Chapter 481 - Blame Game

Chapter 481: Blame Game

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Due to her body’s condition, Ye Shuang was more cautious than ever. Therefore, she used multiple methods to confirm that it was Han Chu who remained inside the room, to check that there was no trap waiting inside the room. Then, she swiftly snuck into the room and used a heroic posture to appear before Han Chu. The latter was tied up and sitting in bed. There was a tape over his lips. Currently, he used a calm yet harassed gaze to look at Ye Shuang. The message communicated by his eyes was clear—so slow. Ye Shuang quickly pulled off the tape and took out a weapon to cut the rope.

“Stop.” Han Chu’s lips were red from the tape. He could not help but wince as the tape was pulled. Then he calmly added, “Don’t pull on the rope too much. There are bombs under my bed.”

Ye Shuang was already pulling on the rope. She was about to pull them loose when she heard that, and her movements stopped. Silence. There was nothing but silence. Ye Shuang was petrified for three seconds before she swallowed and then said, “What did you say… is under your bed?”

“A bomb.” Han Chu was as calm as ever. Ye Shuang’s lips twitched as she felt like going down on her knees.

Please tell me something important like that earlier. Oh, right he was unable to say anything earlier. Then at least you should give me some normal reaction? With you acting so calmly and naturally, if I didn’t make sure I heard correctly, I would have thought you said, ‘There’s a pair of slippers under the bed.’ Weren’t you afraid that I was moving too fast and the both of us would get blown up?

After she took a second to calm down, Ye Shuang sucked in a deep breath and replied, “Is it timed?”

There was only Han Chu in the room, and from all the commotion they had made, no one rushed into the rooms. It seemed that the kidnapper had already left. So, the purpose of leaving behind the bomb was obviously. It was to kill those who came to save Han Chu. The motion sensor was one thing, but perhaps there was no timer. But then again Ye Shuang did not believe that the kidnapper would give them any chance to survive.

“I looked at the time earlier. We should have three minutes left.” Han Chu then looked at Ye Shuang. “If you just came in directly, we would have had five minutes left.”

Ye Shuang scowled. So it’s my fault?

Without saying anything, since there was no one there, Ye Shuang rushed to the window to push it open and waved twice to get Anthony over. In less than one minute, Anthony undid the electric web and ran over hugging his laptop. A smile was blooming on his baby face, but before he could say anything, his collar was pulled by Ye Shuang, and he was yanked into the room. He was pushed under the bed. “Quick, we have two minutes. Brother Han said you can do it.”

What two minutes? Anthony was confused and coughed due to the dust under the bed. He coughed several times and lifted his head to complain. At that moment, he saw the timer on the bomb.

“Sh*t!” The bed shook; Anthony had knocked his head on the bottom of the bed. Following it was some angry cursing.

Han Chu was still calm enough to remind him, “Don’t disturb the balance. If this line tied to me is broken, it’ll blow up now.”

“Han, how can you tell me something like that with such calm and ease?” Anthony poked his head out from under the bed. He held his head and extended his hand weakly toward Ye Shuang. “Find me some tools, something useful and scissors… If there’s nothing, then get me scissors.”

“Only scissors.” Ye Shuang passed over the scissors that she had found earlier. As she watched Anthony crawl back under the bed grumbling, she opened her communicator to contact Su Zheng.

“The kidnapper has escaped.” It was unclear whether this was her show of confidence in her partner or what. Ye Shuang did not walk out of the room and confidently sat down at the dresser next to the bed and spoke on the phone. “Now there is a bomb tied to Brother Han. Tony is trying to remove it. Try to expand the search on the mountain. You might still catch the man.”

Su Zheng was a panicked bunny. When she was given the communicator, to prevent Father Han from having the chance to call Ye Shuang to scold them, Anthony set the phone to only receive one-way calls. In other words, only Ye Shuang could contact them but not the other way around. Father Han was familiar with that; he knew that this was this group’s tactic again. He huffed and then tossed the communicator back to Su Zheng. He refused to believe that they would not call back.

But that meant that it would be hard for Su Zheng to pass any messages on. Just now, she had been walking around in circles. She wished that she could bound down the mountain to tell them the news in person. Finally, Brother Shuang called her, and instantly, Su Zheng updated them on everything.

“Brother Shuang, this is bad. Brother Han is a smokescreen. The b*stards’ aim is Madam Grace. Cedrick is going crazy!”

Ye Shuang had made this call to prevent the kidnapper from escaping and to update them on the situation at her place. Who would have thought that Su Zheng’s news was more shocking than hers? Instantly, Ye Shuang jumped up from her seat and turned the speaker on. “What is going on with Madam Grace?”

Han Chu tossed his gaze over, but he did not move, waiting for Anthony to remove the bomb.

Su Zheng was like an ant in a hot pot. “Madam Grace has been transported out of the state. Someone sent Cedrick a picture. The old lady is now floating in the ocean.”

Han Chu frowned and started to swiftly process the situation. Ye Shuang continued to focus on the mission. “What is Uncle Han’s decision? Calm down, ask Uncle Han what we should do.”

Su Zheng tried to calm down, but she failed. “Uncle Han said that we will do nothing!”

After a pause, she stressed, “But Cedrick is really going mad! Hearing that we are not going to help him, he is about to gather all the military arms to save his mother!”

When Su Zheng spoke, Han Chu seemed to have gotten it already. Finally, he calmly said, “I am a smokescreen, yes, but Madam Grace is also a smokescreen.”

“Wait a moment,” Ye Shuang told Su Zheng before turning around. “What do you mean?”

“You don’t know how to analyze it?” Han Chu looked at her. “I’m trapped here to get your attention so that they have a chance to move Madam Grace away. But Madam Grace is now no different from a living dead. What is their purpose of taking her?”

Reading from the results, after Madam Grace was removed, the direct change would be the departure of Cedrick. Even though San Lin City had not fully stabilized, at least that was the removal of one threat for those people.

Father Han, who thought about this, refused to help, and that added more strain to their already fragile cooperation.

That was the result.