Chapter 426 - Tantrum

Chapter 426: Tantrum

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Anthony pretended to be a reserved and righteous young man as he rejected Cedrick’s kindness in all seriousness. He said that he did not want to trouble Cedrick.

But in reality…

Motherf*cker! I won’t give that *sshole what he wants! I won’t contact him, nor will I tell him anything! Humph!

That was what Anthony really had in mind.

After a night of rest, Han Chu, who had gotten used to deceiving his own mates, figured what his buddy was proving when he had yet to hear anything from Anthony when he had almost recovered from his fever.

“Visit the prisoner with me.” Han Chu was feeling unsettled as he felt his forehead and decided he would not rest for another day. He hopped off the bed and began to take off his pajamas.

Ye Shuang blinked and crossed her arms, leaning on the wall while saying in mockery. “Visit Tony? What are you going to say to him? Have fun staying behind bars‽”

“Tony must be throwing tantrum to not be contacting us,” Han Chu said, feeling all righteous as if he had never done anything wrong. “Otherwise, if Tony was really eager, it would be impossible for Cedrick not to help him given that you’ve saved him once.”

“…” Ye Shuang was a little speechless at Han Chu’s overbearingness. “Don’t you think you’re a little naive to be thinking Anthony would calm down so soon and do as you say right after you tossed him in hell?”

“Why not?” Han Chu could not understand that. He frowned looking doubtful. “Tony should’ve gotten used to it by now.”

That attitude!

That attitude alone was so f*cked up!

No matter how upset Anthony was for being deceived, all that he could do protest was merely not contact Han Chu.

Naturally, that did not affect anything at all. The reason being, Han Chu was not reflecting on himself like Anthony was expecting him. Meanwhile, no matter how irritated and mad Anthony was, he would have to do as they said since he was living under their roof.

“It’s hopeless.” Anthony sighed, feeling dejected as he picked up the burnt chip that was melting with a tweezer. He said sadly and helplessly while holding his chin with his other hand, “The substance is already damaged. It’s impossible to retrieve the data now.”

Cedrick frowned in doubt. “Isn’t the term supposed to be unrecoverable?”

Anthony pouted. “It’s the same meaning.”

He rubbed his baby face on the table, “I’m so sad.”

“I think you should be saying you’re upset instead, Mr. Anthony,” the technician behind the duo in the room interrupted carefully. “Do we go on?”

Apart from the technician, there were another two electronics experts in the room. All of them were Madam Grace’s underlings from China. Due to the job there, all three of them were from China.

Since the decoding of the chip was confidential, it had been a one-man show for Anthony in decoding and retrieving. However, since he had deceived them, realizing Anthony was a sly fox, Madam Grace had brought in the three technicians. They would be working with Anthony to speed up the recovery, and secondly, they were there to watch Anthony. Although Madam Grace still had no idea how did Anthony managed to destroy the chip, maybe she was thinking, Nobody should have it since I don’t have it.

Anthony waved in annoyance. He remained rubbing his cheek on the table. “You guys go on. I need a rest.”

The three people looked at each other and continued working after showing helplessness in their eyes.

In the midst of rapid keyboard noise in the room, Cedrick and Anthony were feeling uneasy as they stayed quietly in the corner.

Cedrick did not seem to be in a rush and said, feeling unbothered with a shrug, “It’s meaningless that you’re being upset and uncooperative. Madam Grace won’t release you as long as the chip isn’t recovered. Don’t tell me you’re expecting that lady to save you in the middle of the night again?”

He took out a cigarette from his pocket as he spoke. He played with it for a while, but he did not smoke it in the end. “Stop fooling yourself. The defense system here is definitely higher compared to Jennifer’s.”

Anthony looked at him with his innocent, watery blue eyes. “…”

“… I won’t sneak you out of here,” Cedrick said with determination.

“I’m not saying I want you to sneak me out.” Anthony supported his face with his hands and smiled adorably with slyness within. “You seem to be getting closer to Madam Grace. Is it because you’ve discovered a mother’s love all of a sudden?”

Cedrick pouted while rolling his eyes. “Aren’t you supposed to be worried about yourself now?”

“I’m just bored.”

So, he’s gossiping about others to kill time? Cedrick had no idea how to proceed with the conversation.

He did not want to admit that he was in a rut. So many things had happened, and it seemed to be impossible for him to cut himself off completely from Madam Grace. However, if he jumped right into a loving mother-and-son relationship, Madam Grace would need time to adjust herself from acquiring a deadbeat son out of nowhere. Besides, Cedrick also thought that it was a little too much.

Naturally, Cedrick did not want to cooperate in Anthony’s desire to watch the world burn.

“I don’t think you should worry about me.” Cedrick stood up and excused himself. “There’s something that I need to deal with, so I’ll be off. Have fun here.”

Anthony remained sitting on the chair while watching him. He nodded while pretending to be serious as he lifted his face to adjust his angle a little. “Oh, are you going to help your dear mother with chores? What a good boy.”

Cedrick did not want to talk to Anthony at all.

“Cedrick?” Anthony spoke Spanish all of a sudden as Cedrick was walking to the door while his hand was already on the handle. “I don’t want a permanent job because I enjoy the freedom. What was your reason for not working with others until now?”

Was it because what he did was too risky? That was not right; people in the underground world were always in danger, every minute and second of their life. He was no different from people in the underground world.

Was it because he did not want people to know about his personal life? That was not right either. Working with others did not mean that his secrets would be exposed.

So, what was the reason?

In reality, the question was not important. What was important was that he had been living his life like that for over ten years. He had gotten used to being a lone wolf. Would he really adapt to such a life if he was stuck to a chariot?