Chapter 150 - Twitching Together

Chapter 150: Twitching Together

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Ye Shuang’s plan was to create a rumor at An Corps to lure out Xu Jian’s partner. She believed it would not be too much of a problem. The only thing that she needed to worry about was An Zixuan. After all, he had seen Ye Shuang before. Even though he spent most of his time lately at the bar drinking himself numb, there was a chance he would return to the family company one day.

To prevent such an accident from happening, Ye Shuang found the best help to aid her. She suggested that the An family send the shamed son overseas for one whole month via Mr. Fang.

Aren’t you trying to forget the pain‽ How will you be able to do that at the place where you’re hurt‽ Now, be a good boy and leave the country.

After watching the man being escorted away, Ye Shuang sighed in relief. She did not worry that much about An Zining. The woman was heedless but not brainless. She would not intervene if Ye Shuang clued her in on the plan beforehand. Furthermore, she was a pregnant woman. She could stay home to watch the whole thing unfold; she did not need to come to the company to watch it live.

With Anthony controlling the wireless system in Xu Jian’s car, every time he went out, he basically handed Anthony his itinerary. Therefore, during some events, after the weekend dinner, when her gender was in a ‘convenient’ state, Ye Shuang would have more ‘chance encounters’ with Xu Jian.

Since Ye Shuang was not related to his current occupation, and with their history together, Xu Jian did not put his guard up around Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang also took Xu Jian to the Go association several times to implant the impression in his mind that she was training to become a national player.

A man’s ego is no smaller than a woman’s. During everyday conversations, they would compare their career, wealth, and girlfriends. Someone like Ye Shuang, who had both status and looks, won over many others handily. Ye Shuang not only had the ability to earn her own money, but her career choice after returning to San Lin City was respected and not invasive to others.

For example, if the woman’s status was higher than the man’s, then it might hurt his pride, but a career in the arts would be accepted anywhere. Therefore, Xu Jian felt more and more satisfied. After being treated to a round of envious gazes, he naturally thought if they returned to their lover status, it might not have been so bad.

“Be your date to a ball‽” Ye Shuang was shocked, and she showed some hesitation. “But is this really a bright idea? I don’t even know the people from your company…”

The man’s courage was bigger than Ye Shuang expected. Ye Shuang assumed that he would only dare drop hints, but he was openly asking her to attend a public occasion with him. After all, there was an unwritten rule for such company gatherings. It was fine if he appeared with his secretary, relative, or colleague, but if he showed up with a member of the opposite sex that people were not familiar with, then it was an announcement that they were in a relationship.

If Ye Shuang attend the ball with Xu Jian, basically, she agreed to be his girlfriend. Even though she wanted to create this misunderstanding, doing it so openly would not reflect well on her either.

“It’s okay. I can help make introductions.” Xu Jian pushed a plate of dessert toward Ye Shuang. He was satisfied with Ye Shuang’s table manners; she was a girlfriend that he could bring to any occasion. Ye Shuang smiled politely and said her thanks before she lowered her head to arrange her thoughts.

From Xu Jian’s expression, it looked like he did not think that Ye Shuang appearing as a girlfriend would affect the big picture. Perhaps the smooth sailing he had achieved at An Corps had given him the confidence to think everything was within his control, or perhaps he thought he could break up with his current partner easily.

Wait, something’s not right.

Ye Shuang gave it further thought. Anthony had the chat record of the two. Even though there was no facial expression and tone, words could provide information as well. The female partner would show concern toward Xu Jian in everyday details like telling him to wear an extra layer because a cold draft was coming or to not work so late into the night. It was due to these messages that Anthony and Ye Shuang thought they were lovers on top of being partners.

However, thinking back to Xu Jian’s replies, they were often simple thanks. Following which, he would bring the topic back to work. Men and women behaved different. Some of the more careless men might not care much about these things, but after their few ‘chance encounters’, Ye Shuang realized Xu Jian was not this kind of man. So, this was… unrequited love‽

“I’m sorry, I have to go redo my make-up.” Ye Shuang was not wearing any make-up, so she was saying she needed to use the bathroom in a round-about way. She left her purse and entered the bathroom. She twisted her watch open and shared the information she had just gathered.

“I’m really shocked, Xu Jian… I mean, Alexander is asking me to go to the ball with him, and his partner seems to be silently loving him.”

