Chapter 178 - Narcissus

Chapter 178: Narcissus

How should she put it? Rather than disgusting, Ye Shuang felt it was more unlucky. All lifeforms had the need to procreate. Of course, when the spiritual activity was more complicated, it might be transcended by spiritual pursuit, but generally speaking, this instinct was common and formed the rules of society.

The alien DNA also had procreation as one of its basic rules, but it was more advanced, which was why the individual would focus on feelings before sex. Due to the original template of humans, human beings had to look at sex before feelings. From Ye Shuang’s perspective, this was as traditional as arranged marriage.

Was love before marriage more fitting to human nature or marriage before love? For Ye Shuang, it was without a doubt the former; therefore, in the alien race’s history, the former slowly eliminated the latter. In Ye Shuang’s inherited memory, the alien species would not have the same worry as An Zixuan. You like men? Easy, just be a woman.

Therefore, in Ye Shuang’s eyes, An Zixuan’s trouble was similar to arranged marriage, but in his case, it was the gender that was arranged.

“Even though the sex hormones do have a huge influence on human nature, with the additional influence of environment, normally, people aren’t averse to people from the same sex, but… there might be exception.” Ye Shuang tried to explain this as best as she could from a scientific perspective. “It could be the influence of one’s environment or a variation in the secretion of sex hormones causing the sexual consciousness to be different from the physical condition, causing one to fall in love with members from the same sex.”

An Zixuan was confused like he had tuned into the wrong channel. Weren’t they discussing his problem earlier? Why did it suddenly change into biology‽

“For example, a movement in the RNA link, or you can read up more about it on Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument… Like many mothers would dress up young boys like pretty girls, they might see it as a joke, but it could have more far-reaching influence on the boy’s psyche than they thought. This is because when the boy receives information from society that information that is meant for a girl, it will be recorded unconsciously in his brain. If the formation of self is not strong enough, it might continue to influence in his adulthood and…”

Ye Shuang tried her best to remember the memory influx, to go through the alien species’ understanding of human consciousness. An Zixuan moved from nervousness to confusion and from confusion to respect… Even though he had no idea what Ye Shuang was saying, she did sound impressive.

“In any case… the main reason you’re a homosexual should be your parents!” In the end, Ye Shuang concluded her explanation. Either it was a natural issue or later environmental influence. In any case, both of them were related to the An family’s genes and education.

An Zixuan’s brain had been led on a merry go round thought about it, and he nodded. “You do sound like you have a point…”

Therefore, the one feeling the shame should be his parents‽ An Zixuan suddenly felt weirdly dissatisfied… Then why should he be blamed for their mistake‽

After successfully confusing the man, seeing as his expression changed from the earlier anxiety to acceptance, she added off-handedly, “Who was the person who called you earlier? Why would you suddenly ask me all this‽”

An Zixuan tried to digest all the professional terms, and after a while, his mind cleared, and he scoffed, “Everyone thinks homosexuals are psychos and think I’m dumb, so they’re now trying to swindle me.”

“Sounds like they’re trying to attack the An company through you?” Ye Shuang continued naturally as she nodded.

“Indeed.” An Zixuan scoffed again as he turned the steering wheel and drove into Ye Shuang’s apartment building’s underground carpark. “It’s Xi Hwa Corporation, which recently started to rise in San Lin City. They appear to be a foreign trade company to the public. I had no idea I’m that popular in their eyes.”

Ever since he returned to the nation, An Zixuan had kept being harassed by the man using various reasons. Initially, he attended a few events to show face, but after seeing the man kept pushing beautiful boys toward him, he understood what the man was getting at.

Want to use a twinkie to have me surrender the family business‽ You’ve underestimated An Zixuan.

Ye Shuang saw the key instantly. It was not that they had underestimated An Zixuan, but this trick had proved successful in the past before. Therefore, after losing one Xu Jian, they used the similar tactic and found a new person to replace him. They had used the professional model already and managed to make An Zixuan lose big time. Naturally, An Zixuan would be cautious around similar men. In that case, they would naturally switch to men that looked harmless. The soft young type would be perfect to console a broken heart.

