Chapter 503 - Her Goal

Chapter 503: Her Goal

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The real and fake Jennifer not only had the same appearance, they had the same thought. The important person that they had been looking for had been taken away by Ye Shuang. Even though the latter might not know for now how important the person was, they knew that he had to be of some importance to be hidden away.

Ye Shuang went to meet up with Xiao San. She told him to hold back and carried away the loot of war. They left a few people behind to handle the situation. Then Ye Shuang raced all the way back, leading a whole troop of people behind her to the village. She reached the temporary base and dumped the unconscious man before Anthony. She pulled the mask back at the same time, the series of movement smooth and efficient. Anthony could even hear the tearing sound that made him uncomfortable.

The foreigner who was exposed jumped up from the shocking pain. Anthony, who had not caught up to the situation, looked at the man swallowing the painful tears, and he turned to Ye Shuang. So rough…

Ye Shuang took a seat in the chair while holding the mask. She touched her heart to smoothen her breath. “That was so tiring. I’ll leave the interrogation to you. See what he’s hiding.”

Xiao San, who had personally witnessed the man rushing through the mountain terrain swiftly with a man on his back without even breaking a sweat, thought, No one can really tell that you’re tired.

There were too many people who had been knocked out by Xiao San’s team, so it was too hard to carry all of them with them. Thus, Xiao San personally went to make the selection. He picked four who were relatively healthy, so that they could withstand the interrogation, who carried the most weapons, as carrying high-class weapon meant they like had relatively high standing in the group. In any case, after comparing the quality of the hostages, they carried the people that they thought should be interrogated back.

The rest were left where they were, waiting for the others to arrive. There were five foreigners in total. Ye Shuang’s team did not have the necessary equipment, but they did have the manpower. Everyone would try their best to get the information to form a full picture. Ye Shuang had full confidence in Xiao San’s ability.

On the other side, Han Chu’s group was not as lucky. He had taken quite a number of people with him, but of course, he could not take everyone. Considering that where they were going had already been abandoned, a small group should be easier to make a stealthy entrance. But he failed on the timing.

Jennifer also took people to raid the base, and she had more information on her hands compared to Han Chu. Practically the second the group of fake villagers left, the blonde sneaked into the main camp. She then turned the place upside down to look for the important person, be it the roof or the underground cellar. She even looked through the fridge and closets. She scanned every inch of the place before finally having to accept that the person was not there.

Then she guessed that the fake villagers probably had the person with them and had taken him to the forest for a day trip. Jennifer made a quick call to her partner and ordered her people to clean the scene and prepare to leave.

After the group finished their work, they prepared to wipe away their trail and leave from the front door… when they ran into Han Chu and his people.

The leading pair glanced at each other, and they saw the shock in each other’s eyes. The first reaction was disbelief. Where did this person come from?

That was a normal reaction. Everyone was there to infiltrate and do illegal things, so it was best to keep a low profile to ensure that they were not exposed. Furthermore, neither of them was the real owner. In the swift changing of thought, the two figured things out almost at the same time. The people behind them got into a defensive stance, and Han Chu and Jennifer snapped out of it. The second thought occurred to them in unison…

Kill them!

The gunfight started originally around the building, but due to extenuating factors, people soon leaked outdoors. The countryside was not as heavily crowded as the city, and this was a particularly backward place, so there was empty land for about several hundred meters before the next home. Anthony, who had a good observation angle before the computer, instantly noticed that something was wrong.

Ye Shuang got the news soon, but she was unable to hurry there in person, so she could only wait before the screen, watching the live broadcast alongside Anthony. Anthony grabbed a handful of chips and tossed them into his mouth. “How did they run into each other? I was sure there was no one around the area earlier.”

If it did not create such a big commotion and he had been following Han Chu, no one would have said that there was a problem, much less pay full attention to the situation. Not only that, such a big group’s movements could not be missed that easily, and that was the point that confused Anthony—he did not see Jennifer’s people show up at all earlier.

“Perhaps they have been waiting in the area?” Ye Shuang frowned deeply. She did not dare relax while staring at the monitor. “We do not know these people’s liar, but Jennifer does. Yet, her hands were tied when the people were inside there. Now that those people have gone outside, she can do whatever she wants.”

Xiao San rubbed his hands and walked out. He sat next to the two and comforted them. “We are familiar with alley fights; Brother Han should be fine. The advantage of heat weapon is speed, but our crossbows are not slow either. As long as this does not turn into an open space fight, the victory or loss still depends on the person’s skill.”

It was mainly because he did not see any problem onscreen that Xiao San dared say something like that. He knew his people well; he had confidence that they could handle the different situation, varying their tactics when it was an ambush, a firefight, and a counterattack when they were cornered.

At least for now, be it the equipment they using or the position they took, no one was in a particularly difficult situation. So, they could only wait for the result

Soon, the result came.

Han Chu needed to know the situation before making the call. It was too late for him to wait for reinforcements because even if he called for some, they would be there to collect the bodies—either his or the opponent’s.

Therefore, he calmed down and tried to handle the situation. First, he needed to find out Jennifer’s purpose from her people and then contact his people to deal with it.

But when he found out the information, Han Chu was stunned instantly. Not only him, Ye Shuang’s group who got the call were also stunned before they got the chance to relax.

“Jennifer is looking for someone who knows the nuclear code?”