Chapter 504 - Home for Dinner

Chapter 504: Home for Dinner

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Code was just a general statement. No matter which country, this thing would not be placed in one’s hand. Normally, they would be split into three parts—the highest leader, the prime minister, and the controller of the nuclear missile like the highest commander. When the three codes were found, they needed to be joined before they could be inputted into the system. Then one had to possess two or more keys to unlock the lock at the same time to fire the missile, and the target could not be changed—the target for each missile had been set beforehand.

In other words, if one wanted to illegally fire a missile, the difficulty was similar to instigating a coup. As a hacker who dealt with such things as an everyday hobby, when Anthony was younger, he had once tried to crack such a code as a challenge. Even though he had failed in the end due to various factors, the time was memorable. Therefore, when he heard this, he grabbed the phone excitedly. “Han, you mean to say that the person we have with us has the nuclear code?”

Han Chu paused before asking in a strange tone, “You guys caught the man?”

“Yes, we were lucky.” Anthony shamelessly took Ye Shuang’s personal contribution for the group before squeezing the effort down to one person—himself. “See, the results show that I am still faster than you!”

Ye Shuang glanced at him but was too lazy to say anything. Han Chu was silent for some time as bullets flew through the air. Several seconds later, he said, “In that case, I shall retreat for now. Jennifer has inspected this place already. There is probably nothing left here… Look after the man carefully and await my return.”

Anthony hung up and turned back to shrug at the others. “He said to wait for him to return.”

Ye Shuang had no comment but Xiao San looked strange. “Is there nothing else?”

Anthony was confused. “What else do you need?”

“Like telling us to do something while we wait for him, like informing people or trying to go assist them… Never mind.” Xiao San was suddenly reminded of something, and he smiled while sighing. “I think I get it now.”

This was such an important code. Indeed, the fewer who knew, the better. Those who knew about it might be dragged into the mess. Not only should he stand aside, even Anthony and Ye Shuang who were close to Han Chu had better not do anything crazy before the latter returned.

Ye Shuang leaned against the table and closed her eyes to rest. Anthony saw that Xiao San had come to the conclusion, so he raised his brows and turned to the computer to type on it. After a series of typing sounds, it suddenly stopped, and the door of the room was pulled open. Xiao San’s people who were responsible for the interrogation filed out one after another, holding their phones in their hands. “Brother San, did you send this message?”

Xiao San read the message. “Is the honey inside still alive? We don’t need to know anything now. Even if he wishes to tell you, make him shut up immediately. Clear your mind and your ears, and come out immediately.”


Who would send a message to their friends who were just one door away? Would saying it out loud not save more energy than typing so long? After thinking about it for a second, Xiao San dangled the phone before Ye Shuang on the table. “Has he always been like this?”

“Huh?” Ye Shuang stuck her head to the table and refused to move. She lazily replied, “I am just a bystander—I don’t know anything.”

Anthony lifted his head and winked mysteriously. “This is confidential stuff, you understand.”

After a pause, he turned to the closed door. “This will also make him panic for a while, so isn’t that perfect?”

Xiao San closed his lips to think and gave the phone back. “Oh well, as long as you’re happy.”

Brother Han was a man of his word. Since he did not ask for help, it meant that he did not need it. In one hour, he brought the team back. Even though most of them had suffered light injuries, there were no serious cases. When Anthony helped bandage the injured, he gasped. “This is shocking. Jennifer is such a harmless kitty! What did she use to welcome you, a pair of paws?”

“Looks like you’re sad that we have no seriously injured members.” Han Chu opened his eyes. As he was about to continue, he saw the bandage on his arm being fashioned into a cute bow. After a pause, he said in a cold tone, “Redo it, less gay please.”

Anthony tutted to signify his dissatisfaction. He ignored him and continued what he was doing. “What do you plan to do with the man inside?”

Han Chu lowered his gaze, and he glanced at Ye Shuang who was sleeping on the couch from the corner of his eyes. Xiao San’s group was helping to dress the wounds of their friends while Anthony was helping him. Even though it was true that they did not need more help, lying there unmoving was still a bit too much. This kind of overly arrogant attitude did not fit Ye Shuang’s personality.

Perhaps she had no power left. Compared to pretending like she was fine, it was more important to save her last remaining energy to deal with what might come later. In fact, she might not have much energy left. With that in mind, Han Chu ignored Anthony and kicked at the sofa. “We’re planning to move. Can you still make it?”

Ye Shuang did not open her eyes and wiggled her finger while her body was still curled. She did not seem like she could summon much energy. If not for the lazy grunt sound that she made, Han Chu might have thought that was just a reflex.

“We need to take the man away.” Han Chu pulled back his arms and put on the jacket without a change to his expression. In Anthony’s unwilling gaze, he crushed the beautiful bow cruelly. He stood up to put on the buttons and explained to everyone, “This has gone beyond our control. I’ve contacted the related department. We will hand the rest over to them.”

“When did he have time to contact the department?” Xiao San asked his people in shock. “And more importantly, how come you did not inform something so huge to your boss, me?”

“He didn’t.” The wounded man was confused. “I only heard Brother Han make a call back to his home saying that he would come for dinner. Wait, so that means we can go home now?”

Anthony shrugged and sighed to pull the attention that everyone had on Han Chu. “He didn’t tell you? His father is the related department.”

So, he did not need to make any report—he only needed to call home.