side with either party and started ambushing them. They were also experts in jungle warfare.

Therefore, the fake Jennifer told her people to disperse just like that. The people that they had surrounded also took this opportunity to escape. Of course, if that was all, she would not have been so nervous. The mission handed to her by the real Jennifer, surrounding those people, was important, but that was not the most important. It would have been good if she could kill them, but even if she could not, the firefight should exhaust some time, which the real Jennifer could make use of to take away the thing that she needed from the opponent’s old lair.

“Now you’re telling me the person is not there?” The fake Jennifer accepted the phone handed over her people. She heard two sentences and started to scream. “How is that possible? Perhaps you have not looked through the place enough?”

“Idiot.” The real Jennifer scoffed down the line. “Stop wasting time like an idiot. They must have taken the man with them. In any case, I want you to aim carefully. Do not harm that gentleman accidentally.”

“…” Who could she harm‽ The person had already run away!