“Isn’t that good news?” Anthony laughed happily. “Then there will be fewer hurdles to your plan.”

“No, I think things have become more complicated.” Ye Shuang was not as optimistic as Anthony. “If they had broken up, it would be understandable for the girl to be saddened or have resentment, but if this is just a failed one-sided romance, perhaps she might try to hide her former feelings even harder and throw herself into work. So, to ensure the success of our plan, I feel we need to get the girl to be honest with her feelings. Also, I don’t want to attend this ball with him.”

Are you kidding me? If I show myself at this ball, how am I going to have any more good times with my pals in San Lin City‽

“This is so troublesome,” Anthony grumbled. “No one can force another person to confess their feelings. Furthermore, if the girl has been silent with her love for so long already, why would she suddenly change her MO?”

“That’s your problem,” Ye Shuang happily said on the phone. “Perhaps you can create a reason that he had to bring his partner to the ball. Like, you said you’re going to bring some important document to the ball, the one that he wouldn’t want to miss out on. Finally, some people tell them what a good pair they are, and then another group of people tell the girl that Alexander is pursuing two girls at the same time. That’ll definitely create some misunderstanding.”

“Honey, you’re so naughty,” Anthony praised.

“…Tony, you don’t really understand the meaning of the term ‘you’re so naughty’ in Chinese, do you?”

“Is it not what it means‽” Anthony gasped before sighing. “Your language culture is very weird. No wonder when I sent Han off at the airport, his face was also very ugly.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, ‘Say hi to your mother for me.'”

Ye Shuang’s brow twitched. You’re lucky Han Chu didn’t kick you at the time.

“By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask, don’t you feel bad for cheating your ex-boyfriend?” Anthony asked.

“You’ve said it yourself, ex-boyfriend. Furthermore, have I really cheated?” Ye Shuang explained, “I’ve always believed the ex is either a stranger or an enemy. Those staying as friends probably still have feelings for each other! After all, when you put yourself out there, you gotta know how to play the game.”

This time, it was Anthony’s turn to twitch. Thankfully, you’ve only had one boyfriend, or else you’d get beaten up… No wait! A normal man wouldn’t be able to beat her!

After her chat with Anthony, Ye Shuang put on her watch again. If she did not leave immediately, Xu Jian would think she was constipated. That would not be good for her image, so she went out to deal with the man again.

Then, she came up with some excuses, saying she might have other things to do on the day of the ball, and it was something that she could not miss. Even though Xu Jian felt like it was a shame, he did not force it.

When they parted, Xu Jian asked with a sigh, “You still don’t need me to drive you home?”

The woman said that she did not want others to have some misunderstanding, and Ye Shuang did not want to expose her current address.

She had used many different excuses before, so Ye Shuang came up with a new one. “I still need to go to the university to fetch my brother… You know, Xiao Feng.”

Xu Jian was speechless. Last time when he asked Ye Shuang out for dinner during the weekend, Ye Feng was in attendance as well. His expression toward him during the dinner was not friendly but not hostile either.

Xu Jian now thought he had the ability to look down on others, and he respected Ye Shuang because she was a woman and had the talent, but the way Little Brother Ye, the wild child, treated him made him uncomfortable. Xu Jian, who was no longer a shy university student, had forgotten how to mingle with normal people. Even though he missed that period of his life, he actually would not be able to survive returning to it. He could not suffer others being rude to him.

For example, Xu Jian used to go out with Little Brother Ye and his dormitory friends. They could make deprecating jokes between one another, but if someone dared to make fun of Xu Jian now, there would be hell to pay! When he was young, Xu Jian thought that was games between friends, but now he thought it was signs of disrespect and barbarity.

Ye Shuang laughed meaningfully.

Xu Jian was shocked and immediately removed the expression of disgust on his face. He quickly explained, “Xiao Shuang, don’t misunderstand. I was just worried about Xiao Feng’s future. With his current personality, he will step on other people’s toes easily when he enters the society. Just think back to our previous dinner…”

Ye Shuang laughed again, and Xu Jian’s remaining words were swallowed back down. Ye Shuang’s rude laughs made him feel slightly awkward. Then again, he looked at Ye Shuang’s face and then thought back to her identity and family background.

Xu Jian adjusted himself and soon recovered. “So be it, if you’re not happy, we shall not talk about it. Then I’ll drive you to Xiao Feng’s school.”