“Didn’t they come up with some new tactics?” Ye Shuang asked.

An Zixuan’s lips curved coldly. “It wouldn’t have been useful. Eventually, they’d know it’s a waste of time. I won’t fall for the same trick twice.”

“…Actually, it wouldn’t be so bad to be used again.”

“Of course, I… Huh‽”

After parking the car, Ye Shuang led An Zixuan to her apartment while explaining what she meant. Xi Hwa Organization obviously would not give up a target as good as the An family, which meant they would never give up on harassing An Zixuan.

An Zining was a tigress and would not save people’s face when she was poked; this was observable from how she called a party to drag her husband’s sorry ass out of the apartment when she heard he was cheating on her. On the off chance they said something to accidentally offend the lady, Xi Hwa Organization would lose all face. The two elders at the An family were not pushovers either; those with experience could tell from first glance Xi Hwa Organization was a fake company. Who would cooperate with them without them showing some sincerity‽

In San Lin City, they could target other companies, but everyone was on guard, and Xi Hwa Organization would have a harder time getting in. In comparison, An Zixuan, who they had broken down earlier, would be the easiest target… or so they thought.

Instead of waiting for Xi Hwa Organization to come up with a new plan, why not lead them out into the open? At least that way, they would have an idea what the enemy’s plan was.

“Your family or cousin must have told you about this, right?” Ye Shuang led An Zixuan to the door opposite from her own house, keyed in the password, and invited the man in. “Anthony is someone my partner and I introduced into the An family’s company. Exposing Xu Jian and countering the sabotage is also the handiwork of Anthony and my partner… By the way, this is where Anthony is temporarily staying.”

An Zixuan nodded with reservation. “I did hear something like that from my cousin, and I did receive the whole written report about the sabotage from my family. They wanted me to see Xu Jian for who he really is so…”

“It’s perfect that you know that… Make yourself at home.” Ye Shuang put the shopping bags to the side. She initially wanted to pour An Zixuan a glass of tea or coffee, but the drinks in the fridge were either soft drinks or beers. After comparing the choices, she placed a can of cola before the man. “Here, drink something. We’ll wait for Anthony to come back, and then we’ll discuss the possibility of your cooperation.”

Even though Anthony went to the Ye family to beg for food, he would not overstay his welcome. He would leave at around 7 or 8. Due to the holidays, the crowds at the nightclubs had died down, so the amount of time Anthony reserved for night activities had decreased tremendously. Ye Shuang believed he would be home soon.

“Cooperation‽” An Zixuan frowned as he accepted the can of cola. “You mean between me and Anthony‽”

Anthony was currently the playmaker at An company, and An Zixuan was still in observation. Even though there was no conflict of interest between them and An Zixuan definitely would not let Anthony ruin his own family business, speaking of cooperation… there did not seem like there was a need for that between them.

Ye Shuang also grabbed a can of cola for herself. She pulled on the ring easily, and the aluminum ring dangled on her long pointing finger. After she took a large gulp, she said easily, “Don’t you feel tired of constantly being on the weaker side‽ Since Xi Hwa Organization plans to use you, why don’t you use them back‽”

An Zixuan understood immediately. “You want me to pretend to work with them‽”

Combining what Ye Shuang said in the car earlier, An Zixuan quickly got to the main point.

“The actual details, you’ll need to iron it out with Tony.” Ye Shuang nodded. “If the An family’s young master wanted to redo his image, a beautiful counter-attack is a good place to start.”

An Zixuan’s lips fell open, and just as he was about to say something, there was the door beeped, signaling that someone had just keyed in the password.

The next second, the door opened, and a smiling baby face appeared at the door with a fake shocked expression on his face. “I thought a thief had gotten into my house, but it’s just the beautiful Narcissus and his lover having their little rendezvous.”

This man sure is annoying!

In that instant, An Zixuan confirmed his first impression of Anthony.