Chapter 376 - Such Mental Fortitude

Chapter 376: Such Mental Fortitude

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“We cannot go directly to the security company. Their company is situated inside a complex building. It is twenty stories tall. Other than companies, there are business centers and entertainment centers.” Han Chu pressed on his lips and concluded, “There are too many complicated characters wandering about!”

Ye Shuang was driving, but that did not stop her from splitting her focus to join the discussion. “So, shall we go to the training base?”

“Yes, the agents of the security company stay and train there. When there’s a mission, they are informed by the company over the phone, and they depart from the base.” Han Chu pointed at the map. He drew a connecting route between where they were then and the location of the base. “The base is located in the countryside. They will need time to hurry back into the city, but if we meet them halfway, the time spent will be halved at least. Even so, we will have to waste at least one or two hours.”

How much time it would really waste depended on the situation on the streets. If they were unlucky and the traffic was heavy, the time needed might double, but if they were lucky and there were no cars on the road, they might need less than one hour to arrive.

Ye Shuang sighed. Every second amounted to something. The main issue was that they did not know when the enemy would show up. Under such great pressure, the term ‘traffic jam’ really could make people explode.

“But now, putting everything aside, we have a more immediate problem to deal with…” Han Chu continued as his gaze moved smoothly to the rear-view mirror to look at Ray in the backseat.

A deep frown creased between the man’s forehead. Hearing that, he moved to meet Han Chu’s eyes. After some silence, he nodded seriously. “…I know.”

It was the issue of the bug.

“Then…” he said in a serious tone. Should I contact the hospital first or inform the security company to bring along some anti-spying equipment?

Ray only got that first word out when Han Chu opened his lips in relief. “It’s great that you understand that.”

He pressed swiftly on his phone, typing in a number, before passing the phone back to show Ray. “Even though this is an emergency, our escort this time is technically a case. Because Anthony is holding the other more important electronic device, I cannot print the contract out, but if you have no issues about this, we can form a verbal agreement first.”

Wait, this doesn’t feel right!

Han Chu paused before continuing. “Of course, if you agree not to go through the hoops of the whole written contract in the future and end the contract just like this, I can give you a three percent discount on the payment.”

Ye Shuang was struck by inspiration. “Wait, does this mean that I get to earn some salary from this case as well?”

“Hmm.” Han Chu nodded before clarifying, “But after taking out my commission fee.”

Ray was too weak to understand how those two still had the mind to care about money at a time like that. He glanced at the number on Han Chu’s phone. He felt like the number was rather reasonable, so Ray accepted it quietly, too weak to launch a retort.

“Where could Cedrick be?” On the other hand, Madam Grace walked into the room where Luther was kept. She reached out to pull on his hair to yank his face upward so that he was facing her. She coldly asked, “Didn’t you say that you have absolute control over your men?”

Luther looked a bit worse for wear. Even though he had not received any physical wounds, it was clear that he had been through several tiring interrogation sessions. “I originally thought that I could handle the situation, but unfortunately, I lost contact with them several days ago.”

“Oh?” Madam Grace detached her hand from the man’s head and sat down across from Luther. She looked at the man coldly for a few seconds and puffed in mock sympathy. “So, you’ve been betrayed?”

“I believe so,” Luther said self-deprecatingly. “Perhaps I’ll die a mysterious death in a few days, and then people will think that it was you who ended me.”

Madam Grace narrowed her eyes. “Do you believe that this is a trap?”

Then after a pause, she laughed. “Or is this a trap that you’ve laid for me?”

The former meant that someone had tricked both Luther and Grace; the person planned to turn the two against one another and reap all the benefits. The latter was easier to explain. If Luther was purposely acting weak to mislead Madam Grace so that she would let him go, this explanation was not that unreasonable.

“If you think I am laying a trap, then you’d better watch over me carefully and ensure that I don’t do anything sneaky under your gaze.” Luther naturally knew how suspicious Madam Grace was of him. He did not try to explain. Instead, he shrugged and said in a surprisingly light tone, “By the way, I had the impression that you’re the most cold-hearted among us. I’m surprised that you might care so much about a little boy.

“What is so interesting about that Cedrick? His shining personality? Or his endless stamina?”

“That doesn’t concern you.” Madam Grace turned her nose up and looked condescendingly at her captive. “For now, you should focus on figuring out a way to convince me to let you go, and…. if you have really been betrayed by your people, perhaps you should be more worried about yourself.”

Luther laughed bitterly. “If worst comes to worst, I might use my last few bargaining chips to buy my release. After all, there is nothing more important than life, right? But unfortunately, I don’t even think that I have those chips anymore. Someone arrived before you did to steal all of that from me. Are you sure that you still want to waste your time on me?”

“What about your other trump cards?” Madam Grace smiled wickedly. “Don’t tell me that you’re dumb enough to not have anything that you’ve hidden away from your men. Or perhaps you can exchange Cedrick’s location with me for today’s dinner menu?”

“Cedrick…” Luther had confirmed that Madam Grace was not kidding with him. Even though he temporarily did not understand the reason, the woman did care about Cedrick’s location and was willing to make a reasonable compromise. “Both of us know that Cedrick was kidnapped after you captured me.”

Luther tried his best to negotiate. “So, in other words, I know nothing about Cedrick’s location. However, if you want to know, then the only way is for me to make contact with my people. Are you perhaps willing to cooperate with me?”

“…” Madam Grace stared at Luther for a long time, and the corner of her lips rose. “Are you trying to persuade me to help you get your power back?”

Luther batted his innocent eyes. “Of course, don’t you think that is a brilliant idea?”